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  1. But Wake Forest Baptist does. I suspect this is where the medical school goes.
  2. There's going to be an empty stadium/ballpark size site available in the next 4-5 years not too far from BB&T Ballpark. Just saying...
  3. I like the lower version. It looks more effective at providing shade, and blocks the skyline view less.
  4. Curious about the new firm. Is this a firm that currently has an office here? What type of financial company? Bank? Asset Manager? Insurance? Data provider? Providence is definitely an hour in the morning if leaving around 8:00. Maybe 45-50 mins if leaving by 7:30. Afternoons can be 10-15 mins longer especially if leaving anytime between 5 and 6pm.
  5. So, there is an elevated plaza or pavilion above the lake at Marshall Park in the photo from 1979, and part of a walkway across 3rd connecting the education center and county building. I can't remember it, so wondering when it was removed. Any detailed pictures of it?
  6. So, despite them saying that Corp and Inv. Banking would be based in Atlanta, you're saying those people are getting relo-ed to Charlotte? That's good for Charlotte as the RH division would be some of the highest salary jobs.
  7. FWIW.... Cousins said on their last earnings call they expect Truist to exercise their purchase option on the Hearst Tower in the first half of next year.
  8. The parking garage/hotel at Vantage is vertical. -22 Levine's parking garage is still under construction. ~10
  9. I don't have any inside info, and maybe Vanguard is confirmed, but if it's just speculation, I'll throw out London Stock Exchange (LSEG) as more likely. Currently in Fort Mill but growing. I could see them wanting to relocate a large part of Refinitiv here post merger.
  10. Rock Hill rezoning agenda with all info Above should answer all questions.... there's a lot in there, but yes, one building up to 485' tall.
  11. www.destinationmidtownclt.com New website for Pappas' project. There is also a site plan, showing how eventually the parking deck gets screened. There is a downloadable brochure that includes renderings for each building on the site plan.
  12. https://www.si.com/soccer/2019/11/09/don-garber-mls-commissioner-state-league-expansion-cba-strike Sounds pretty close to a done deal to me.
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