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  1. Demolition permits were filed today for Art's BBQ and the old H&R Block there at Morehead/Oriole/Dilworth Rd. Those are the same owner. No demo permit, and different owner on Long's Dry Cleaning. Have not heard of any concrete plans on what would go there.....and maybe nothing is planned (clearing the lot to help market it for sale perhaps???) I believe the actual owner is Duke Endowment, which is on the block immediately west.
  2. The compromise in recent years of a more inclusive society has been removing discretion in assumptions and willing to mitigate risks by restricting individual rights If security let's stereotypical looking banker bro stand in a private plaza and shoot a picture of the building where they work to send to a friend, how does security then justify stopping stereotypical looking terrorist bro from standing in same plaza next to building taking a picture of the access card reader system to send to terrorist friend. For better or worse, we as a society would rather err on restricting right
  3. Phase 2 will be blocking the view of the uncovered portion.
  4. I'm going to guess, but I suspect as part of bank insurance, they are required to mitigate picture taking per their policy. Purely a guess, but wouldn't surprise me at all.
  5. I see that you're not very familiar with the Starbucks business model.
  6. A couple of points on this: Wells Fargo has fully occupied the Wachovia trading floor here in Charlotte. The majority of their bond trading happens out of Charlotte, and the have a LARGE preference to hire people in Charlotte vs NY. Equity trading is really extinct except equity derivative sales. That is mostly NY. As far as Investment Banking (M&A, equity and debt underwriting, etc) that's pretty evenly split between NY and Charlotte. Wells is quite large in Investment Banking, but it's position lies somewhere between the "smallest Bulge Bracket" (i.e. Goldman Sachs, Morgan St
  7. It's easy to measure bank activity, because of the regulated nature of those companies, and lots of "apples" to "apples" metrics. 2nd largest banking refers to HQ of firms based on deposits (as reported by FDIC). Doesn't matter if that deposit was from farmer in Nebraska, mom and/or pop in Fort Mill, SC, or XYZ corp based in NYC, if those deposits are at BofA, then Charlotte gets the benefit in ranking. To contradict myself, that's not necessarily a measure of activity, rather a harmonized way of measuring. You need to ask what you're actually trying to measure though: H
  8. I've been under the impression that nothing in Charlotte is impacted by this. Union Bank is a regional bank based on L.A., with their major operations center in Phoenix and Tempe. Charlotte jobs, at least to my understanding, support MUFG Americas, which is based in NYC, and is the corporate banking arm of MUFG. I think a greater risk is that MUFG decides to exit commercial banking in the US, which would impact all the jobs in Charlotte, and maybe selling off the retail bank subsidiary suggests they are trying to reduce US exposure overall. In short, I don't believe there a
  9. ^^^ Might be a reason for that. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/10/business/outdoor-voices-ty-haney-mickey-drexler.html
  10. Maybe Cedar Fair HQ? Golden Ticket is annual award for best new amusement park ride each year.
  11. That time-frame is probably right (not more than 2 R in > 10 years). I would think we should look for a mix of D and R on city council. I feel that the city leadership was far more effective during the mid-2000's than the last 10 years. You had 2 republican at-large council members, John Lassiter and Pat Mumford, as well as 2 republican city council members, as well as republican Mayor. City Council was 4 R / 7 D and most everyone was somewhat moderate (a couple of outliers).
  12. The irony to my story is the family across the street that had two oaks fall did have an arborist come about 12 months earlier. They had 5 willow oaks on the property (2 city street trees, 1 in the side yard, and 2 in the rear yard) The arborist said that only the side-yard tree was showing signs of de-densification in the trunk and recommended for removal. The other 4 trees had no signs of health issues. They did not remove the 1 tree as it didn't pose a threat to the house. The two that fell were the rear trees that were healthy, and the un-healthy tree was completely fine. Thi
  13. This permit just got filed: https://webpermit.mecklenburgcountync.gov/Default.aspx?PossePresentation=Project&PosseObjectId=433005069 First tenant upfit, though certainly the tenant name is a pseudonym. Contacts are leasing broker and architects at Redline. Edit: though certainly if it was the global headquarters of a chocolate factory, i wouldn't be upset at all! Wonka bars across from the donut vending machine!!
  14. I mean we are getting tangential here, but confederacy heritage has no more to do with Charlotte than michigan militia with Detroit, the "don't tread on me" NH people to Boston, the national separatist ranchers in Oregon a few years ago to Portland My highlighting of that tangential fact was because it's a derisive statement that Charlotte is inconsequential without trees, comprised mainly of a collection of wholly negative attributes otherwise. To try and pull it back on topic, this streetview pic from last winter shows the existing Willow Oaks remaining for the Carolina Theatre co
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