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  1. Think about what Cordish did for waterside in short order for a sec! Did they really do anything revolutionary for real? In my opinion NOT AT ALL. Waterside represents governing body that does not have the correct ideas or depth to will the simplest high yield ideas. Cordish probably spent more time on crafting the deal with the city vs what they were actually going to do with the space, etc.. Years ago someone made a comment on this board to say that in the stretch that Fraim was mayor, overall he had done a lot. No doubt, but there is no true way to benchmark the true success during his tenure. All these years later we are just now seeing some real movement on Tidewater park and now we have this issue with the mall. Without some solid creative ideas Norfolk stands to rise in one regard and fall in others and that is unfortunate. I'm tired of seeing the same approaches like they always work. Its time to step their game up a little. This space is another opportunity, lets see their final choice.
  2. I'm not seeing how a Target survives in a space like that. At the end of the day, Target is still just a classy walmart in a lot of ways. I'm not sure we are at pedestrian mass to support a target there. Keep in mind, people still have to pay to park. I do not feel that way about Macy's though, but that is a different kind of shopping experience. I like the idea of opening it up with glass, at least the 3 floor possibly if possible to like a Dave and Busters type of establishment with direct views of Monitcello and LRT station. This would do a few things, breathe life and interest to that area, show activity, provide unique style (which we are seriously lacking in Norfolk/DT) while not closing off other low style opportunities. Think about it, that is a great space to add uniqueness Norfolk is definitely lacking... maybe a small lane bowling alley coupled with that Dave and Busters type thing? Its definitely enough room for it on one floor. It maybe just me, but DT Norfolk seems more about eating and finding a place for beer. We need more interest down there.
  3. Sad, but we are use to this. Most building that come through Norfolk are redesigned almost like its a game... Get them to like it visual, then change it once its approved..
  4. This is going to be crazy. I like it though..
  5. Just wanted to share my experience with staying in the hotel for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Nice building, definitely did not have the "Hampton Roads" feel once you step inside and quite honestly, outside either. The hotel is definitely a step up from what I'm use to from the area and I think it may have a lot to do with the location. The restaurants were classy, parties going on in different locations. Paintings and decor were nice as many have stated. The hotel was 100% booked, so needless to say, it was a ton of traffic. The sat. night I was there, granby was modest, activity, but not bustling but I believe first friday was the night before, so I would have expected it not to be as crowded. Disappointments: The room costed me $300 a night, more than I typically need to lay my head down at night, but whatever. The beds and bedding was less than stellar. I've had far superior beds at lesser priced hotels. and my lord, the bathrooms, I would give it a 4.5 out of 10 for the price point. I had to call the front desk and say "Hey, my room as a tub in it". I was probably disappointed with that th emost Breakfast was definitely overpriced, about $20 a person, not including a drink for the most basic of breakfast food. They call parking validation, but it really ins't. Overall, I guess my kids enjoyed it, they were their most of the time while me and the wife attended a wedding. I guess I have a neutral experience with it but i'm not giving up any room on those bathrooms (just terrible). They were a total disappointment at that price point. You can definitely see where they skimmed on a few things, bathroom being one of them. The condos at the top originally planed should have been a keeper. I see how that could have been a gem for many people and the area.
  6. That is a significant walk to the nearest LR station to be considered TOD!
  7. brikkman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Yup, my office is right off inner harbor in harbor east (most would consider it inner harbor if you are tourist), literally a 3 min walk... adjacent to our building an apartment complex is going up. I know at least two others that are apartments as well that are going up. And another tower across the street looking out my window now was just completed the end of last year... When I first caught wind of SPQ being redeveloped, I thought that would be Norfolk's jump point, but they contend to redo housing instead of building up its business district. Its sad to see that they raised taxes like that and continue to do it on the backs of their real estate taxes but no one is doing better than ten years before... That's a sad thought.
  8. seems like height would be more of a selling point for residents. Perhaps it doesn't matter at that vantage point.
  9. It looks very open... Has anyone moved in yet? plan on laying eyes on it this week, I'll be home for the rest of the week come Wednesday. Might grab my mom and do a public transportation day.
  10. brikkman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Just a couple of questions, what would the bulk head look like? Will it rise above ground level? and if it does is it the intent to infill some or something. Two, why is harbor being expanded? I know they said it was capable of expanding, but what would be the purpose? No one ever talks about the green space next to harbor park, I'm sure its private property but I think it will be hella valuable one day. right now they have some low budget crap apartments there and an old home (last time I was in that area)
  11. brikkman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I wish they would have power washed the white paint off the rest of the building.. But dope projects man. I need to come home more often. If I ever hit the lotto, I'm moving back, lol.
  12. last time I was home, that chik fil a was closed. maybe something was just going on when I was in town?
  13. Oh wow, lots of strong and definitive language in that article. That is exciting.
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