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  1. Capri is for sale, so no plans as of yet.
  2. It will be 2 midrise apartment buildings. I believe a small amount of retail closest to the teeter.
  3. That is just a marketing rendering of what could go there. The site is being marketed for rendering though.
  4. Speaking of Levine Properties (from the Uptown thread), I believe he recently closed on the graded, but never developed land at the end of Calvert St (across Morehead from the above office rendering) This was supposed to be phases 2 & 3 of Skybridge Terrace condo development that was scrapped during the recession. I believe Levine is planning ~100 apartments here similar to his project on Commonwealth in P-M, but not 100% positive.
  5. ^ Agreed...I had an editing issue, but yes, would run purple line down to where the 1-way pairing of Scott/Kenilworth hit Park Rd...or are you suggesting all the way to Park Rd Shopping Center/Montford....which I would be fine with.
  6. Given there is a contract out to look at the long-range (2050?) transit plans...I thought I'd put the figurative pen to paper of what I'd love to see (these plans don't include commuter rail sketched out). This first regional map is all Light Rail lines to be built. The idea was to provide multiple lines sharing tracks, with some marginal extensions to really increase access in the region. Changes from the established plans. Blue Line (southern end extended to Ballantyne) Silver Line (basically developed as currently envisioned) Green Line (River District access via the Airport/Silver Line then connecting with Blue Line north extension via Gateway Extension alignment and Brookshire rebuilt, and finally servicing Univ Rearch Park) Orange Line (Albemarle Rd corridor accessing Eastland Mall site, then downtown access via Silver Line, connecting to Blue line via a Carson Ave tunnel, then serving South Park via Tyvola Rd spur) This second downtown map shows how the lines would interact in the Center City, with dashes representing tunneled sections. I am proposing Brookshire to be rebuilt completely below grade with LRT included in that below-grade ROW, and a the street-grid re-established through there at grade level....given the consultant already acknowledge the need for a tunnel, this would accomplish multiple goals, and allow a lot of different line connectivity. The other tunnel is a spur off of the Blue Line under Carson emerging along the existing rail ROW to allow a secondary entrance into Uptown.....BTW, I didn't draw the lines at the bottom of the map to the edges correctly, but you get the idea. This map also has 4 streetcar lines. The goal of the street cars are the "support" the planned LRT corridors by using parallel thoroughfares that already have density. The order listed below would be priority. Gold Line - (As designed though not extending to Eastland) Purple Line - (Camp North End project to Kenilworth/Scott/Park Rd intersection via Graham and Stonewall...each terminus is a "one-way" loop) Brown Line - (Monroe/7th St alignment from Sharon Amity then traversing downtown via McDowell and Stonwal, then existing downtown via Mint St, and then heading along West Blvd, possibly using W Tyvola/Tyvola until reaching the Old Coliseum/City Park project) Pink Line - (Parkwood Ave to Seigle Ave, traversing Uptown via McDowell, Trade St, Graham, exiting Uptown along the planned Stewart Creek trolley line and then using Tuckaseegee to reach Freedom terminating near I-85 at the Meck County services center). I don't know if this could all be achieved in the $7B price-tag, but the important thing to note is that there is actually pretty marginal new LRT track planned relative to the current 2030 plans (less than 25% additional to what is already planned) The streetcar obviously is a bunch of new lines, but there aren't many challenges and some places using abandoned rail ROW (like at Camp North End)...I believe the only real challenge on the streetcars is the rail bridge over 7th St at Lupies, and MLK under the rail lines adjacent to Panther stadium which would require a new tunnel probably all the way under Cedar.
  7. I'd expect a floor per week after they get through the first 4 floors.....I'm going to guess sometime in April for occupiable floor + a few more weeks to do the crown (which may be on a delay if it is screening mechanical) with that said, I'm not sure this will be more than 15 stories by the end of football season.
  8. Ugh....I felt pretty confident Charlotte would win those jobs. I thought our talent base was actually deeper on this slice of IT jobs.
  9. Or the bridge they are about to build across I-85 to connect into Univ Research Park.. will be less than a mile walk once complete.
  10. I know that the data center is getting demoed in 2019. The city I believe actually owns the land, and was leasing the land to Duke. Now that the data center is relocated to Univ City, the building is coming down. I suspect since it is on the same parcel as the convention center and already controlled by the city, this is where we will see our new "mega hotel", but I honestly hope it is less than 1,000 room.....600-800 is more than appropriate. I think JW is a likely candidate, but I doubt any of that is officially in the works yet.
  11. I have no inside knowledge, but I suspect final bids on a project as complex as this renovation can be materially higher than initial estimates as the discover conditions of electrical, subfloors, foundations, etc, plus labor costs have gone up A LOT since they first estimated renovation costs. 10% higher than initial estimates over almost 3 years does not seem "sketchy" in my opinion. As far as taking money out of the billions, that would be akin to stealing, and is jail time. The billions they manage is dedicated in a trust to go towards the charities/efforts that those donors expected. The donations for this building came out of a completely separate fundraising effort, where those donors were clear their money would go to this theatre project and not programs. As far as the city selling it and making a ton....probably, but that would have most likely resulted in the demolition of the theatre....I think it is naïve to assume Ark Mgmt could have renovated this at a lower cost and figured out how to make a profit without subsidy.
  12. I building permit was just filed under the ominous "Project IPA" for Bowers Fibers today.
  13. ^^^ Also note that the parking is underground.
  14. per Accela this morning:
  15. FWIW.....the Railyards project above is designed to be expanded (per zoning and initial design work) to 10-stories if they find tenant demand warranting is shown as 8 in the renderings. I have no knowledge of any pre-leasing or specific tenants kicking the tires here though.