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  1. Must have been a temp url or file name generated by twit pic. Try this link http://twitpic.com/f9byg
  2. I got a pic of the same guy yesterday around 5pm after attending an event at the Lazy Goat.
  3. Well not Costco, never been there believe it or not but love it when they have those people giving free samples at the grocery store. I once got a whole free roasted chicken at Publix one evening when they were getting ready to close.
  4. The foot court situation has definitely gone down. I rarely buy anything there to eat because I can get quite a few chicken sample from the Chinese/Thai etc. fast food place and around the corner free tea from a little tea joint. I kind of miss the Great Steak and Fry, Stax Roasters, McDonalds and didn't they used to have a fancier burger joint where McDonalds is? And we can't forget Orange Julius when it was there. Thankfully Chick-fila seems to be doing good but what's the deal with the multiple oriental places? Not that I am complaining with all the free chicken bits on toothpics.
  5. I'm not sure if it's a misprint or just "old Greenville stubborness" but a lot of us "old timers" don't like to call things by their new names. i.e. It will always be the Daniel Building - not the "Landmark" building. New names have a hard time sticking. It's going to be hard for people to call the Pete Hollis Hwy that when they might call it Cedar Lane Road or Old Buncombe Road. BTW, the "New Camperdown Bridge is really starting to grow on me!
  6. Yeah, us people who need to fuel our cars are a seedy lot.
  7. Well it does but it doesn't and that is what's so cool. I drove by last night after dark and the inside looks great. I just hope that can do something about the flooding that occurs in that area.
  8. Here is one location between Watkins Bridge and Sulfur Springs north of Greenville just a little southwest of Furman. http://www.flickr.com/photos/linkerjpatric...57602307968197/
  9. Any news if Liquid Hwy is coming to the mall!?
  10. I sent over my boys from the Krispy Kreme syndicate, Hot Glazed and Joe Cruler.
  11. I've seen just as many police at Hollywood 20 and other locations around town. Cherrydale however does border some of the rougher parts of town but I have never seen a police presence as "advertising" that the area is not safe. I see it as "advertising" they are trying to keep it safe. I see a lot of police downtown too but we seem to all be big on going downtown.
  12. I wonder if their is someone in China hankering for an upscale meat and three? You know, where you can get some collards, peas, mac and cheese and baked ham?
  13. Even if they are NOT planning a tram I still don't understand the point of planting trees right in the middle of a trail! That's like planting a tree in the middle of sidewalk on purpose. Are these "protest plantings" or something?
  14. I'm still wondering why Furman planted trees in the middle of the trail along with stone work around them! Wouldn't that make it harder for a Tram to go around?
  15. That's where the evil spirits are contained that have haunted that site for many a year. It's really a big ecto-containment facility and woah be the EPA dude that cuts the power and releases the ghosts all over town.
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