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    Norfolk Pictures

    I've said this for years...
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the projects that actually get built come in short order and less than we anticipated? The ones with a long drawn out process seem never to happen?
  3. I was home this weekend. The bus station was completely empty, did I miss something?
  4. Always keep in mind when I mention SPQ, I hate the plan, every part of it other than the demo, I'm admittedly incredibly biased, lol. But to answer your question: for Norfolk it wouldn't change their minds but it certainly should IMO. As I see it, this is Norfolk's last shot to change its landscape. There is a certain segment that wishes for them to create an environment at would extend the city core eastward and there is another half that just wants to see something new. Both i can appreciate, but I've felt in the last 10/15 years something has been off about the city's direction, almost like they are trying to compete with suburbia and I think that is a bad approach. Keep in mind, I 'm never referring to the north or north East portion of SPQ but directly east. So conceptually, they build a casino that includes gambling and entertainment a few yards from family, parks, and homes? Let's be reminded in part what they are trying to create (see attached). They are essentially building suburbia with a street grid... I've said this time and time again, its a LOT of land in SPQ, they are completely shorting it. The reason I said it lacks flow, there is no reason to put that development there especially if you are considering a casino yards away from families, homes, neigbhorhoods (a new neighborhood). It gives the impression of someone just plotting things down that are now available... Just my two cents that means nothing.
  5. If I remember correctly, it was housed in the standing wing.. The side that was demolished housed hooters and have a nice day cafe...
  6. At this point it would just be stupid not to do this. You have casinos all around the state, holding on to this "no casino" vibe is just stupid in 2020. So this is a win at least right now. I would be more concerned how the city handles the construction of this and how they will leverage this for the city/region. Would the construction of this possible casino instantly change their thoughts on SPQ??? ( I know that will not happen) Just sayin.... A casino that close to what they proposed is kind offfffff.................... lets just say it lacks flow!
  7. We do not have any negatives from the casinos here in MD. No additional crime, addictions, etc...(so far). I haven't heard anyone complain about it, but I'm sure there are groups who complain.
  8. I've always questioned that thought process. From what I remember, DT was the safest place in the city. We heard about a hand full of incidents in DT over "years" but they always seem to blow up like someone dropped a bomb in the city. I never understood it, its almost like someone has it out for DT Norfolk. The older I get the more I believe what people use to tell me about norfolk not wanting to be a big city. The council always seems to be inept when it comes to growing the city. it seems like over the years we all felt like we could do a better job and that is saying a lot about the quality of the council IMO.
  9. They definitely offer more than waterside. The setup is totally different. I would say overall, waterside generally has all the elements, it just setup definitely. its definitely not a food court vibe at all. more so a collection of businesses in the same area.
  10. If that was the plan from the very start, it was a bad plan from the beginning. I have a bigger issue with how this big chunk of land was allocated and relationship to the rest of DT. I'm not suggesting this shouldn't be built, I do however question the location as we are referring to 3 huge lots of land. In a lot of ways it cuts opportunity for growth and actually produces a more suburban fell where as I believe the urban core should be expanded. In that area, the city should be focused on creating destination and attracting "bigger" businesses to the area. I do understand the government stipulations but this is why I said it was a bad plan from jump. There is absolutely no reason why Norfolk couldn't be on the same track as a Charlotte or even an Atlanta but I digress. As many stated before, we are not off 95, you have to come there for a reason which we all know. I don't know, you guys are a lot smarter than me when it comes to these things. I just say "yuck", lol.
  11. I believe I am the only one who believes this plan is extremely short-sided. This will do nothing to help the city grow and attract people to the area or region. We are but all fatigue and so tired of seeing the projects that we think anything new is better.
  12. brikkman

