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  1. Does anyone here know what the truck is for? It has different tubes mounted on the back, so I'm assuming it is related to testing for phase 2 as opposed to a work truck for the current project, but honestly have no idea.
  2. Feel free to share my journal entry with Mr. Big: Quarantine Day 18: My tiny little desk area in my office building officially surpasses Disney World as the happiest place on Earth. No blue... Edit....and Happy April Fool's Day to you too..... Clarifying Edit....my comment was still serious
  3. Yes....it appears to be on top of the silver cladded midrise section overlooking the Tryon/Stonewall plaza.
  4. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/cltjw-jw-marriott-charlotte/ Some new interior and exterior renderings.
  5. @Matthew.Brendan it might be tough to know for certain, but it sounds like your vendor might be skimming the 20%. I seriously doubt WF has reduced pay rates to contract companies by 20%. It does seem likely they are putting a hold on new engagements, which could be telegraphed as furloughs. Curious if other contractors with different vendors to WF told same thing.
  6. Kansas City's public library garage disagrees...
  7. Basically construction loan rates have jumped a LOT, so they will wait for that to (hopefully) stabilize.
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/19/walmart-announces-special-cash-bonuses-for-hourly-associates-during-national-health-crisis.html Walmart to pay special cash bonuses, hire 150,000 workers in response to coronavirus demand Thanks man... hopefully we can get together soon. Hope you're doing well up in the nice clean air!
  9. I disagree with the characterization that they are making more money, since no one is forced to skip a payment/pay more interest, but rather than arguing about that, I'll just say that stock investors don't think this is good for banks The bank stock sector is down 37.5% while the market as a whole is down 30.9%, which roughly means bank profits are expected to take a bigger hit than companies on average.
  10. Should they stop paying you interest on your deposits as well? Maybe instead of blasting banks, if you want to stick it to them, go refi with your current lender. Depends on if the dealer subsized your rate or not, but you should be able to get a new loans 0.75% to 1.25% lower than loans made last year.
  11. Yeah, I assumed some people here would recognize it, though I had never been inside until last week. This is a super non-descript exterior 1970s medical office building on Wendover near the new police station. It's simply an amazing interior that I've never seen anything like outside the west coast.
  12. This is going to look terrible compared to it's rendering.
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