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  1. The convention center upgrades is including a bridge over Stonewall and trail through the center.
  2. Highwoods Properties just bought LU1 for $436mm, or about $510/sf.
  3. Two different NYC based startups announced as part of capital raises that a portion of proceeds will be used for Charlotte offices. Better.com Health Nomad
  4. I think they process tax payments and refunds for IRS and this is a regional office. A lot of data entry jobs. That said, I'm assuming this is a space refresh, as I believe that facility has been here for a long time.
  5. Not right thread, but related, the law firm Dechert is moving to one of the few full floors left at 300 S Tryon from BofA Corp Center, and BofA is reclaiming that floor at their HQ tower for their own use.
  6. I don't think it's a reasonable conclusion to expect that parking deck to be there in 10 years.
  7. I'm honestly confused when people jump to the net worth of the recipient as the validating factor. Is $12B too rich? Is Marcus Smith more deserving of $400mm incentives than Tepper than because he's worth only $1B. Is Joe Shmoe who is worth only $150k but thinks it would be cool to own a team/stadium, and will grind out a way to find the extra $3B even more deserving? If the argument is binary (are public sports subsidies a good use of public dollars?) then that is a fair and debatable issue, but implying there is a sliding scale of "deserving" seems crazy. Fwiw, I'd rather give Tepper the money exactly because he has so much money already, because he can leverage it to so much more, than giving it to the person who is desperately trying to scrape together enough money to hopefully do the bare minimum.
  8. Yep... it's great space.
  9. Trade/Tryon at old SunTrust location. Thought it was already on here somewhere.
  10. Fencing from the demolition company went up Friday. You can see dumpster in the aerial sitting by the front door, so assume they jus to started gutting salvagables, then knocking the rest down.
  11. I guess, I'm saying money is pretty fungible. S.C. gave $120mm to the Panthers already for some practice facilities and less than 100 jobs. Those incentives are part of the overall Panther facility financing package.
  12. The real answer to UNCC enrollment growth is transfers from Community Colleges. UNCC has the highest, by far, inbound transfer rates from C.C's, because admission standards to those transfers are significantly lower than Chapel Hill or N.C. State.
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