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  1. ArkansasTraveler

    Riverdale area

    Centennial Bank will indeed go where the Riverdale Dixie Cafe building is currently located, but that's not the plan for the former Dixie Cafe at Rodney Parham and I-430. In that location, an Indian/Pakistani restaurant — Mehfil Indo-Pak Cuisine — is slated to open, if it hasn't already. Jaime Dunaway reported for the Democrat-Gazette back in October that the initial plan was to open in the space by November 15.
  2. ArkansasTraveler

    West Little Rock

    Hard to say for sure why the move is under consideration. Ultimately, it comes down to financial viability, but that's also one burger-heavy part of town — ranging from McDonald's, Burger King, and Sonic, to places like Five Guys, Burger 21, and Freddie's that are more in line with the David's subcategory. Shifting farther west or to the north (Highway 10 or Rodney Parham corridor) might be the way to go for David's.
  3. ArkansasTraveler

    The Promenade At Chenal

    What concerns me is that significant portions of the shopping center have never been occupied, even 10 years into its life.
  4. ArkansasTraveler

    Riverdale area

    Domino's opened yesterday at the former EZ Mart at Cedar Hill and Rebsamen Park. It's nice to have all four corners of the intersection occupied again. The new Doublebee's at Cantrell and Riverfront also looks like it's progressing well, and could be on track to open by January.
  5. ArkansasTraveler

    Riverdale area

    Riverdale's Starbucks opened yesterday, complete with nitro cold brew coffee on tap. I managed a couple of quick photos last night with my cheap phone camera.
  6. ArkansasTraveler

    West Village

    I'd add that a current 24,000 sf space seems a more likely fit for Trader Joe's than most vacancies around the city, since most TJ locations run quite a bit smaller than your average Kroger and other chain grocers. Then again, the former Charming Charlie space at the Promenade -- going on square footage alone, at 10,439 sf -- is even more in line with the average store size, though the space would need more work to accommodate the potential new tenant.
  7. ArkansasTraveler

    West Village

    I lived on the western end of this area (Green Mountain Drive) for more than a dozen years, before moving on to neighborhoods farther east. So, I'm hopeful for progress in this part of the city. But I worry at the same time that this will prove too broad of a grouping. The business and residential mix on the Reservoir Road end is quite different than higher-end offerings west of Interstate 430.
  8. Remember when the only Starbucks in Little Rock was the one inside the Baptist Health campus? They're coming back to that part of the city, with news today that they're set to move into the former Dunkin' Donuts at Kanis and Shackleford.
  9. How about an additional Chinese option for downtown? The ADG's Eric Harrison reports today that Chi's is planning an express location at 319 W. 2nd, diagonally opposite the Pulaski County Courthouse. No word yet if it'll be a demolition or a (partial) remodel of the existing 7-story building on the site.
  10. ArkansasTraveler

    Riverdale area

    Starbucks. By my estimation, expect a late October opening. Also, they've signed up for a 10-year lease. Sent from my LG-K371 using Tapatalk
  11. ArkansasTraveler

    Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    WestPoint Home was arguably the last notable closing, and it was back in the winter of this year. But the opening of H&M offset that loss quite a bit in terms of occupied GLA.
  12. ArkansasTraveler

    Riverdale area

    We'll see. Nothing shows up yet when searching for the address in real estate transactions in Pulaski County through May 4 of this year, the most recently released date.
  13. ArkansasTraveler

    Riverdale area

    So much for talk of a pending sale. I searched LoopNet for the Riverdale Dixie Cafe restaurant building this morning, after noticing the Colliers sign removed from the property earlier this week. The building is officially off the market for now. It had been listed at $1,425,000, valued less than the forthcoming Starbucks on the old Shogun site (with its lease good through 2028). Meanwhile to the east, it looks like some dirt is being moved around again on the old Doublebee's site. Perhaps construction will finally begin on that?
  14. ArkansasTraveler

    West Little Rock

    I doubt it would happen just around the corner from a Whole Foods. It'd probably sooner happen on Rodney Parham in the old Kmart. And that probably wouldn't fly either.
  15. ArkansasTraveler

    Park Plaza Mall

    It's been a while since the last new occupant at Park Plaza popped up in building permits, but one surfaced earlier this month, on March 7. Shoe Show's Shoe Dept. Encore format is slated to take at least the east half of Abercrombie & Fitch's former space (suite 2090, which had previously housed A&F's ladies' department when the space was joined with suite 2080).