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  1. Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    After the ill-received inclusion of Cajun's Wharf into the Landry's chain in the '90s, I doubt Landry's is in a rush to return to central Arkansas. Even if it's now been nearly 20 years since that all went down.
  2. Shackleford Crossings

    Empty unless it somehow gets converted (after its already announced closure) to a Stage location. Though Little Rock would be the biggest Arkansas market by far for the chain, if it happened. As it stands, the largest city in the state with with one of Stage's 23 Arkansas stores is Pine Bluff.
  3. Argenta

    And now, the project has the greenlight from the city council, as reported by the ADG's Jake Sandlin.
  4. Or, as an alternative, maybe they could take the former TJ Raney & Sons building in Riverdale, if it would have enough room for their employees. The existing bank in the neighborhood could also take the old Regions space that was vacated in November. I look for BOZ to remain out west for a long time to come.
  5. Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    The current Nike space replaced proposed slots for Adidas AND Reebok.
  6. Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    Looks like N101 is the only spot where H&M can go now, albeit with significant expansion as that allocated space is currently 14,960 sf. I think that means a nearby bus shelter and some vending machines will move, but that's a relatively minor adjustment.
  7. Broadway Bridge to be replaced

    Like this winter was a little warm. That's one of the chief factors the contractor cited in explaining the early finish.
  8. Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    N101 was proposed as a Forever 21 space, if memory serves. Not sure why it still couldn't be developed as such.
  9. The Promenade At Chenal

    Nordstrom Rack seems doubtful in that spot, since I think they'd prefer a freestanding or end-cap spot. And RED probably would like to keep as many full-price retailers as possible, at any rate. Whoever takes it, I would hope it to be a retailer that adds to men's apparel selections, which have always been at a disadvantage in the development. Not saying it would have to be Brooks Brothers necessarily, but something of similar caliber wouldn't hurt.
  10. I've already seen people online curious (as I am) about how any revamp of the Hall-Davidson complex affects Hanaroo, its steadiest tenant in recent years. If a move is indeed forced, maybe they could go in the other portion of the Sterling Annex, alongside The Southern Gourmasian.
  11. Midtowne Little Rock

    Surprising, perhaps, but less so considering Dillard's across the street added James Avery merchandise to its sales floor. Of course, redundancy or overlap in a neighborhood doesn't always spell immediate closure of a store location. Justice is a prime example.
  12. The River Market

    I'm sorry to see Ten Thousand Villages leaving, as it was one of the best places to find unusual gifts for Christmas and other occasions.
  13. East Village

    It's no groundbreaking, but Arkansas Business does have news of the sale for the proposed building site in this week's edition, in its "Real Deals" column. The block is bounded by Rector on the west, 4th on the north, Capitol on the south, and Collins on the east, and sold for $1.7 million.
  14. Park Plaza Mall

    I could see Express possibly shifting amidst all these changes. The A&F space (#2090 on this map) is slightly larger than the existing Express space (#2076). But if Express isn't doing as well and looks to downsize, the old Limited space (#2074) would be easy enough.
  15. The Promenade At Chenal

    Embassy Suites is just a tad farther west, and that's still just over 4 miles away from the Promenade. Nothing else after that for now, though there's long been an intent to land a hotel near Pleasant Ridge Town Center.