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  1. I havent thought about it as a cheesy porn video title., Thank you for knowing all of the Cheesy porn video titles,,
  2. GO ROCKET, BLAST OFF I agree with u about the commuter rail its not that bad and we should just give it a try. Heckles, I was born and raised in Chicago, I agree with u about having a good bus system to go along with the rails. I just don't think nashville streets are made for a good system. For ex) we have about 5 good streets and the rest are just dead ends pretty much----Murfreesboro Rd, Nolensville Rd. Gallatin Rd. Charlotte Pk and West Ends so I don't now how we would change are system ok I forgot Dickerson Rd.
  3. I think the rail is a great idea and I am with Mr. Norff Carolina, I will show my support by riding the rail and hopefully we will get a light rail in the innercity, buses suck go RAIL..
  4. Topic to discuss Nashville Music City Star Commuter Rail line and other proposals. Lastest news on Nashville's passenger rail system can be found at the end of this thread.
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