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  1. Some new leases: Eric Mower & Assoc is moving from Morehead Square to I believe taking the entire 3rd floor (15k sq ft) Sitehands (and new on-site IT/server solutions firm) is taking space somewhere in the building NY Transit Title (have no idea who this is or if it's a real name) is taking space on the 7th floor (not sure partial or whole floor). It's an interesting tenant mix going on here, which is good I suppose.
  2. ^ They just applied for building permits in the last 2 weeks...would think that means they are still 3-4 months away from actual ground breaking.
  3. It looks like a brand new large marketing sign for the office portion was recently installed on Kenilworth (just noticed it within the last week). I believe there are 2 separate developers, so I think its likely office isn't cancelled, either just waiting on an anchor tenant, or is reliant on the parking deck for the apartments, so allowing that project to get further along before breaking ground on the office portion.
  4. Asana bought this (same owner as Design Center across the street). I think someone on here posted there is already tenants lined up, but not sure.
  5. No...but there was a subdivision application for that site......address is 1113 10th St, which is the corner there (yes, Seigle to Piedmont middle).
  6. ^^^ I think this is their temporary corp offices. They are relocating to the small office section on their Stonewall project once it's completed.
  7. Interesting...Northwestern Mutual Site is now listed as the Crosland Greens site. Makes since, as Northwood Ravin took over most of Crosland's development sites, and Northwestern Mutual is the equity partner on most of their new apartment developments (but not their corporate source of capital) which makes me think development may be getting close for that site.
  8. Link to archived UP thread about what to call this area....fwiw, 57% of the voters in 2007 thought it should be Queen(s) Park...I believe SoSo was 2nd place....can't get the original poll to reappear.
  9. Maybe I missed this somewhere, but Pulte home is planning 126 townhomes across Seigle on that long vacant site at the corner of Seigle and 10th.
  10. I wouldn't count on it being preserved.
  11. How about RIVER Bank Of America Tower
  12. Yes the industry news article about the construction financing and BofA sq footage was very specific as to the former Charlotte Observer site.
  13. Amazingly, the burned townhomes on Carson (across from Midnight Diner) have been removed, and they are already getting re-framed. That's got to be the world's fastest insurance settlement!
  14. No...Goldman is the equity partner, not providing debt. They have been funding everything to date with equity, but at some point they will "need" a construction loan. This is pretty normal with deep-pocked investors/developers, as in starting without having financing lined up. This is a brand new article from the most regarded weekly Commercial Real Estate finance newsletter.