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  1. I t took me two mornings of stalking this guy to get this shot, every time I would go to take a pic. he would turn his back to me.
  2. Cool shot puskunk! If I had known you were going to be in my neck of the woods,I would have joined you.
  3. Well, if everybody is doing night shots Ill try one. This was at 5:30 this morning.
  4. Thanks pskunk!! What no photo of the young Lady?
  5. As long as were doing spring in the park, this is one I took a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Man, I wish I could have been Down Town today. Great shot puskunk!
  7. Nice shots guys, Ive was out of town all last week, and haven't had much of a chance to get out and take any photos around Greenville, But I did get some good shots of Charleston. Its great to here from you R.T.!
  8. crescentmoon, I haven't seen anything about a specific development, and I don't think I said I have. I was just saying that this piece of land will be larger with the street closed.
  9. The property is not that small,The city has moved to abandon the street that cuts across the center of the land, I'm not sure of the name [Earle st. ext. maybe ?] But anyway there are Intent to abandon street singes, on the corners.
  10. If you use I.E. you can download ieSpell [here] it works with the spell check button on the U.P. forum. It also puts an ieSpell option in your Right click menu, so you can use it on any form you fillout using I.E. It also links to a dictionary so you can look up meanings.
  11. The old Landmark building looks pretty impressive as you walk out of the Hyatt.
  12. whitehourseview, I'm glade you stepped up, This is beautiful!
  13. I don't know g-man, The pic. that WYFF used is the same as what Eugene used for the media for the Emx line, but as you can see from the photos the actual buses don't look the same as the renderings. I do know that Bombardia builds a BRT system with a center rail for guidance on narrow R.O.W so the drivers don't have to control the buses as they pass at high speeds. And when the bus is on the street the center wheels retract. I think WYFF Just used a generic rendering to show what it could look like.
  14. I just found out, the EmX line is already in service.Here are a few more photos I found.
  15. The pic. that WYFF used is of the Eugene Oregons, EmX Green line BRT that runs from Eugene to Springfield Oregon. It will open later this Year. It runs on a guide way like this not rail.
  16. This is a cool video about three city's around the world that have BRT systems up and running. For you guys that have not seen or heard of it before
  17. Skyliner, WYFF said the first phase of this would run from ICAR to E. Washington St. and Laurens Rd. This is where the old rail line is cut.They did not say how you would get downtown from there.
  18. Did you guys see this on the news tonight! I am glade to see the city and county working together on this.WYFF said it could happen in four to five years, this is much sooner than I ever thought we would see rapide transit in Greenville! Bullet Bus
  19. puskunk, Love the train! Lights at Art Crossing.
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