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  1. I'd prefer to see it saved...that said, I can't make an educated opinion until I know what a hotel developer would pay for the site with the stipulation that it's saved. I do think it's a shame that Clayton's article suggested a higher density project on the same site, because Inlivian can easily defeat that argument in showing the cost per unit differential, as it certainly is not a viable option (as opposed to a land swap with with the County), unless a hotel developer is willing to pay a lot for the hall house as is.
  2. AIG downsized HQ by 300k sq ft as part of that new lease.
  3. I haven't followed this as closely as others, but this strikes me as a vanity project for the CHA. The antedote for lack of affordable housing in the Center City doesn't mean using the most expensive land (Tryon St) in the city to fill that need, and CHA knows it. Developing the units here doesn't generate equality better than at Edwin Tower land, or Hal Marshall, or 2nd Ward or Levine Land, and is in fact resulting in fewer units due to land cost differential over a few blocks. This is CHA thumbing their nose at everyone because they can, which I'm actually fine with, since I'm a big fan of landowner rights, etc etc, but the city and county need to be better stewards of taxpayer money, and they are allowing CHA to guilt them into funding a vanity project.
  4. I hear what you are saying J-Man....I live in Dilworth, but if my company moved my office to LoSo, I'd still drive. Even though I'm in a walkable in-town neighborhood ( I walk to every Panther game) I still find getting to LoSo a huge hassle relative to driving, especially having to wear business attire. Either I walk a few blocks to CMC, wait for a bus downtown, change to LRT at the CTC, and take that down, or bike 5-6 mins to Bland St and take the train....both of these options are more than double my commute time, and in anything less than ideal conditions, would be less pleasant. And that's the attitude of someone who is in a transit friendly neighborhood, and is predisposed to all things urban. My boss lives in Ballantyne, his boss lives in Myers Park, and his boss in Cornelius...I can only imagine their excitement in signing a lease with limited parking. Edit:. Lastly, if my company moved to a building with no parking, I'd figure it out and deal with it....others, who I assume the company value, I suspect wouldn't, and look for a different employer, which isn't a win. These conversations typically get framed in the extremes, much like politics, where what most people probably believe is there should be reasonable accomodations for all preferences.
  5. Fwiw....I'm not a big ramen fan, but my sons are, and like Yume better than Futo Buto....I humor it because I like Yume's skewers and rice sets, and the wife really likes their sushi.
  6. If I were a betting man, I'd guess US Bank moving to 101 S Tryon (BofA Plaza) and MUFG taking 200k-300k sq ft at 301 S College (1WF)
  7. Compared the above picture to the 2019 street view, and the transponders appear unchanged.
  8. Please tell me something amazing hasn't been teased twice and deleted today!!!
  9. Yes, Gucci just applied for it build out permits from the city.
  10. Land use and building permits have been submitted for demolition of the 101 N Tryon parking deck on Church St, with plans to rebuild a new parking deck. No news on the new tower for that site, but presumably the new parking deck will be larger and built to support an office tower on top. As a reminder, Crescent is now the owner.
  11. Only temporary for drive up COVID testing. Still longer term plans to redevelop it with the adjoining now vacant H&R Block.
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