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  1. and this is the high rise for the midtown project... Sweet. I like it.
  2. As I read through some of the forums... I noticed a lot of ppl suggesting the uncapping of Sugar Creek hoping and thinking it would produce some kind of water front activity. Does anyone have any more thoughts about this. Any examples (pics if possible) of it being down in a city around our side. I personally think it would awsome to see but have no idea how or what it would take to do it to sugar creek. Just wanted some insite.
  3. I thought they said that they would not expand the convention center because of low attendence... and use the money that for that to go to the nchof. Thats how I look it at least... I know the article said something about a new ball room their but I figured that was redoing something already inside the convention center. I think the site is great... i can picture great views coming in on south blvd with this big awsome new modern hof ... I think we are ahead in our planning when compared to the other cities... but maybe they are being more hush hush about it to see what we can come up with... We've pretty much let our plan be open for the world to see
  4. Theres the movie with Jack Black... Shallow Hal... Filmed mostly in charlotte and used the skyline as their back drop... The only problem with this movie is that they did say they were in Charlotte
  5. 12 miles... WOW! I would be hard press to bike more than 2 or 3 miles back and forth to work... But I do look forward to the day I can get ride of my car and fully rely on public trans, my feet, and a bike
  6. does anyone have any pictures of buildings this guy did... I've heard of the ones mentioned above I just can't put a name with the face.
  7. This looks like an awsome developement... when should it all be done
  8. I did not think it was that bad still. I've driven through the area and didn't get that feeling at all... but it was also during the day and I don't live there. I am sure as more developement happens... things will get cleaned up and safer
  9. Here is a write up about it in the observer ... http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/bus...th/11263288.htm
  10. I was looking into it a few days ago... seems nice. Close to south end and uptown. I don't know too much about it other than its going to be a mix of townhouses and single family homes. Its been a while since I have driven through the area so I don't know much about that either... I think that because its so close to uptown and southend... that this development will do well and be a good investment... When more information is made available I plan to look into it further. Does anyone know who is developing the townhomes... I forget
  11. But whats the likely hood of a trolly or LRT coming down Central? I have not looked at the proposed map for track lay out. I would love to see that area become more popular again. I really think that most of uptowns surrounding neigborhoods are going to get more and more popular as the burbs expand and ppl want to live closer to the core without actually doing so. Thats one reason why noda is so popular (other than the great atmosphere and image it has created for itself). Some of those older areas have such great potential lets hope some developers see that and capitalize on it.
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