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  1. Yes....Ryan Homes is putting in the infrastructure news (that I'm aware of on the grocery)....I wouldn't be surprised to see a close to Cotswold for either a HT or Publix I would think, but know knows. I've been in the CM market twice....seems decently busy and nice set up....the covered patio is pretty cool.
  2. Brighthouse doesn't have banking wouldn't be includes for this ranking purpose...that said, Brighthouse will be a Fortune 500 financial services firm located here, so that's still good.
  3. Or Ally....that will put us back in 2nd.
  4. The crane closest to Caldwell is coming down as of yesterday/this morning.
  5. ^^^ Also, Empowered Benefits is taking the full 9th floor as well, which is the top of the larger floorplate floors (32k sq ft)....they are relocating from within the building (1.5 floors up near the top), but as far as sq ft, they are nearly doubling I believe.
  6. Interestingly, neither has a grocery store....
  7. I keep hoping they put small 1"x1" glass tiles on those concrete columns....would really finish it off. I like the dark moody street profile here, and think once the plants start overtaking the concrete boxes it's going to be really cool....I think more Seattle than Miami.
  8. The old bead shop next to the Fire Station on The Plaza (1217 The Plaza) is going to be Sushi Guru. It will be two stories with exterior stairs. The deep excavation, foundation looking thing is the subterranean grease traps....parking lot will actually be built over the traps. Below is an elevation....interest commentary on "CPI UNI Quad Daylight panels alternating in Aqua and White"...sounds trendy....
  9. I'd like to see programmable bollards, that close access except during rush hour.
  10. Charlotte Raleigh NC NC Ex-Char NC Ex C+ GMP $152,447 $75,756 $499,741 $347,294 $271,538 Employment 1,480,569 788,778 5,703,767 4,223,198 3,434,420 Productitity $102,965 $96,042 $87,616 $82,235 $79,064 ^^^ If you strip out Charlotte, you can see even more skewed how much Charlotte outperforms....Raleigh also does significantly better on this measure when removing Charlotte and itself.
  11. Am I missing something of does this not seem like an incredible waste of $18mm that will in no way be stimulative.....just cuz you can doesn't mean you should.
  12. All US Bank leases are set to expire in 2019 I believe...even the newly signed lease (that wasn't that newly signed, as I posted it months ago) has a 2019 expy.
  13. ^^^ I think he is referred to US Bank occupying the new smaller tower and using the lower large floor plates for trading since US Bank does have trading desks in Charlotte, in the Hearst Tower....Conceptually it makes sense, as both Hearst and Duke Energy were built with large lower floors for BofA and Wachovia trading desks....I'm just not sure how big USB plans on growing that (it's very small compared to other large banks). They also have investment banking/capital markets in Charlotte that often also occupy large floor plates at most firms....that is a bigger group than trading for USB. I'm going to perpetuate a totally unsubstantiated rumor, but highly suspect US Bank will be the tenant.
  14. Well....scratch #1....CoStar just changed to 600 S who knows if that means it's at the corner of Stonewall, or they just reassigned a generic address to indicate that block.
  15. They are at the magic 32 stories right now....any more and they would need additional elevator shafts, which would eat into the sq ft of lower floors and greatly increase the cost. The rents that they would need for the higher floors would need to be much higher to offset this cost. Related to that, that means either BofA would need to pay more in rent (because they are taking the top 2/3 of the building right now), or allow a new tenant to enter their building and take the higher floors....I suspect they would rather have fewer tenants on their turf. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the next anchor is another bank (US Bank or Ally perhaps???) BofA probably doesn't want to share a tower with another bank.