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  1. I'm a little slow it because I'm from the Piedmont???
  2. Does this tenant currently anchor any high-rises in Charlotte currently?
  3. The new Omni facade has been approved and renderings are in Accela. It def looks better...nothing earth shattering, but it makes that corner of College/Trade less monotonous.
  4. My only complaint is the horrible blank wall along Poindexter. I'm not sure how they can soften it up.
  5. Elior North America (the US HQ of Elior Group) apparently is leasing the 4th floor (per building permit application). These guys are located out near the old Charlotte coliseum (airport submarket) currently. Elior NA is a food catering business (think stadiums and corporate cafeterias, etc) that was formally TrustHouse, which was started by former senior exec of Compass Group. Elior is apparently, the 4th largest in the world and global HQ is in Paris. Nice to see a suburban tenant move Uptown Especially the US HQ of a huge Paris based company.
  6. That table is consistent with this revised rendering posted a few pages back. 2 separate office towers.
  7. Does the 300 s Tryon include core/shell?
  8. The building permits for the "Superstructure" were issued today. Gilbane Building Co is the contractor on this. Building size is 988k sq ft., per permit, so right in line with what we've been hearing. This allows them to go above grade (though obviously many months of below grade foundation work to be completed).
  9. I had two theories: 1) Riverboat Ron / Panthers Stadium proximity 2) Riverboats = St. Louis = Wells Fargo Advisors
  10. The demolition permits for the affected units have been applied for, so I believe insurance has already been settled. As far as Phat Burrito....I mean, he's been in business for 23 years (and he's there almost every day). That's a long time at one job. I'd agree he just doesn't care, but its not about a suburban/urban mindset. At one point he owned a couple of big SUV's and lived in Myers Park, and he downsized, and was living in a condo 3 blocks away and started riding a bicycle to work. I think the construction legitimately has stalled the business, but he would get more customers once the work was completed (and all those hungry workers were across the street). In reality, it was just time, and no need to struggle through a slow-down while the construction take place....time for him to walk away and enjoy doing something else.
  11. No way. They aren't going underground with parking, and they've been grading it as they demoed. The equipment on site is for footings. This should be above ground in the 2nd half of this year I would think.
  12. ^ I haven't been in a while, but they used to have 3-4 tables in the far back area (behind the beer tanks) at Rock Bottom.
  13. Jeld-Wen was the stadium sponsor for the Portland Timbers before they relocated their HQ here a few years ago, and dropped their naming rights in Portland. That said, I think Ally or Brighthouse (the MetLife retail spin-off) would be most likely. Edit: I think most of the bids were actually pretty flimsy. Detroit I think was strongest.
  14. Only counterpoint....HS Football games happen Friday nights at ~7pm. HS soccer games happen Mon-Thur at ~4pm. (though I suspect even if adjusted for time and # of games in a season, HS Football would still outdraw soccer) That said, HS baseball game attendence? meh....i bet you soccer is higher, yet MLB is 2nd highest attendance after NFL. My previous post on this topic was around participation rates, and the relative growth rates.
  15. Hearst Tower I believe was almost 1/2 way up before renderings were unceremonious released.