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  1. Per Arkansas Business, it'll be a standalone location in an outparcel lot near Chuy's.
  2. I think the definition can vary, depending on who you ask. City director Doris Wright, for example.
  3. Among some folks, the preferred nomenclature for that area is tilting toward West Central Little Rock. Rock Region Metro's #9 route is officially tagged as "West Central/John Barrow Road".
  4. There's some room in the shopping center toward the Mellow Mushroom end, I think. And per Google, the distance from the Shackleford site ranges anywhere from 3.5 to 4 miles, depending on the path taken. From Markham to Cantrell to Shackleford, the distances between each location range from 3 to 4 miles.
  5. It sounds like the Hyden, Miron & Foster law firm will be on the move, if that's the case. Their main building on the corner of 2nd and Louisiana adjoins a 109-year-old building at 212 Louisiana, with the former Vratsinas Construction Company headquarters on the other side further south. (VCC moved to Riverdale within the last year.) You'd think the easier move would've been to buy the surface lot that faces 3rd, and add a deck there (and maybe ground floor shops, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one).
  6. And now that it's underway, here are a couple of photos from the project. The view is from Black Angus, whose property now requires careful attention to enter.
  7. Somewhat on the heels of the Arkansas Arts Center announcing its temporary move to the neighborhood's former grocery store, the owner of the whole shopping center has now bought the 17.6 acres on which it sits. Arkansas Business indicates that the transaction better orients the 36-year-old Riverdale Center toward redevelopment, a notion that may come more sharply into focus once AAC is open and Centennial Bank shifts away from its current site to the Dixie Cafe site. Heading around the corner to Rebsamen Park Road, for those who may have missed it, the folks behind downtown's popular Three Fold restaurant are in the nascent stages of redeveloping the longtime Marshall Clements property into an "8,000 square foot space that has room for food preservation, pastry preparation, pickling, a restaurant and more" (including a sake brewery), as Arkansas Money & Politics reported back in April. Completion of the project may happen close to when AAC exits its temporary home. Further up the road, it looks like KATV might not be so quick to move into Riverdale after all, as plans for a new broadcast tower have been curtailed.
  8. Good news for the Park Hill and Levy neighborhoods: Each of the areas is slated for significant retooling projects carrying through 2021, thanks to federal Jump Start grant funding that will be applied in various ways — including improved pedestrian infrastructure.
  9. It's a bit surprising that US Pizza, popular as it is, hasn't made it farther west in Little Rock proper after all this time — farther than Rodney Parham, at any rate. My guess is that they've long desired a spot in the Chenal or Highway 10 corridors, but lacked a workable location.
  10. For what it's worth, the 2017 Census Bureau estimates show Fayetteville at 85,257, while Springdale clocked in at 79,599. The Springdale Chamber of Commerce website shows further growth as of 2019, to 81,552.
  11. Possibly, it won't mean all that much in the short term with regard to naming and the retail branch on the first floor of Simmons Tower, which is still a highly visible and desirable location as the tallest building in the state. As recently as last July, when the bank announced its intended move of employees to the old Acxiom site, the Democrat-Gazette reported there was no firm decision to keep the naming rights on Simmons Tower.
  12. For those who may have missed it, the large space dedicated to retail banking at the Bank of America Building has now been pared back to what the company calls an Advanced Center -- a sort of virtual branch that relies on video conferencing and digital assistance, rather than on-site staff found in a traditional branch (not counting the security guard who is on hand). Rollout of the concept began with four locations in 2017, according to this Charlotte Business Journal report. Initially, they'll keep later hours at this location: weeknights until 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.
  13. I wouldn't be entirely shocked to see the bar and restaurant portions -- should they continue to function as such under new owners -- divorced from each other at some point anyway.
  14. Though it's not mentioned in the article, one of the Lafayette Building's commercial tenants — Bella Vita Jewelry — already is on track to move to a new location, taking over space just a short distance east on 6th Street where Matt McLeod had his art gallery.
  15. That location still shows up on the company's website.
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