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  1. I'm sorry, but no. That guy's full of it. The N.C. State area should never be called something like "Uptown." It just doesn't fit. What's wrong with "West Raleigh?" Anyway, to get back on topic, "Midtown," in mind my clearly includes the area along I-440 from Glenwood to Capital. To extend that area to Wade is a bit of a stretch, I think.
  2. Terminal A is heinous. Tear that crap down. Or, if nothing else, at least paint it.
  3. It would be a "World Class" destination park because: 1) 306 Acres is huge. Central Park is bigger, but other than that I don't know of too many city parks in the U.S. that can compare. 2) It is historically significant. Maybe it doesn't have a very glamorous history; most tourists probably wouldn't go there for it's history alone, but it does add to the overall value. Frankly, I can see NO REASON to develop that land... unless you're a developer who wants to make a quick buck. This is a VERY BIG opportunity for Raleigh, though, and we need to THINK BIG. If we do the right thing with that land, our children and our grandchildren and other generations will be very grateful I'm sure.
  4. Well, they need to do something with Terminal A. That thing is an abomination. It looks like a giant blue cargo container. At least paint the damn thing a different color!
  5. I am good friends with someone who is heavily involved in this project. Apparently, one problem is that Mayor Meeker is being very nearsighted about the whole thing. He's thinking in terms of what will happen during his term in office, whereas the reality is that the decisions made will drastically affect the development of the city over the next hundred years.
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