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  1. Riverfront Holdings II LLC submitted plans for a mixed use development that will change the look of the Northern Wilmington Skyline. The development is asking the city for reimbursements for public infrastructure including streets, water and sewer. The city council has just received the plans, but seem receptive to the idea, which they say could save the city money in the long run. The plans call for 4 hotels, 726,000 square feet of office space, 240,000 sq ft of commercial/retail, 900 residential units and a marina with 185 spaces that can accommodate yachts up to a 110 feet long. Work on the Marina will begin in the next 60 days and if all goes well a hotel closest to the new convention center would be ready to open at the same time the new convention center and Indigo hotel open in early 2010. Starnews story with plans. Here is a a video clip from WECT channel 6 June 5th.
  2. After reading a few updates on road construction projects maybe the two cities could become connected by urban growth in the future.The next phase of Wilmington's outer loop (I-140) begins next year, the state may decide two bring I-74 to Wilmington to meet with I-140 then connect I-74 to Myrtle Beach with a spur of 74. This is starting to look more feasible considering all the environmental impacts of taking I-74 through the Green Swamp as originally proposed. This information I got from this website. If interstate makes it to Wilmington then connects to I-40/140 then a spur goes to Myrtle Beach imagine the growth that would pop up between the two cities. The state DOT does list on the books upgrading highway 74/76 to interstate quality from Whiteville to Wilmington as a future project.
  3. North Carolina Photo of the Day

    Fort Fisher State Park south of Wilmington. Fall is a wonderful time to visit.
  4. Thank you, very interesting analysis from a person who I think is more than semi-educated on the subject . There is one thing that might make a difference on the Cape Fear Skyway Bridge, IMO, the expansion of the Wilmington Port which has just completed the first phase in April. It seems the folks at the port authority expect the containers units at the port to go from the present rate of 149,000 20 ft container units a year to 560,000 container units a year by 2012, when the last phase of expansion is completed. That would put a real strain on the Memorial Bridge which currently handles nearly 65,000 trips a day. The new bridge would take the port traffic around Wilmington to either 74 on the way to Charlotte's inland terminal or I-40 and I-95 in the other direction. It would be wonderful if the schedule for the Skyway Bridge the NC Turnpike Authority actual happens, I know that would be a rare thing for NC DOT. The schedule calls for the Skyway Bridge to have construction contract awarded in fall of 2009 and open to traffic in 2015. The environmental studies are to be completed by summer 2008 (draft study) and the final report spring of 2009. Having the governor from your area does sometimes help things along.
  5. You seem very knowledge about road projects in this area. I have seen some of your past posts on the subject. Let me ask your opinion on two things; Do you think the international state port will happen in South Port, and what effect might that have on road projects in Brunswick/New Hanover counties? What are the chances of the Cape Fear Skyway toll bridge/highway being built? I think both of these would have a big impact on growth and development in Brunswick county between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach.
  6. Where do you see interstate 74 ending? I know parts of the interstate are complete as far as Rockingham and a section is under construction as far east as Maxton to just south of Lumberton. I know a lot of interstates have a way of getting complete to a certain point and just seem to stop no matter how much planning goes into it. I know interstate 140 around Wilmington next phase of construction is to begin in the next couple of years which will bring it to hwy 74-76 in Brunswick county. There are unfunded plans on NC DOT's TIP books to bring 74 to "interestate standards" between Whiteville to Wilmington to end at the Wilmington bypass or interstate 140. I think that may be a more realistic ending to interstate 74 considering all the wetlands along the current planned corridor in Brunswick County. What do you see as the future of interstate 74?
  7. The two metro areas will probably never merge, but the distance between the two urban areas should shrink considerable over the next decade or so. There was an article in the Wilmington Star News a few months back that said if all the houses that are planned in subdivisions for the Leland area were built and sold in the next 10 years, the population of Leland could possible come close to 100,000 people. If you have not traveled between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach on hwy 17 in the last year or so, you will be amazed at the amount of residential and commercial development that has taken place in Northern Brunswick county. This fact plus the planned interstate and the extension of the Carolina Bays Parkway from Myrtle Beach could spur a lot of development around the state line up through Oak Island, Sunset Beach, Shalotte etc. If the international port is built that could also be a catalyst for even more development. The two urban areas may not merge but the miles of rural country roads between the two will shrink to maybe 10 or 15 miles?
  8. Charlotte Pride

    All you need is someone with a good platform that effects everyone and has a personality that people like. We did it here in Wilmington/New Hanover county. Our state Senator is an openly gay woman. Julie Boseman was elected to replace Patrick Ballentine who ran for governor last time around. His hand picked conservative replacement ran behind her in the polls, and as a desperate last minute attempt made her sexuality an issue. The republican party released flyers and commercials about her being a lesbian and the results were he fail father behind in the polls shortly there after! If you have a candidate that people like they forget about the rest. In 2006 Julie Boseman was reelected to the state senate. This time many of the local elected democrats did not support her still afraid of the repercussions of backing a lesbian, IMO. She has made a difference here. Passed a lot of bills of local interest and state interest that have popular appeal. She has a partner in life and a child. She does not hide either of them. When she was reelected people voted for her because of what she is doing not her sexuality. FYI, New Hanover County registered voters are almost evenly split, 38% democrat, 38% republican, 22 % unaffiliated and 2% whatever is left.
  9. Has anyone heard anything new about the search for narural gas of the shore of North Carolina?
  10. Wilmington would more likely be lumped together with Jacksonville than Myrtle Beach in a CSA. Actually Wilmington and Jacksonville were in the same metro area until 2000. There is more of a chance of the two of them growing together since the completion of the Northern Outer Loop (interstate 140). There are plans for a lot of development near the loop in the northern part of New Hanover and Southern Pender County, but then again as you have pointed out look at the RDU.