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  1. Now more than a year down the road, from the looks of this Facebook post, the naming rights (a "skyline brand opportunity", as the post puts it) for Little Rock's tallest building may be up for grabs again, though there's no mention of that yet on the property manager's website.
  2. I don't know if it's the best measure of how close White and Pulaski counties are to each other, but the distance from Exit 28 in Beebe (near the White-Lonoke county line at Cypress Bayou) to the east end of Republican Road outside of Cabot (near the Lonoke-Pulaski line) is around 13 miles. For comparison, traveling up to the first Searcy exit (#42) from Exit 31 in eastern Beebe is around 12 miles.
  3. Somewhat related to that, the last remaining El Chico in Little Rock had recently closed — which appears to have been in the works for some time prior to the virus outbreak. The two restaurants have a shared parent company, Dallas-based Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc. On the CRO website, there's no specific response to the virus in recent news releases.
  4. Conway County could come in on the strength of enough commuters to the city of Conway, which is a co-principal city for the MSA alongside Little Rock and North Little Rock. The average commute time as of 2018 was just shy of 26 minutes, and that's an easy trip from Morrilton to Conway via Interstate 40. But, plenty more may take that time or longer to travel to and/or through farming areas toward the top of the county -- far north of the I-40 corridor.
  5. The remainder between Trader Joe's (the red "LEASED" space in this graphic) and AT&T looks to be about 40% to 50% of the old Toys-R-Us space -- or 14,459 SF, per Flake & Kelley.
  6. For those wondering, here's how close we are to Trader Joe's opening...
  7. Arkansas Business is reporting potential new development of the former Cajun's Wharf building, possibly as soon as November. Like Cajun's, the plan is to use the neighborhood landmark as a restaurant and entertainment venue.
  8. Another chain that bucks the trend in central Arkansas (at least somewhat) is Waffle House, which has a new location in the works for Stagecoach Road in Little Rock, next door to Simmons Bank and across from Edwards Food Giant and its surrounding development.
  9. Leila King, who owns @ The Corner, has signed a lease for the space, according to the Democrat-Gazette's Eric Harrison. Breakfast is part of the plan for the space, but a there's not yet a firm timetable for opening the new restaurant.
  10. Good news for the trail fans around Hillcrest (and those who travel up from Riverdale, too)... https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2019/08/07/new-walking-bike-path-for-allsopp-park
  11. Looks like the Western Sizzlin Express saga in Greenbrier is coming to a close on at least one front. After having posted a sign that the restaurant was closed for remodeling, Eric Harrison reports in this morning's Democrat-Gazette that the building will instead convert to a Dairy Queen — and exceed other central Arkansas DQ locations by about 1,000 sf.
  12. Per Arkansas Business, it'll be a standalone location in an outparcel lot near Chuy's.
  13. I think the definition can vary, depending on who you ask. City director Doris Wright, for example.
  14. Among some folks, the preferred nomenclature for that area is tilting toward West Central Little Rock. Rock Region Metro's #9 route is officially tagged as "West Central/John Barrow Road".
  15. There's some room in the shopping center toward the Mellow Mushroom end, I think. And per Google, the distance from the Shackleford site ranges anywhere from 3.5 to 4 miles, depending on the path taken. From Markham to Cantrell to Shackleford, the distances between each location range from 3 to 4 miles.
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