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  1. I know we have talked about this before in the past but really quick, what do we think this mindset really is? I personally think its "visual fatigue". The council/city/supporters are just soooooooooooooooo tired of seeing things there that the mindset of ANYTHING would be better if someone is willing to bankroll it. I've always said this plan was bad, unworthy, and a terrible way to use that land. Everything just seem so parsed right? No clear direction other than "NEW"....
  2. its just amazing how they just tear stuff down as opposed to other cities. They find zero value in keeping any of these structures, not even just for historical reasons. I realize this building has zero historical value, but things get tore down quickly around there.
  3. I just would ask, what are somethings you would do to "fix" the school system? I've heard that term for years but no real ideas that will support a fix. What I have seen in more recent years were about making things "fair" and updating schools; that doesn't address the things that go on in school. I'm also saying this is from the perspective of someone who knows people who work in the school system and their observations and my own. If you were to ask me, I think Norfolk has to fix its city/neighborhoods in terms of its people and you will see better schools follow. I've always seen adminis
  4. I was home this weekend. Drove down Brambleton into the fort Norfolk/evmc colley avenue area, what a drastic looking change a couple of building can do.
  5. All this time later, still disappointing...
  6. Helping the homeless will always be a noble cause. I hate to say this, but although it is a noble cause, that location could potentially cripple Norfolk's fragile progress. I hate to even say move them somewhere else like military circle mall because there are communities in that area as well, but this could possibly turn off visitation in that area for people who aren't use to that type of thing. I guess we have to see where the permanent location will be. I do not think Norfolk can sustain such things in mass like other big cities. I see Norfolk progress being this fragile.
  7. I couldn't read the article (subscription restrictions), but from what i've been told, East Ghent was the slums when that was demolished. This is in many ways is a false comparison if that was true. My dad and uncle did a short stint out there before they moved to Va.beach then back to norfolk.
  8. Very good discussion. I agree with it all oddly.
  9. I've said this for years...
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the projects that actually get built come in short order and less than we anticipated? The ones with a long drawn out process seem never to happen?
  11. I was home this weekend. The bus station was completely empty, did I miss something?
  12. Always keep in mind when I mention SPQ, I hate the plan, every part of it other than the demo, I'm admittedly incredibly biased, lol. But to answer your question: for Norfolk it wouldn't change their minds but it certainly should IMO. As I see it, this is Norfolk's last shot to change its landscape. There is a certain segment that wishes for them to create an environment at would extend the city core eastward and there is another half that just wants to see something new. Both i can appreciate, but I've felt in the last 10/15 years something has been off about the city's direction, almost lik
  13. If I remember correctly, it was housed in the standing wing.. The side that was demolished housed hooters and have a nice day cafe...
  14. At this point it would just be stupid not to do this. You have casinos all around the state, holding on to this "no casino" vibe is just stupid in 2020. So this is a win at least right now. I would be more concerned how the city handles the construction of this and how they will leverage this for the city/region. Would the construction of this possible casino instantly change their thoughts on SPQ??? ( I know that will not happen) Just sayin.... A casino that close to what they proposed is kind offfffff.................... lets just say it lacks flow!
  15. We do not have any negatives from the casinos here in MD. No additional crime, addictions, etc...(so far). I haven't heard anyone complain about it, but I'm sure there are groups who complain.
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