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  1. I've been to a Mimi's in Greensboro,NC. Its like a chain version of Can Can. My wife really liked it.
  2. Contribute mostly. But you have to admit that the idea of a government not having any reason to take people for a ride is pretty crazy.
  3. I was suprised by how fast we got out both days. Last fall was pretty fast too. I've been to races all over, and I know its suprising, but they really know how to clear a parking lot at RIR. I once sat for 6 hours to get into Charlotte (missing the first 1/3 of the race) and 5 hours trying to leave.
  4. This wins the prize for the most ridiculus things I have every read on the Internet!
  5. Don't be an idiot. These are businesses, the owners have mortgages, college funds, and retirements to pay for. You open a business where it can reach the most potential customers. Only a fool of a business person would not try to grow their business if he or she was in a position to do so.
  6. Yeah, I figured that site use going to be used for something else.
  7. I would like to see a stadium built on the big parking lot between Byrd, 5th, Tredegar, and 7th streets, next to the Civil War Center at Tredegar. I haven't been down there in a while, so maybe something else is going to be built there. I've never heard it considered as a stadium site. The land is probably worth too much to the owner in development potential to be used as a city-owned stadium.
  8. I bet the sushi in Wal-Mart would be okay because just imagine the media hoopla if even one person in America gets even the slightest bit sick. They would be extra careful to provide the best fish. Besides the meats and seafood at Wal-Mart now are higher quality than alot of other grocery stores.
  9. I'm new here, but just curious. How many people here have actually taken a ride on Amtrak? Its slow, overpriced, inconvenient, always late, and the staff is often rude. I love trains, and would love to see a highly developed rail network in this country, but it is not possible with Amtrak. The government should stop wasting the money. What they should do is remove the imposed prohibition on regular intercity passenger rail service by both private and public/state-owned companies, and see what happens. Good or necessary rail service would survive, poor or unnecessary service would fade away. As for Richmond: * A downtown/Fan/Church Hill hertiage trolley would be nice, especially for the tourists. * Commuter lines to Fredericksburg (with DC connection), Williamsburg (with airport and Hamptn Roads connections), and Petersburg might be moderately useful, but I doubt it. *Light rail to Midlothian or Short Pump would be a waste. *Overall, the metro is far too low-density with widely dispersed job centers for an effective rail mass transit system. Just as many people work in the Innsbrook/West Broad Corridor as downtown.
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