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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLESTON NATIVE This is the article in today's Post and Courier about city council's decision to allow tall buildings in the neck area. Charleston will have an additional skyline in the Magnolia Development. Read for yourself. Charleston Could Soon Reach New Heights
  2. Okay fellas, let us remember that any good news for any city in SC is good news for us all. Obviously CorgiMatt is just as proud of Columbia as Charleston Native is of Charleston. And also understand that Charleston gets good news all the time...Columbia gets left out alot.
  3. That's some great information. Let's be careful about boasting about one's city. South Carolina forumers have a tendency of arguing about who's city is better when information like this is presented.
  4. Okay guys let's stop fighting over what city is better. It's sounds like we have nothing better to do than be on this forum and bicker about something that really doesn't matter. Both cities are fine. Charleston has alot going for it, as well as Columbia. Columbians like to cheer on their city because it does get overlook by the others often and Charlestonians are very proud of theirs for winning all the attention that South Carolina gains, but let's realize that we are all South Carolinians.
  5. CHARLESTON NATIVE, this is for you. Last night's State Of The City Address highlighted the many accomplishments and future goals for the city of Charleston. Even-moreso the mayor released the latest city proper population of 115,540. Here's the link: Charleston Post And Courier State Of The City Address
  6. Columbia isn't the only one with metro over 500,000. Charleston's has been over 500,000 since '99 In 2000 U/A's were Charleston 423,000 Columbia 420,000 Greenville 302,000 http://www.demographia.com/db-ua2000pop.htm
  7. I love all of our Carolina cities and believe they are all well respected. What gets me is how some who would run on with Columbia being the biggest this and that. The city isn't the largest by much. A couple of thousand population-wise. I lived in Columbia for quite a while. It is a wonderful community but I wouldn't try to promote it as the biggest city like Charleston and Greenville are the size of let's say Newberry or even Kingstree. And all three have that "big city" vibe.
  8. Charleston city council made some important steps recently in height restrictions in parts of downtown. Though this may seem as a hinderance for those wishing high rise development, a plan unveiled by a city council member states that the idea is to keep hih rises away fromresidential neighborhoods in downtown Charleston. What the latest plan does is focus more high rise buildings toward the spine of downtown. This is what the city wants. The high rise construction around Marion square was approved.
  9. I doubt Columbia will ever get to the size of Charlotte. Its growing now, but so is every other metro in the state. I like Columbia and all but it amuses me to hear someone from Columbia alsways refer to it like it is some HUGE city. Some friends of mine came down from Columbia the other day and stated that Columbia is basically USC and government. I usually compare Columbia with something like Lexington, KY. I lived in Lexington for about 3 years and those two cities are pretty much the same...only Columbia is a bit smaller.
  10. Earlier in one of the posts, Charleston Native told of the plan for a 20 story tower to be placed at the Medical University of South Carolina. Recently I have found that to be true. Plans are in the works to construct 2 more towers at the MUSC campus. One of which is to be 20 stories and the other about 15 - 18 stories tall. The height restrictions in Downtown Charleston are more relaxed in the Medical area, due to the fact that it was the catalyst that convinced MUSC to stay on the peninsula. Also, the Magnolia project is slated to have some office towers as well. I contacted someone wi
  11. Interesting article in today's Post & Courier http://www.charleston.net/stories/Default....ction=localnews
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