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  1. Aspen Heights project now with crane base.
  2. http://landmarkscommission.org/ I believe that is true (looking for alternative location). The above site has agenda and meeting minutes for Landmark properties. Leeper building is not currently in an Historic District, but is designated landmark.
  3. As a follow up on the Leeper store. The building sits within the future South Blvd widening project. Any project that requires a land-use review wouldn't be approved by Charlotte DOT, so there is no way the property could have been incorporated into a new project. Basically, reuse of existing building works until the city is ready to do the South Blvd project, then they would take it by eminent domain and demo it. They (City) prefer to have the required setbacks established for them, and have private developers accomplish it through property development. This is why South Blvd new projects are all really far back from the street. https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/SouthBlvdSouthTryonStudy.aspx There is a link to a .pdf on the page above. Page 17 shows what South Blvd is supposed to eventually look like at the Leeper (Atherton Mill across the street) section, so quite a lot of land setback is required. Don't shoot the messenger please! Edit: The .pdf is not the administrative controlling document. It is the streetscape vision, to show what street cross sections will eventually be like. The controlling document is the South End Area Plan, which established the transportation right of ways for South Blvd. That plan exists online as well, but I don't think is as informative visually.
  4. So there are 2 different commissions. Historic Districts (for projects planned within certain neighborhood boundaries) and Historic Landmarks which are for changes/additions/demolitions to certain properties that are not in Historic Districts but have been designated as having historical value. Both the Leeper store and Nebel Mill (Design Center) projects are under the Historic Landmarks commission. They have a separate website and agenda links.
  5. I believe they have entered into the permitting stage (Walgreen was already cleared). I think they were looking for ~100k anchor tenant, but it's possible they've already secured one, or feel confident that they have enough interest.
  6. A couple of renderings of the office component. Also, some additional details. 23 stories - 1 floor retail, 9 floor parking, 13 floors office 400k sq ft of office space, about 13k sq ft of retail (one facing South and one facing the rail trail)
  7. At this risk of wading into a city v city: Raleigh has 7 highrises downtown >= 20 stories Charlotte South End (not including LoSo or Gold District or Dilworth expect fronting South Blvd) will have 10 including what is already built + projects that have applied for building permits already, or 13 if you include the projects that are in land-use review (which usually happens right before permitting phase) Obviously South End is more linearly spread out.....speaking of which, Myrtle Beach really is #2
  8. A few minor additional details here on this Akridge project. Project has already submitted for building permits. Architect is LS3P. I can't think of any recent residential projects in Charlottethat they've been involved with, but this high- rise in Durham looks promising, and something similar would be a good fit for this site. The Novus (Durham, NC...NOT this project)
  9. This was short lived: https://www.google.com/amp/s/buffalonews.com/news/local/new-columbus-mckinnon-ceo-buys-buffalo-home-sets-city-record-for-purchase-price/article_9accecbe-ebab-11ea-b66e-9b387da5605f.amp.html Cause: https://www.google.com/amp/s/buffalonews.com/business/local/columbus-mckinnon-to-move-hq-to-charlotte-n-c/article_9a35a4b6-383a-11ed-8a49-df6833497514.amp.html
  10. You must be new to Charlotte Sorry, I have nothing of value other than snark to contribute on this topic.
  11. Some random notes I've seen from other threads. 1 - Desire for more tech jobs 2 - Austin being most overpriced housing market in country 3 - Surprise/skepticism at number of new office buildings planned here Charlotte 4 - Likely imminent recession Putting that all together, I actually thought responding here in the good news thread made the most sense. The likely cause of a recession in this economic cycle is the Fed raising rates high enough to kill demand (bring down inflation). Rising rates really impacts availability of capital for "speculative" investments such as tech that takes years to become profitable. Rising rates however positively impacts banks and insurance companies. Financial institutions right now are significantly lowered levered than in 2008, and all could withstand a severe recession. The good news in all of this is Charlotte, as a function of it's job base, is well positioned to outperform most other cities I would think, and probably continues to attract financial services jobs as a lower cost market, in a sector that overall likely doesn't see huge job cuts.
  12. A high-rise apartment tower is being planned for the 1960's vintage 1-2 story building at 1427 South Blvd. This is the building that just past the affordable housing senior high-rise/Fallon redevelopment site. 430 units with ground floor retail. I would think that's at least 30 stories on this site. I had heard a rumor that Centrum (same Chicago developer as the apartment project planned down at South/Cleveland/Worthington) was planning a 40-story tower in the area, so this might be that project.
  13. What he means is once all other property surrounding him is developed, and the Silver line has a station adjacent to him, only then does he believe he can achieve maximum value.
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