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  1. That half block is owned by Walter Hussman, owner of WEHCO Media and the Arknsas Democrat-Gazette. The ADG offices are on the block immediately to the southwest of this lot. There seems to be some excited anticipation about his future plans after he buys the alley, but this may just be wishful thinking.
  2. This looks like it will be a nice addition to the Riverdale area. A subsidiary of the American Taekwondo Association has purchased the undeveloped land to the south of Riverdale Road, between Riverfront Drive and Brookwood Drive, for a new "world headquarters" of the ATA. There was an item on the Little Rock Planning Commission agenda a few weeks ago, but the submitters, Martial Arts Services Inc, asked for a delay.
  3. MT's 2009 vision for this block was far more ambitious than the reality taking place today. You can view that vision at the following link: http://www.oxleyartgraphics.com/LRRiverMarket-MTMap.html I wish they would wait a few years for the market to improve in order to announce a more impactful project - if they can regain their financial footing. They must be very disappointed with the current situation, as we all seem to be.
  4. Is this an image of "what might have been" or of "what still might be"? http://www.oxleyartgraphics.com/LRRiverMarket-MTMap.html The above link shows a conceptual rendering of the River Market District as envisioned by Moses Tucker in 2007. Some of the buildings are now reality, such as the Arcade, the River Market Tower, and a hotel at the NE corner of 3rd and River Market - a Residence Inn, although the image clearly indicates the desire was for an Aloft. The most interesting part of the image involves the block where the Arkla building once stood. The rendering shows three modern-look
  5. A capsule in last week's Arkansas Business states that a subsidiary of the American Taekwondo Association has purchased the undeveloped land to the south of Riverdale Road, between Riverfront Drive and Brookwood Drive, for a new "world headquarters" of the ATA. There was no mention of timing for the project.
  6. Fencing now surrounds the project, and excavation has begun on the surface parking lot.
  7. Whole Foods may be close to announcing another West Little Rock location. The agenda for the August 2nd Planning Commission meeting includes an item for Whole Foods at the Northeast corner of Chenal and Bowman. That would be the location of Best Buy and the former Linens ‘N Things – now the Faithspring Church (I believe is the name). Unless the church plans to abandon its current location, I can’t imagine any other location where Whole Foods might locate on that NE corner. When the full agenda is released before the meeting, we’ll know more. Another item on the agenda requests a median br
  8. The parking lot to the west of the Blass Building has been empty for the past week. The plumbing permits for the Blass Building, parking deck, and annex were recently issued. Looks like the construction and renovation will begin soon.
  9. Arkansas Business reports that two stores should soon occupy the space formerly occupied by Lewis & Clark Outfitters. They are Romeoville, IL based Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc and Charlotte, NC based Versona Accessories. The president and CEO of Midtowne’s owner, Miller Capital Advisory, believes the center should be 100% leased by the end of the year.
  10. The article in Arkansas Business a few weeks ago stated that the Kroger Company is in the process of purchasing the land to the east of the existing Kroger, along with the existing store and adjoining 10,000 square foot retail space. They plan to build a 113,000 square foot store to replace the current 51,300 square foot grocery. Kroger plans to open the new store by Christmas, after which it will tear down the old store for additional parking. The article did not mention demolition of the adjoining retail space.
  11. Its plumbing permit appeared on the permit website, yesterday.
  12. I found an interesting item on the Little Rock planning commission agenda, dated October 6th, that appears to bode well economically for the city in the future. Item 4 states that the management of Fidelity Information Services (FIS) has decided to expand its Little Rock campus in the future. In order to accommodate this growth, it is requesting approval for an expanded power plant now, and a central power plant building when conditions warrant. Most interestingly, FIS wishes to retain the site plan from 1992, which depicts planned construction of a very large parking deck on the southeast
  13. Refer to post 87, above. It will be a Jimmy John's sandwhich shop.
  14. Arkansas Business reports that the NLR owners of the Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchise will tear down the old building at the SW corner of Broadway and 7th Street that once housed the Millionaire’s Room and build a new Jimmy John’s restaurant in its place. They should be open for business by October.
  15. According to Arkansas Business, Lowe’s is eyeing the parcel of land at the NW corner of Kanis and Bowman. I may be remembering this incorrectly, but it seems like they (or another big-box retailer) attempted to place a store in this location several years ago, but were denied. Since that time, I’ve heard rumors periodically that they were still looking in West Little Rock, but it seems strange that they would attempt to build at the originally planned location (with seemingly the same issues), when there are several other options available. In another Bowman Road-related item, Larry’s Piz
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