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  1. Correction to my last post...Cerberus is handing over the keys...for $1..... to the new entity that will constitute Chrysler once it exits bankruptcy court. That's $1 for what's said to be the 2nd largest office building in America, beat out only by The Pentagon.
  2. Fiat actually has a huge presence in America. It owns Case New Holland, the maker of farm and heavy equipment with its HQ in suburban Chicago and factories all over the country. Fiat's CEO Sergio Marchionne is Chairman of CNH, and says he plans to take over as CEO of Chrysler when in exists bankruptcy court in a month or two. Also, I believe that Cerburus, the private equity firm that bought 80% of Daimler's stake in Chrysler, retained ownership of the Auburn Hills HQ. So Chrysler may have no reason, or right, to stay in future years. I could see a scenario in which Marchionne ends up move Chrysler's executive offices to Chicago.
  3. I just got an email with the subject heading 'Moving beyond the shovel-ready'. It's from a Washington D.C.-based 0rganization called 'Transportation for America' that today unveiled an ambitious campaign, the details of which are available in a pdf on their website, t4america.org The email announces a 'big, bold, transformational' platform for a "21st Century transportation system were cyclists and pedestrians are safer, trains are faster and cleaner, public transportation widely available and efficient, roads and bridges are in god repair and Americans everywhere reap the rewards of a world-class infrastructure."
  4. Best wishes to you and all the merchants for a great turnout tonight. Someday they'll erect a statue of you, GRGridGirl.
  5. What's the bit about the Stokes house having been built in 1916, but relocated to the present site? That seems unlikely...parts of the addition done by the Stokes included using materials salvaged from Europe and imported here, but it's not as if the house was moved to Bonnell from somewhere else...perhaps they got their facts mixed up...
  6. I'm not sure what this article in today's New York Times about 4 young Grand Rapids natives living together in Manhattan infers about Grand Rapids... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/23/realesta...3habi.html?8dpc I took it as a positive and a point of pride...but would be nice to imagine them coming back to GR someday and doing great things here....
  7. Wired Maagzine's web site mentions' GR today in context of Hybrids and Harleys rally that rolled into town during McCain visit. http://blog.wired.com/cars/2008/09/no-priuses-allo.html
  8. There's a feature story in this morning's New York Times that gives both sides to the debate on the impact of urban streetcar, the politics, the costs, etc. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/14/us/14streetcar.html
  9. Well, that's the flip side of having a local, family-owned pharmacy instead of corporate-owned drug store. The owners of Kay don't have to sacrifice their fundamental beliefs for a few dollars of profit. They are actually able to run their business based on personal convictions. (How refreshing.) As devout Catholics they won't promote the practice of birth control. If that makes GR seem like a national joke to the swells in Miami and New York, so be it.
  10. AND....Just a bit further up town.....Holmdene, the old (and legend has it haunted) manor house hidden in woods of the Aquinas campus celebrates the 100th anniversary of its construction with the occassion with an Open House at Holmdene on Saturday, May 17 from 12 noon until 4:00pm. Light refreshments will be served and Holmdene's first, second and basement levels will be open to self-guided tours. In addtion, a DVD on the history of the estate was developed and will be shown continuously throughout the day.
  11. What, no mention of the convenient auto repair facilities? ....seriously, this is nice pub that hopefully went Booth-chain wide...only thing nicer would've been if the writer had linked what's happening on the commercial side with some sense of the neighborhood's residential appeal...walkable scale...tree-lined streets...affordable family homes...maybe it was in the initial draft but got cut for space.
  12. Sarcasm aside, Lynch's lumping GR in with Lansing, Detroit, Flint as cities suffering from "Michigan
  13. I've got to believe the writer of this piece, from the Op-Ed page of today's New York Times, is using sarcasism to make his point about fixing our economy...but maybe he's serious ...in any event he's gone ahead and done the dis-service of linking GR to Flint, Detroit, and Lansing. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/25/opinion/25lynch.html
  14. http://grandrapidscity.com/eyellowdir/deta...tina%20Antiques Should be a nice addition to Blue Door, East Fulton Antiques, etc. One more reason to come into town to live/shop/eat/educate.
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