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  1. That said, I think they are moving out and a restaurant is taking the space (The Roasting Company I think)
  2. ^^^^ we just need some billionaires (or in the case of the theatre, lots more $100mm-aires.
  3. Oakboro is the supercar mecca it seems. From today.
  4. I wonder if Falfurius' investment into Carolina Foods accelerates them leaving South End to move to a new modern manufacturing plant? This is the Honey Bun plant on the full block at West/Tryon/Hawkins/Worthington. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/04/02/falfurrias-capital-investment-in-carolina-foods.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_23&cx_artPos=1#cxrecs_s
  5. ***clarifying note*** Feel free to speculate on economic impacts, though I suspect most visiting this thread are looking for specific news or at least rumors. What will be deleted (and one post already has) is debating the merits/lack of merits or the politics behind the bill.
  6. *** moderator note*** Enough on politics. Will leave the two posts above but will delete any more. Take it to the coffee house.
  7. I'll post as Devil's Advocate argument (though I actually agree with you). In a highly gentrifying area, that still has a large low-income population nearby that likely have cars that on average need regular repairs, this is a subtle signal that "come here, we aren't trying to attract trendy south end Millennials that we're try to rip off with obnoxious pricing... we're basic and our prices will reflect it"
  8. They are asking for zoning permission for up to 325' for the main tower and 225' for the smaller tower rendered. There will be 2 other sites that could allow 225' and the parcels fronting Morehead up to 125'.
  9. They are apparently going to the Deloitte building at legacy union.
  10. Got it. I hired a similar position somewhat recently, and what I found are the PhD's are reliant on efficient markets for information gathering, which is problematic for active investing. I gave up on the lack imagination, and hired an M.A. in Applied Economics instead with sell-side quant trading experience. That said, even though I was open on either NY or Charlotte, basically all candidates were NY. I bring this up, because if the future of finance is augmented decisioning, putting a bunch of PhD's from Georgia Tech in an Atlanta satellite office detached from fundamental investors (like Blackrock) is odd unless it's purely for index funds. I'd argue high margin business is still fundamental credit investing and firms would be best served having these tech roles sitting in the same office. Charlotte is definitely sitting alongside Atlanta and Miami (but all are <5% of NY).
  11. Serious request, can you post a few open roles (not in Charlotte) that you would consider High Tech at buy-side or sell-side firms? Curious what that job profile looks like on paper.
  12. Yes, most of the property between Baxter and Morehead becomes "Innovation District" development. They claimed the had Fortune 100 companies interested in anchoring office/research space there. The land ownership entity is Lookout NC if you want to see the parcels included in the overall development.
  13. Grabbed these 2 from the livestream. Location is between Baxter St and I-277.
  14. The AvidXchange us huge, because it will be Charlotte's second tech IPO (after Lending Tree, but I think that deal was a bit different) Silicon Valley is so successful because the IPO gives early employees (the most entrepreneurial) huge financial windfalls, which many then use to start new companies, or at least become VC investors.
  15. They Hawk has its first retail tenant. Emmy Squared Pizza. https://www.emmysquaredpizza.com/ Brooklyn based chain with "Detroit" style pizza. Looks like they are also opening in P-M this summer.
  16. Is lithium -> battery an additive or reductive process? Remembering my location planning lessons, typically additive/high value production takes place near the end-user market, while reductive/ low-value processing takes place near the source....though point taken if we start developing and end-user market here as well.
  17. I think the confusion is the corporate organizational structure. Charlotte is US HQ for the Specialty Chemical business and Louisville is US HQ for their Catalyst business, so effectively 2 completely separate divisions that roll up to the Swiss parent (as opposed to a consolidated US subsidiary). An equivalent would be Daimler Trucks US HQ in Portland, OR and Mercedes-Benz USA HQ in Atlanta, both roll up to German parent Daimler-Benz with no interaction otherwise. Edit: Just some commentary, but this is a very "German" way to think about business rather than "American", where they are selling a highly engineered product first, and marketing and "synergies" second, which is kinda backwards from how American corporations think about distribution (which is a market first, product second approach).
  18. I'll contribute this one from today.
  19. I blame Pinterest. Greedy Developers will build whatever Instagram Posting Millennials want. Edit for slight elaboration: We live in a far more "global" society than 100 years ago, where we are now curated styles we are expected to appreciate by algorithms examining our social network and viewing history (as opposed to walking around town and seeing what the neighbors did) We've been accelerating towards this for 20 years and the era individualized homogeneity is here in housing and every other aspect of life.
  20. Tic Toc coffee shop was the ground floor. The owner's built the apartment above it (was an addition 15-20 yard ago) for themselves. I believe (but I'm not sure) that they have moved from Charlotte.
  21. Trust, Citibank, Regions, Citizens? I'm pretty certain over a dozen each.
  22. Those shots looks like renderings!
  23. I can't wait to see this view again once complete just positioned a bit lowe to get the full height on the skyline in.
  24. If it's cargo, why are they using jetways? Are we sure this isn't passenger (or military) charters?
  25. I like it in theory, but imagine the outcries of affordable housing (and anti-gentrification) activists.
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