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  1. By the way, the land sale did close a few weeks ago.
  2. Rooftop bar on mid-century mid-rises, giant billboards low to the ground....smog over the skyline in the afternoon....change Independence to Sunset, and we're in Hollywood baby.
  3. To be clear, there is no official height restriction. Zoning is UMUD-O, which allows unlimited height. The HDC does have to grant approval, but there is nothing explicitly a height max. They are supposed to consider context for height. Vue was lobbied against by neighbors, but ultimately there were no existing buildings on the block besides the fire station for "context". There is nothing on the parking deck block besides the old BofA day care. I wouldn't think getting a highrise here be too problematic to get approved.
  4. Not a huge Dos Caminos fan....it is very generically fine, but Southbound is much better taco spot. That said, I do agree that end of Uptown would be better served with a Mexican joint than a steakhouse. Ruth's Chris is also very close by.
  5. The stage coach there was moved to WF's lobby in Hudson Yards (NY office). Not sure if there is any implication behind that or not.
  6. UMUD-HD is "Historic District" But def expect substantial density here regardless.
  7. Name of the expanded project is VIsta Midtown. Will be 5 levels of office (i believe over podium parking) topped by 95 apartments.
  8. Here's the metrics I'd measure. City rank for each of the following: Overall Financial Presence and Sophistication Number of FIRE employees Avg Wage of area FIRE employees Number of HQ of Fortune 500 firms in Financial Services industry Banking (Spread Lending) Activity Assets of bank HQ in the city Local deposits Capital Markets Activity Number of active Bloomberg users Number of Partners based in city of AM Law 100 firms in Capital Markets practice Debt and Equity issuance industry league tables aggregated based on where industry head is based (would be somewhat hard to determine) International Finance Volume of international bank transfers (not sure if this is public) Fintech Number of Fintech unicorns founded in the metro Those I think are decent proxy metrics measuring all aspects of financial activity. My off the top of my head rankings above I think aligns with those metrics, but obviously it would be a substantial project to compile all that.
  9. As a former manager once told me "If you don't believe you're the best, who will?"
  10. Read the GFCI report on methodology (and deciding what cities to include), and it's certainly a way of conducting a survey. In the end, the idea that Charlotte isn't a top 139 global financial center is equally absurd of Charlotte being 2nd largest banking center in the US (a methodology that I've touched on and described what it captures and why it's flawed but at least purely quantitative. My personal view in "ranking" would be, what cities would impact the flow of capital the most if they overnight disappeared. Charlotte isn't number 2 on that list of US cities, but it's definitely top 10. The ATLRVR US Financial Index might look something like: 1 - New York 2 - Chicago 3 - Washington DC 4- Los Angeles 5 - San Francisco 6 - Boston 7 - Charlotte 8 - Miami 9 - Philadelphia 10 - Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas or Minneapolis
  11. I'd suggest that's an unfair generalization. It just as easy to say Private Equity breeds some of the worlds greatest companies such as Google. The main differentiator though between the failed examples above is those companies were all "mature" companies suffering revenue and profit slowdown, vs a company such as LeanTAAS that is clearly in high growth mode where new equity is going to help the company expand at a faster rate.
  12. Maybe reading too much into it, but why the Jumpman logo? Is Nike/Jordan Brand opening a corporate office? This thought led my to think Charlotte would be a decent location for brands to open College Athletic branding offices now that it's permitted.
  13. Willis Towers Watson is relocating from the Truist Tower in Uptown to the East Tower here (6th floor I think). Another example of banks expanding helping fill up new developments.
  14. If this happens, I would really like to see the 3rd street station of the LRT removed, and CTC station to be aligned fully between 4th and Trade. 3 stations in 5 blocks is laughable, and it would decently improve potential headways, even if by 1 minute. The biggest reason for the 3rd street station (I think) is due to the Convention Center as a major "gap" in the rail trail. With the renovation supposedly fixing that (allowing rail trail to remain un-interrupted) the 3rd St station is no longer needed, and moving CTC just 1/2 block would make the spacing better, and likely transfers between bus and LRT more integrated (it's very awkward currently). Lastly, pointing out the renderings/stacking plan from today don't show Hornet training levels.
  15. Yes, still another high-rise (luxury apartments) at the other corner by Mill Creek (I believe that is still the plan at least, haven't heard anything in a few months)
  16. I'll be at the conference. Will post if any details. I don't think the presence on the conference is a strong indication either way of anything imminent (rather that it's just not 100% dead). There are a lot more active developers speaking than Peebles. (i.e. execs from Riverside, Portman, Spectrum and MRP are all on panels)
  17. Looking backward only tells you how much buying power has been reduced already, which is meaningless as far as where we go from here. Said differently, are you (or anyone) going to budget your next 12 months based on what gas prices were 4 months ago (just hope gas goes back down), or are you going to plan your spending around what gas prices are today (or even assume they might get worse). I think most people will plan for the future based on the assumption that gas prices aren't going to decrease by 1.94/gallon over the next 18 months (but be happy if they do).
  18. Thanks, I was under the impression they all rolled up to the corporate bank, and not the retail subsidiary, but seems that's not the case Speaking of Japanese banks, I saw a handful of job postings for Sumitomo Mitsui here in Charlotte, and looks like they have an office already at 500 E Morehead.
  19. ^^^ to be clear, the MUFG Union Bank divestiture has no presence in Charlotte that I'm aware of. I don't think so this impacts Charlotte at all. The MUFG jobs already here will remain aligned with MUFG Americas. I see little reason for Goldman to buy US Bank in unless they think we're headed for a repeat of 2008. Separately, I think a US Bank / PNC merger gaining approval under the current Biden administration is low enough likelihood that it's not even worth trying. Fifth Third and Regions or Citizens and Regions probably would have a chance.
  20. Building permit application for the foundation work were filed today.
  21. ^^^ reading this above captures where we've gone wrong (or right, depending on perspective) with American grocery needs. In pre-WW2 America, the idea of a one-stop grocery store wasn't really a thing. You had butchers, fish mongers, bakers, dry goods, etc ** This removes 1-2 layers of middleman distribution (depending on product), which is a lot of 1) diminished margin, and 2) days on shelf I suspect most people don't care that much, and prefer the convenience of the "super"-mart. ** Edit: forgot the the milkman!
  22. Is seven dedicated gates for Delta an increase from current?
  23. A "pre-submittal" land-use meeting was filed today on this. Tough to gauge exact timing, as that meeting usually precedes breaking ground by 9+ months I'd say based on anecdotal observations.
  24. https://www.museumofillusions.com/#about Looks like a Museum of Illusions will be opening in one of the retail spaces here. Edit: looks like Jason Thomas beat me to this in the instaworld.
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