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  1. 3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    Roughly 40%....was approx 27% at year end
  2. SouthPark Mall

    Simon Properties bought them out of bankruptcy. It's the only retailer the mall owner owns.
  3. Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    Posted link to this Twitter feed in Gold District thread, but also has a rendering of the new REALTOR building in the Replies feed...looks pretty sweet.
  4. SouthEnd "Gold District"

    Some interesting renderings that don't seem to be on UP on this Twitter account. Looks like KASK rendering and also some townhomes up on West Blvd, which us maybe more Wilmore.
  5. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Think I posted before, Aer Lingus likely to do Charlotte with the A321neo LR they have on order.
  6. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Unknown makes a delicious Ginger Ale that's non-alcoholic.... not sure if it's in their tap room, but they can it.
  7. The RailYard

    I'm thinking this may go up without a tower crane....that large mobile crane may be all that's used, especially if it's steel beams...of which, a few were delivered to the site today.
  8. The Good News Report

    Siemens had been looking to shutter some of their gas turbine plants around the world. Guessing with Trump tax reform (both lowering corp rate and faster amortization of capital expenditures) that the Charlotte plant may actually net benefit from the planned consolidation, and even expand. Just speculating...
  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I just pulled the deed, and confirmed it is Proffitt Dixon buying....I don't know the plans so I suppose they could still be pursuing self storage....just assumed it was now apartments, given their history.
  10. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Proffitt Dixon has bought the piece of land at 7th and 277 behind the M-Street townhomes. This was planned to be self storage a few years back, but now I'm assuming apartments.
  11. Ballantyne

    The next major office building in Ballantyne Corp Park is now in land use plan review. Will be located between the new tower Wells just leased, and the Premier HQ tower. I'm sure it will be at least 10 stories, but something in the back of my head thinks this one is supposed to be 15. Edit....a little fake news above. New one will be between SPX and Premier on Ballantyne Corporate Pl. Also, this is building 7C, which back in 2014, was planned to be 11 stories.
  12. Amazon HQ2

    That's an excellent point....only 2 states had more than 2 cities (Texas and Pennsylvania), so this is most likely to strategically get as many states involved as possible. Some of the more questionable cities (Nashville, Indianapolis, Raleigh, and Columbus) are all in states known for large incentive packages, so probably kept in as stalking horse bids. New prediction, is that they locate in D.C. but with 2 campuses....1 in NoVa and 1 in MD.
  13. SouthEnd "Gold District"

    So, the Hovis Radiator building at Summit/Southwood is finally going to get some love. The exterior is going to see mild renovation, and it's going to be converted to office/distribution space. I believe it's for the new owner, which is KASK helmets (bike, snowboard,etc)
  14. Amazon HQ2

    My sole concern in not making the short list, is how many companies planning to open offices will assume Amazon did a great job vetting the best markets, and use the finalist list as their starting point when the do their own search???
  15. Independence Corridor

    The CBJ confirmed my earlier statement that GVest is the developer. Our Local I don't believe has any current involvement. I'm very supportive of this....but I generally like both ugly buildings and gaudy signs, so Winning. This part of town really needs some higher dollar commercial capital investment to maintain the recent surge in residential investment.