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  1. Well you guys that want the trees cut down on 85, may get your wish. Manhattan construction, will star taking bids for the landscaping of Neighborhood 1 on Feb. 28th. Looking at the drawing it looks like there will be a landscaped gap in the trees, between the Timken building and the Graduate Center. Also in this gap will be two man made ponds with a fountain and a stream with water falls between the ponds.
  2. This morning looking toward the Westin,
  3. Beautiful- Skyliner, I love the light and colors in this one. Great Job!
  4. TREY, this is way COOL! I'm going to have to try this stitching stuff.
  5. Thanks, Guys! puskunk, I'm new to this photography stuff, and just trying out new things. I'm not a big fan of HDR but I wanted to try a couple. I'm using a cheep Sony Cyber Shot DSC-H2 [for now] If you guys have any tips or advice, I'm all ears.
  6. An attempt at using, merge to HDR, in Photo Shop CS2.
  7. Borders Group also owns Walden Books, There is a rumor in some financial circles that Border's Group and Barnes & Noble may soon merge. Just thought I'd throw that out there
  8. I agree Spartan, seeing how this is suppose to be an ecologically friendly project and all.With buffer zones for wild life and all native species landscaping.
  9. Tri State Glass was installing window frames in the river side of the Terrace today.
  10. I wish you hadn't told me that! Beowulf, What a beautiful instrument, and a beautiful photo!
  11. Oh, OK I can't Waite to see this thing up.
  12. Where is this? Is it down on the River Walk, where the Fountain was suppose to go.
  13. I dint know if this has been talked about are not,but two new shops are going in River Place on the Camper Down side,
  14. Thanks g-man, All of the good seats were sold, but it looked as if a few were still empty up in the rafters. What made me mad was, I paid $85.00 apiece for my four tickets last week, and the guy sitting next to me got his on line yesterday half price.
  15. Billy Joel, Rocked the BiLo Center tonight.
  16. Greenville- You are correct, this organization does great work.My wife and I decided years ago that if our business was ever successful that we would give back to the community the best way we could . Project Host is one of the organizations we give to regally. BTW, For two years of my life, if it weren't for places like Project Host I would not be here writing this.
  17. OK I didn't know, I was curious because all of the buildings that belong to Town Gate LLC, are now vacant.
  18. btoy, I'm just curious, I was looking at the tax maps for this property,and it looks like it all belongs to, Town Gate LLC. My question is,is this a new name for Collins Property's LLC or a company set up to develop this parcel of land? I also noticed that the old house/office and the S.C. Hwy Dept. building on N.Main were not owned by Collins Property's, but were purchased by Town Gate LLC. Just curious, Thank's!
  19. Yes it is , they are relay moving on these.
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