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  1. I knew he owned the old, Day N Night Store lot, but I didn't know the house and station were part of it. How much of the rest of this block is included in the property.
  2. I noticed today that the old house/office on North Main, next to the Fred Collins property is going to be torn down. I hope they get the old station on the corner too.
  3. This sounds like a great idea, I hope they can come up with funding.
  4. I know this doesn't have anything to do with Greenville, but I would like to know what you guys think of the proposed sale of 439.6 acres of land on Stumphouse Mountain by Walhalla,that includes the Stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Fall's to a privet developer. The development's total acreage as proposed would be 946, of some of the most breathtakeing land in the upstate.
  5. Work has finely started on the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, that is going in the old Taylors Elementary School. The contractor on this project is Yeargin potter Shackelford. I will be on this job in a few weeks.
  6. Yes sir, I did mean McDonald's. I don't know where my mind is today.
  7. btoy, Is this the building on the right as you come in to T.R. I think across from McDonald's If so it is going to be torn down, and a Walgreen's and some small shop's are going on the site.
  8. puskunk, for now the building is empty, it seems that I herd someone was looking to put a restaurant there.
  9. This is another one from Downtown Greer. Foothill's Art Glass, on Trade St.
  10. My very first attempt at a long exposure. Trade st. Greer S.C.
  11. WOW! puskunk I love the long exposures.
  12. Man what a beautiful sky. Good shot R.T!
  13. Welcome connysmom, pleases chime in any time!
  14. Great shots fellows, puskunk I love the 85 shot.
  15. It will be two levels, street level, with the Hampton Inn lobby and the patio level. I was also told the name will be Soby's River View.
  16. Also Harper Corp. Has started the up fit on the new Soby's restaurant.
  17. Thanks guys, the( fire and ice) photo would have been my favorite too,if I could learn to hold the camera level. This seems to be my biggest problem. BTW I was looking for the where in Greenville thread,but I cant find it. Help!
  18. Nice shots guys! I took these this morning, Kind of a contrast to G.E. Turbine Mans beautiful Hartwell photo. 1/30/07
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