    Norfolk Pictures

    First time home all 2020, kind of flew past with covid. Sorry I wasn't a little more organized, but here are some vids to give you guys another perspective. Feel free to download or do whatever with it you like... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/232j4d44gxvy3fv/AAAyOGPXznuNhlEj2jidWGMVa?dl=0
  13. Sorry if I missed this, but is there any kind of ground retail? I think in one of the photos I saw "signage".. As long as has that, I would be ok with it. If not, it will create another dead corner without features. Years ago there were talks about reducing the lanes on waterside drive correct? I wonder how that would have potentially changed/impacted construction down that stretch.
  14. brikkman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Would have been nice to plot them down right in SPQ..... just saying... Only if it were just that easy....
  15. brikkman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Considering what they are doing with SPQ, knocking it down isn't such a bad idea but I wonder what demand really looks like. What does it really take for a developer to come in and build in and around DT Norfolk. There are still lots open, Synder (I believe it is called) has been vacant for a while, haven't heard any takers on that. Infills have been processed, but looked how long it took for that to happen. I thought if you took a bulldozer to tidewater gardens and left it open, it would be a developer or two willing to just redeveloped it, or perhaps anchor it. Ft. Norfolk is still prime, slow movement on that. I'm starting to think there is just a legacy of bad city management and lack of vision. Its the only thing I can think of at this point. Waterside will forever be our example of how the city stifles things. Sad, but knock it down is really the only reasonable solution.
  16. I've been very vocal that I'm disgusted by this approach but oh well. But what I do not like about the renderings is the 4-lane road.. anyone notice that in two of the pictures? I thought it was some talk about getting rid of that in DT. I definitely wouldn't want blocks that wide in this development. Perhaps its the main road or something? Seems less walkable with 4-lane roads.. especially if they redeveloped the grid in some fashion.
  17. Never known them to show much but the ring with a mostly blacked out crowd, an announcers box and the locker room. Its just all interesting to me for things of this size why in this area scope isn't in the forefront. I would really like to know if scope's outdated status really had anything to do with it down the stretch. Like, are they even competing to start with?
  18. I'm not shocked 1 bit. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I've said this time and time again, look at their vision for SPQ. This shouldn't shock anyone, certainly doesn't shock me. I think you are spot on with the issues, I agree with you 100%. SPQ IMO represented exactly what you mentioned here. For that reason, I had to decompress my hopes a little of Norfolk turning the corner in a real way. They said this (mall issues) was coming a few years after the mall was built as the rest of the country started to move away from malls. This is why I continue to say things need to be built in a way that it can be easily be changed/modified or expanded without much need for fan fare. Without daring to be great, we are lost. Its easy to say look at we are now vs before, but how does that measure up to other cities our size? The military and beach still continue to reign supreme here.
  19. Perfect event for scope. Just don't understand why scope can't attract these types of events. Its not really much to it... And because its ODU, as I recall, Norfolk city does not benefit directly because of the tax status correct?
  20. I think the key now is to build it in a way that it could be easily expanded.
  21. This looks very classy and unique for the area. Can't wait.
  22. I have my fingers crossed that this goes through and not at its minimum....
  23. So as far as I can see, this is all about what the impact of a casino will do to people who have gambling or potential gambling addictions and perceive public threat? You would think in a city like Baltimore, a casino (in downtown mind you) would do awful things to a city that has its own share of problems. Nope, quite differently. Baltimore didn't even bother to improve the area around the casino, not that its horrible to begin with. Keep in mind, they have a hue population of homeless who live literally yards away. A casino here acts more so like a gathering place. People come, they spend money, many just hang out, but its nothing like the death people are pretending it will be. Also, they are trying to breathe much needed activity into that area and additional purpose for the light rail stop. I like the move (gives me greater concern for that part of SPQ though). I do believe the rendering and specs is BS per typical Norfolk. Come in with a grand idea and then it is reduced considerably. I think i'm more so afraid of them half way doing that then anything. There are like 5 casinos here (MD) all within a hour's drive. 2 are less than 20 miles apart (Horseshoe in dt bmore, and Live near bwi). When MGM was built in the national harbor, they built out with a hotel component. When LIVE built out (the first casino in the immediate area), it did not have a hotel component. Then they rushed to add a hotel component after the fact; one suspects because they were going to loose the competition battle without it. Norfolk should urge the tribe to do it right the first time. Or build it in a way that allows them to expand when it comes the time. A casino will be super popular in the 757 consider its placement, lack of pro sports, and relationship to different activities you get in other areas.
  24. Is there any word/speak on what happens to the amtrak station there? We are talking about the same bit of land right? I guess it would be easy to move it or incorporate it.
  25. I was hoping they would include a hotel with this casino, great!. Classic mistakes made here in MD, now casinos are back tracking to build hotels now because of the MGM that was built. 750 seat venue sounds too small, especially with a hotel that size. Excited at the prospect. This is the most promising it has ever looked for casinos in va. 33 Million to Norfolk sounds low and I agree that money should have guaranteed usage. I don' t know about it going to flooding though unless they have a definite way of curving flooding Norfolk. So far, nothing I hate about it but the venue size. Do this VA, you need this. Everyone else is doing it with great results. Especially if pro sports never comes to the area.
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