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  1. Let's hope so, I was almost convinced that the Jeff County Commission and the City of Birmingham had some kind of learning disability. When are folks going to stop thinking that Larry Langford is some sort of visionary?
  2. I think and have always felt that a dome would be a tremendous waste of the taxpayers money, unless Tom Benson wants to bring the Saints here and foot the bill for half of it. I believe that replacing the current BJCC arena with one that meets or exceeds NBA/NHL standards and promoting the growth of an entertainment district in that part of town is the best course of action there. Also, like AG07, I think that the Graymont area is primed for a rebirth, and the foundation for that is a complete razing of Legion Field (I know is historical and all, but hey they are replacing Yankee Stadium) to make way for a new 45,000 seat mixed use facility to be used primarily by UAB and Birmingham Southern football teams, as well as continuing to host the events that currently use Legion Field. The facility would also be built to MLS and FIFA capable standards with the hope of drawing more exhibition matches and possibly a MLS franchise as the sport continues to grow in the US. Who knows, maybe keep a portion of Legion Field for a museum, or monument, kind of like that section of fence that is left from Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta. I envision a light rail connecting the new Graymont Stadium District with the BJCC Entertainment district with a connection with the Birmingham International Airport. At the BJCC stop passengers would disembark there and use the trolley service to reach UAB, 5 Pts South or Lakeview.
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