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  1. This is the original plan for the tower way back in 2004: If support is strong
  2. Yep, if he had stuck with the original model the dirt probably would have been movin by now. Now it appears he is in scramble mode and we may end up with nothing at all.
  3. The only problem this FAA thing will cause is potential buyers being worried that the building will not get built because of this announcement.
  4. Some of these responses are really funny to read, I mean Murfreesboro looking like present day Nashville? c'mon we are talking 25 years not 125. I also think that Nashville looking like present day Atlanta is a pretty big stretch as well. This may ruffle some feathers but I could see Nashville in 25 years looking something like Charlotte when all of its current construction and approved towers are complete. I think present day Nashville has one roof at 500 feet and the Batman spires rise to 617 adding 3-5 over 500' towers is reasonable for that time frame. It would be nice if one those was Signature Tower but we will see. Memphis I dont see changing a whole lot, I liked the Portland comparison from earlier. Memphis hasnt changed a whole lot over the past 25 years and while it will probably change more over the next 25 it wont be a huge difference. Louisville will be unique, especially since Museum Plaza is about to start construction. Detroit would be a good comparison, especially if they dont fill in the gap. Other skylines in KY and TN will probably stay about the same except for the Covington skyline. Hopefully Knoxville, Lexington, and/or Chattanooga will get a nice new tower to add to the skyline but it seems like tower construction is few and far between in those cities. Maybe some 15-20 story residential towers will start popping up in the cities. In Alabama I liked the Mobile to Charlotte after the Bank of America Tower was complete, would be really nice to see some 300-400 foot towers pop up there. If it isnt already Mobile will soon be the premier skyline in the state of Alabama. The way Charlotte is growing now it will look something like present day Atlanta or Houston. Raleigh is getting proposals left and right. Hopefully a lot of height will be added and it will resemble present day Charlotte.
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