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  1. Oddly, the first set of renderings used Pittsburgh.
  2. atlrvr

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    They still had contractor doors instead of the decorative exterior doors as of this morning, but fencing is down and all masonary appears complete....2-3 weeks out from being occupiable I would guess.
  3. atlrvr

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Was just about to post that....yes, with those color flowers, that is almost certainly Morning Glory, but I think there are 2 different plants growing together.
  4. I always wonder about how small details change in these rumors, mostly because posters on here are much more hyper aware of exact locations, addresses, tenants, project names etc. For example, "44 story tower by the new high rise under construction across from the Duke Power building that lights up different colors", might get interpreted literally as part of Legacy Union, when the comment could be less location specific, and perhaps referred to the possible convention hotel, or something else within a few blocks of the site. I always feel when talking to people, even those really in the know, they constantly erroneously refer to N vs S on street names, or Wells instead of BofA building, or whatever.... minor details that get extrapolated into inferring something that isn't. Not saying that's the case here, but the more people that are in the rumor chain, the more small details morph projects...
  5. I keep wondering if Citigroup might want to move Uptown from their Fort Mill location. It was originally a mortgage processing center, but they are hiring lots of risk/compliance/product management jobs there for the last few years, which they would be competing with Wells/BofA/US Bank for that employee talent. I also wonder if TD Bank will relocate their large Greenville, SC operation that they inherited when they bought Carolina First Bank during the crises. They have been adding risk jobs here for a few years, but are down in Ballantyne. Add Citizens and PNC to banks growing in Charlotte that aren't currently Uptown. On the Retirement/Insurance side, aside from AIG and Allstate, you have Brighthouse (former MetLife), AXA, and TIAA, though all have recently invested in their current locations. One wildcard could be The Hartford, which has a large operation here in an older office park near UNCC. Also Vanguard near the Airport, though they are so cost concious, I doubt they come. Some firms that are smaller here and not likely to anchor a tower unless they relocate large groups here are State Street, Synchrony and CIT.
  6. So similar in size to 615 S College. Guessing a bank tenant.
  7. It's now also clickable. Office and retail totaling 412k sq ft. That doesn't sound like it could be 44 stories, but ???
  8. If you search today and then play with the address filters, you can narrow down what specific address will return this project.
  9. I would speculate its the next office tower. The address on the filing is 620 S Tryon, implying it's the block fronting Tryon, as opposed to the development site noted as Phase 2 fronting Mint.
  10. atlrvr

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc) Webcam for the new Novant Vascular Institute going up at Hawthorne and 4th. Steel is going vertical. I found this looking for renderings of what I believe is a new 8-10 story medical office building proposed across Hawthorne at 5th on the giant surface lot. I saw that parcel had a Accela submittal yesterday.
  11. Hmmmm..those 2 renderings don't match. The full tower rendering shows an additional floor than the pink color close up.
  12. atlrvr

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    New seasonal flight to Guadalajara on American announced today.
  13. atlrvr

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Would think one of the retail spots at Dimensional is much better spot for Shake Shack.
  14. atlrvr

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    and... Assa Abloy Atlas Copco both of which are huge There are a bunch of smaller Swedish firms here as well, and I know several people in the financial services industry that are Swedish and claim there are a ton of Swedes in Charlotte. They all go back for the summer.
  15. Looks like this will be steel framed. Not sure if that was known definitively. Good news is this should rise quickly, like, maybe 1 floor every 4 days, once the core gets up 8 stories or so.