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  1. So McDonald was originally platted as Southside Land Company. While I agree there is significant neighborhood creep, mostly due to marketing efforts, I think going back to the original plats is a bit narrow. I live on a parcel platted from tract of land fully contained within "Dilworth" but originally owned by St John's Church, and my plat denotes a unique name attributable to the church ownership. There is nothing notably unique other than different entities platted the lots, and therefore required different plat map names. Literally taking plat maps to draw neighborhood maps would result in many "micro-neighorhoods" of 5-6 houses that would be equally irrelevant to historical social patterns as to the contemporary mega-hoods that marketing has created.
  2. I'd leave NoDa out of it, because it has a brand and is a large area already. I'm fine with it for 10th St to 30th.
  3. Our metro population has been consistently bigger than Austin (MSA and CSA).
  4. All new development in this stretch of South Blvd are required to have sidewalks further back to accommodate the long term streetscape plan. I'm not sure what it includes (divided median on turn lane) or possibly just on-street parking.....the Off Broadway Shoe development will have sidewalks consistent with Truliant and the new apartments to the immediate south.
  5. This was super off (my) radar, but looks like Alliance Residential who did Broadstone Queen City in Morehead is about to start construction this year on a midrise at the Off Broadway Shoes site on South Blvd across from Taco Bell/Southbound.
  6. No matter what the future holds, we'll always have the memories.
  7. No the easiest data to extract, but here are all the buildings > 100k sq ft completed in Uptown and South End since 2010. (South End is the first group through 1515 S Tryon. and Uptown is everything 615 S College and below) Rough avgs is South End about 3 spaces per 1000 sq ft and Uptown 1.5/1000.
  8. 10Tryon is close to 200k sq ft of office proposed for Uptown, that should break ground this year. As much as people on here cringe at this suggestion, one of South Ends main appeals is higher parking ratios, especially considering COVID has dampened enthusiasm for mass transit.
  9. I believe this is the real thing, based on how it was described to me previously, and this looks very much the style of the project's known architect S9 (out of NYC).
  10. CIM skipped it's debt payment this month on Epicentre (both hotels are not affected). They indicated they no longer plan to pay on the mortgage. Unclear if they will look to restructure debt or allow the property to get foreclosed on.
  11. That said, I think they are moving out and a restaurant is taking the space (The Roasting Company I think)
  12. ^^^^ we just need some billionaires (or in the case of the theatre, lots more $100mm-aires.
  13. Oakboro is the supercar mecca it seems. From today.
  14. I wonder if Falfurius' investment into Carolina Foods accelerates them leaving South End to move to a new modern manufacturing plant? This is the Honey Bun plant on the full block at West/Tryon/Hawkins/Worthington. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/04/02/falfurrias-capital-investment-in-carolina-foods.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_23&cx_artPos=1#cxrecs_s
  15. ***clarifying note*** Feel free to speculate on economic impacts, though I suspect most visiting this thread are looking for specific news or at least rumors. What will be deleted (and one post already has) is debating the merits/lack of merits or the politics behind the bill.
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