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  1. Yeah its the storage that is holding them back. Storage units must be pretty profitable for them to be crucial to this developer's plans. The developers ran a big full page ad in the Sunday paper urging people to come out and support Bridgedale. I guess it didn't work.
  2. One would think the Terminella building could be had for a song, considering what has happened lately to that company. Given the improvements being made to College Avenue along that stretch, I think pedestrian access would be fine across College Avenue without a skybridge (I hate those things personally). I think the Fullbright Building space is really probably the sexiest office finish-out in town, and the county folks see that and want to work there. I don't blame them. Its pretty swanky and I wouldn't mind working there, either...
  3. This is great for Fayetteville. I have seen a lot more people walking and biking around this area since the trail started opening piecemeal. Another great pedestrian improvement is going to be the redeveloped Gregg Avenue portion on the north side. It is being constructed with generous sidewalks on both sides. This really opens up north Fayetteville to pedestrians like never before.
  4. I heard about that. My feelings are mixed about this. While I'd like to see the Marvin's property re-developed at a high-quality level, if the county is just going to buy it, and slap "Washington County Courts Annex" or something similar across the front, ala the Tyson buildings referenced in the article, I'd just as soon they leave it alone. I shop at Marvins now. If it closed, central Fayetteville would be losing its only "regular" grocery store. The closest ones to downtown would be Harps in Fiesta Square and over on Garland.
  5. Free Wi-Fi in downtown (east) Rogers starting Thursday: http://www.nwaonline.net/articles/2008/06/...60308rzwifi.txt
  6. Somewhere I saw a layout of the design and I remember that it showed a tree planted median just south of the Dickson Street intersection. Does anybody know where we can see plans?
  7. I heard about that. I have high hopes for this project. I am hoping that when its done, the rest of the city will demand that they complete it all the way down College Avenue. Regardless, its a start on what is long overdue.
  8. Springdale City Council approves BILLBOARD BAN: http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/227038/ I'm pretty sure this is what is commonly referred to as a sea change.
  9. Promenade Boulevard I-540 exit to open this weekend: http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/227039/
  10. Rogers first city to step up to the Northwest Arkansas Regional Mobility Authority. http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/227017/ I guess this is a good thing. Hopefully it will accomplish some things for the region.
  11. I can agree with a lot of that. When I was in business school, the majority of the business majors themselves weren't blue collar, working menial jobs to pay for school. Just about every group project I was a part of (and there were MANY) I was about the only non-Greek person there. I believe that, for better or for worse, the entire atmophere of the business school is much more focused. You are there for a reason, and the expectations are clear. The nature of the Fullbright College as having many, MANY undeclared majors, and many more "artsy" types in faculty lends itself to a more relaxed atmosphere in many areas. The focus of the business school is the creation of wealth. It stands to reason that overall they would have more money after a while. Of course the Fullbright College probably has the most quasi-socialists, so it also stands to reason that they'd demand the redistribution of that wealth to all.
  12. I think Mark hit the nail on the head re: alumni contribution. Yes, Walton College did recieve an obscene amount of money from Wal-Mart. Well, even though they didn't go to UA, most of those Walton people either had business degrees, or the rough equivalent of real world experience before they made their Billions. A lot of the general bachelor's degrees, like anthropology or history, for example, create citizens who are qualified to either A) teach (after some additional coursework) or B) enter the business world with a lot fewer practical skills than a typical business school graduate. I went to business school myself. I went business after trying a few other majors. Business school did seem like practical knowledge at the time. I didn't have any real passion for studying business, but then again, I didn't have any real passion for studying anything at the time. There was absolutely NO business in my family. Educators and medical professionals only in my immediate family. Going for a biz degree made me a black sheep. It has worked out well for me financially. From time to time when I have needed a secretary, there's always a geography or psychology major with a bachelor's degree who needs to build their resume. I'd be interested to see the average alumni contribution rates to their respective college in the university. I'm positive the Walton College will be the highest.
  13. No, Fayetteville and Springdale are both larger. Perhaps Jonesboro is now, too.
  14. Any actual growth in the central city is great for a city the size and maturity of LR.
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