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  1. I do'nt know if this is the proper place for this or not,but I thought you guys might like to see some history of the old Swamp Rabbit R.R. Swamp Rabbit
  2. Iknow some of you did'nt like the Taxi 2000 idea,but this is kind of what I had in mind.
  3. When we saw it, we thought it was an ad for the power ball lottery, the big shiny rolling thing.. from the tv commercial.
  4. I, grew up around Roper Mountain and in 1985 when the science center opened there were not that many lights around that area. And as new businesses, Malls,car lots,grocery stores were built the lights from their parking lots is what they are complaining about. History Question? Does anybody, remember what this Roper Mountain property was used for, in 1970 before it belonged to the school district?
  5. Skyliner, I love the night time photo from last saturday. I think it's the best photo ever BECAUSE IM IN IT, how cool is that?
  6. Thanks for the welcome, From what I've read this company is in Minnesota. I think the Minneapolis pictures were just a proposal, but i read that Daluth (sp?) may get the first test track. Instead of purple and green, how about silver with a BMW hood ornimant and Z5 on the back?
  7. Hi! I am new to urbanplant and I just wanted to show you guys this web site Taxi2000
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