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  1. Sorry, that 20% rate being quoted is a pet peeve, as it includes several buildings that recently opened and wouldn't be expected to be anywhere close to even 50% yet.
  2. I mean, different trades we're approved in pemitting just last week...
  3. Intercontinental will be my favorite I suspect.
  4. atlrvr

    The Good News Report

    Spectrum's new South End project? NAI's 3rd St? I hope this does turn into multiple groups. It seems odd that they would specifically build out audit in Charlotte, if they were planning on consolidating back-office corporate jobs elsewhere.
  5. atlrvr

    The Good News Report

    AIG just posted a bunch on corporate audit roles today along with this as part of the job description: Our world-class team is seeking individuals who would like to be a part of the foundation for building out an innovative audit team at AIG’s new Charlotte office! Glad to see they are expanding beyond the IT center that exists.
  6. atlrvr

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I may have had a dream/hallucination, but I believe the path that these stoops will connect to is to be part of the linear greenway paralleling 277 and connect to the rail trail extension.
  7. This has been updated again in Accela. Office space now 787,753....other counts unchanged. Corresponds to 1 more floor...btw, the above quoted post was debating 25 vs 28 floors. 787.8k office and 27.4k retail now equals 815k sq inline with what JLL is marketing.... assuming 30k floor plates, that's now 27 stories. Still ambiguous around gross sq ft vs net rentable, but I think we can safely conclude this has grown by at least 2 floors.
  8. 93% is the occupancy rate universally understood to mean a new project has reached stabilized occupancy or "full lease-up". The mechanism for getting there is quite simple but also can be quite aggressive, as in "how many months of free rent with a 1 year lease must be offered to ensure that 93% occupancy happens within 24months". So....24 months. construction typically has higher motivations and therefore offers greater incentives to lease units, which means they will be able to steal tenants from other properties to reach full occupancy ahead of when normal growth Dynamics suggest they should.....though that would obviously put downward pressure on uptown rents and occupancy rates overall. I don't know the accuracy of the 20% vacancy cited above, but that would def be a mix of stabilized units and buildings still leasing up.
  9. atlrvr

    Spectrum SouthEnd Mixed Use Project S Tryon St.

    Uptown Cabaret is now the prime block. Have the think their previous $6mm an acre asking price is getting reasonable.
  10. atlrvr

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    Don't see any fast fashion going next to Marshalls. Bed Bath & Beyond would be my best guess.
  11. atlrvr

    Villa Heights Projects

    Alley's are really tough in Charlotte. The city will not enforce any encroachment or blocking of an alley. It's actually a civil matter if there is access, again, no enforcement. No developer will rely on alley access. The best hope is to petition to close an alley, which would allow a property owner to acquire it and then privately maintain it, but you need consent of adjoining property owners, so not always feesible.
  12. atlrvr

    Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    A new project called Alta Purl is close to breaking ground on the vacant block bound by Davidson, Belmont, Caldwell, and the soon to be extended/connected 13th.
  13. atlrvr

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    BTW, Hudson Yards is Related Companies out on NY and this is Related Group out of Miami. Though both development groups are related (sorry, couldn't resist) it's like a minimal 10% ownership stake overlap. That said, Related Group typically hires well known architects, but honestly, we will get what the Charlotte market will support. The one good thing is the city is willing to subsidize underground parking here, which should help overall quality of the product.
  14. atlrvr

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Yes....this parcel (basically the building that got demoed and all the surface parking at the corners of Hawthorne, 4th and Elizabeth) are already zoning approved for 260'.