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  1. Al Burj

    Emporis could have put this project in "never built" because of the inactivity, but then, I don't trust them at all because they screw up their data a lot.
  2. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Is that a sign that the city is at least recovering? Or is it still falling?
  3. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Nice pic; I could tell that the downtown core is stagnant from the pic, there's no cranes or new buildings going up and the buildings look like they are from awhile ago.
  4. Norwegian project and development thread

    These towers look like lofts and I'm obessed with lofts, they are hella cool. This project is alike with SF new midrise district near the ballpark.
  5. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Cool, I love lofts, but where's all the snow that just fell? It melted already?
  6. ***Picture of the Day***

  7. ***Picture of the Day***

    This is from a little over a month ago:
  8. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Looks fun to me!
  9. New Worlds Tallest Building located in Dubai

    This new world's tallest building would be 800m tall, almost half a mile tall. Completion is set to be around 2008-9 and this structure could hold the world's tallest for a time due to the 250m+ height advantage over the Freedom Tower in the US, set for completion also around 2009. This is the first building taller than 2000ft (611m) and it would be an engineering marvel and challenge since it's soo tall.
  10. Detroit Photo of the Day

    That building would look very nice if it was renovated into a modern industrial office or lofts. I like lofts, they are cool, and modern and SF has hella them in Bayshore; I think lofts and industrial offices are one way to reenergize a dying industrial area.
  11. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Is this Nabisco building still in use today, or is it vacant?
  12. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Was this bridge built to prevent big ships from going upriver, it's hella low, but nice!
  13. Florence Developments

    Change is good!
  14. European population figures

    European cities are just like San Jose, CA, due to the Int'l Airport close by, buildings cannot be more than 27 stories tall and it's a predominantly lowrise city.
  15. NY: Skyscrapers (and more skyscrapers)

    Nice pics for a start, Big Apple is always a sea of skyscrapers.