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  1. Hogwash? how so? I don't even disagree with your statement about the "night", but to also say the lawsuit is hogwash is absurd at best. At this point I kind of hope they get their way to be honest. This city has history of bad decision making. close them up, stop fighting with them to make it a place folks want to come to and watch it turn into Granby street ala 70s.... They have no idea of what they are doing, its embarrassing. Did I miss something? Are there businesses clamoring to get to granby street these days? Maybe they know something we do not.
  2. I'm one of the few who believe what they have been doing and aim to do has not worked. But I find this to be true in most cities like ours. Being "soft" on crime is more about tamping down stigma than actual results. What we always end up seeing is the same thing, reoffenders and more crime. One side would say its the police the other side says its the policies and again blah blah blah is how I view it. What is going on downtown is more so the relax feeling that it can be done while the other side focuses on the professionalism and historical ills of the police. One doesn't have anything to do with the other if you ask me, but people will argue you down. To answer your question, it is possible, but society won't let what needs to be done, happen.
  3. The tone of the city manager was shocking in the few articles I have read. "businesses must understand it is a privilege to operate in DT..." or some version of that. Last I checked, it was still open spaces on granby street and adjacent. I mean don't' get me wrong, it isn't a bust, but I also don't get the feeling business are jumping over each other to get a space in DT. They would be smart to understand this isn't the 80s and prior where Norfolk was the only game in town. With that being said, there is absolutely a few things that can be done. When I was home a few weeks ago, there was an apparent convention of some type, like a comic-con type of vibe going on. We road down the entire stretch of granby from main to princess-anne road, not one police cop, only a remote camera station. That isn't to say some police presence wasn't in tow, but hey, if that is the attitude of being prepared, wellllll no chance police would be close to the most recent incidents. We've said this before and it remains true, we need some outside blood on the council, period. Our home grown folks are just not cutting it, their hearts are too much in it to deal with difficult issues and situations. I know i'm different, but the city manager is not good for this issue..
  4. I was going to jump in and comment, but you nailed it. I live in bmore county. Every you said is 100% accurate and probably understated.
  5. I agree, Norfolk will never have a pro-team, definitely not in the near future. I have no problem with scope as an arena, I just doesn't seem to get much use if you ask me. The area just north of there with a massive redevelopment could be a nice area for an arena, it also will stretch DT more North. When I think of Norfolk, I do think of the scope.
  6. A small blip, but Norfolk Tides made Sports Centers top 10 plays..... Of course they pronounced it NOR---FOLK Tides...
  7. I tried to get my youngest son hip to it, he hates it. Damn spoiled kids...lol
  8. Just to tag on the different "Norfolk" pronunciations: This may be a culture within a culture, but Yock, who knows anything about it? We all know every region is known for something throughout the united states, NY has its NY style pizza, Philly has cheesesteaks, New Orleans has Cajan (food varieties), Nashville (hot chicken), bmore has "crab-cakes (supposedly), so on and so on. Would Yock be the 757's culture food or is that too much of a culture within a culture? When I was a kid, my aunt would from time to time, sale "Yock" meals out her house. I'm just curious how many of us have actually heard about this? I for one grew up on it... When I moved to bmore, everyone talks about blue crab as if MD owns the cheapeake bay, but I'll be honest, in comparison the 757 does a crappy job at advertising blue crab. When I think about culture food of the 757, the first thing that comes to mind is "Yock". I would be interested to know if you guys have another "757" culture/region food we would be known for? https://www.southernfoodways.org/oral-history/a-box-of-virginia-yock/
  9. Nor-fuk is how we say it.
  10. No, I do not personally, but I also was not implying they did not need to move. I was more so speaking on the reasoning and the way they announced it. For all we know, this may be a way to get out a lease, who knows. They also could simply see the writing on the wall with the location. I 100% think it is a business decision, but the way they announced it and the excuse, yeah just not buying that.
  11. I would agree the city leadership should not get a pass on recent crime hikes, regardless if it is up country wide. That just means everyone is doing a poor job if you ask me and really need to look at addressing it in a real way. But I will say the reason for TDB moving is very very sketchy. How often have you heard a business public say something like that, something that really didn't affect them directly directly. No one was running up in TDB committing crimes. I'm not sure I buy it, it would have made more sense for me if they just packed up and moved like all the other businesses.
  12. Overall I think its pie in the sky, not because what you said isn't true, but over the last 20 years at least, places like Va.beach has made it known they "are different" and wish to be different than Norfolk. To Va.beach's credit, Norfolk hasn't kept up with what it needed to be idolized anyways. A lot of what we have seen in Norfolk was probably natural progress more so than anything. I've always seen Norfolk having a bad run of management in general at all levels. Other cities don't want to be attached to that but love to benefit from it. Best thing Norfolk could do is up its profile and provide what the other cities can not and do it WELL. I think we have all said it before, if we operated as one city/county etc.., we would definitely have a sports team and higher profile. I hear more people from around the country reference Va.beach (although they are really just referencing the beach) than Norfolk, that is very different from when I was a kid in the 80s/90s..
  13. did the same thing with Hershey's
  14. Why do you think that is (activation via retail...)? I really hope it simply isn't an oversight (by the planning community/city council) and has more to do with things I can not comprehend from an urban planning standpoint. Everytime we talk about similar things, I ask myself that question: do they just not know or is it just something that is over my head. Blocks of building with little to no activity outside of just walking to and from cars. When I go to other cities, it seems as though they had foresight to understand ground retail in urban areas are needed. Norfolk is absent of it. Its almost like they are focusing on a landscape picture but not the functionality within it (if that makes sense).
  15. Maximum potential? Not by a long shot, but it should be way better than and further along than it is, that's for sure. I'm not sure if an airport plays that big of a deal, rather a measure of how well a metro is doing. It's not like if you drop a bigger airport into the area we would experience a boom. In fact, I would argue the fact we have the highest concentration of military on the "PLANET" states we should be better. Twisting that statement a little more, I believe that is the reason why the metro isn't further along. Boy the questions....
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