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  1. Downtown Developments (South of Calhoun)

    Great news. In Germantown, TN, Apple fought with the town for a very long time over their facade and sign. The town does not allow corporate logos in signs. Finally they compromised and Apple just put their logo next to the door. There is no other sign signifying that it is an Apple store. Yet, I've heard it is one of top performers in the country.
  2. Moving to Memphis?

    There's actually a nice neighborhood on the north side of Jackson where a lot of the faculty live. Anything directly surrounding Rhodes is decent.
  3. Memphis International Airport

    Sweet. Three good destinations.
  4. Memphis International Airport

    I don't even know what cities those airports are in, except San Diego.
  5. Memphis International Airport

    The new Embraer 170 with its 70 seats is the perfect plane for MEM and is supposed to fuel growth of the hub here. I haven't flown on one, but an Airbus pilot told me he likes it just as much as the Airbus, both the cockpit and the cabin.
  6. Memphis International Airport

    Is it possible that the DOJ may require DL to sell the MEM hub to another airline since NW and DL are the only two airlines that serve many markets in the South? Many more will just have DL and CO. A lot of markets in the South will lose competition if DL absorbs NW, and that may be a problem with the DOJ.
  7. Downtown Projects List

    Here's the site plan: And the rendering (building at the top):
  8. Memphis International Airport

    This would be good for NWA since they have a codeshare agreement with Aeromexico. There would be a lot of connecting passengers on that flight.
  9. Moving to Memphis?

    Sign up for the Downtown Memphis weekly newsletter highlighting all the events going on downtown at www.downtownmemphis.com.
  10. Memphis International Airport

    Little. NW is just investing in Midwest to prevent Airtran from building a hub in the upper midwest.
  11. Memphis International Airport

    I found a picture of the underground tunnel and the "rapid transit" system under construction at the airport. I wonder what happened to this. Why did they use this tunnel to connect the A and C terminals instead of building the elevated connector? http://pictopia.com/perl/gal?process=galle...;sequencenum=12
  12. Memphis Pictures

    I don't think I could live in that building. You'd have to drag me out of Earnestine & Hazel's every night. That would be the end of me.
  13. Downtown Projects List

    It is going to be on the site of the current MMHI (the big gray ugly building on Poplar). I think the long side of the building will face Poplar.
  14. Memphis International Airport

    F9 seems to be adding flights to destinations in the Midwest that are strongholds of NW. I wonder if they are trying to drive them out of business.
  15. Memphis International Airport

    Great pics. You really are a talented photographer. The terminal is pretty dated, but I think the 70s design has aged pretty gracefully. The terazzo floors and brick walls have held up well over the years and don't scream 70s. I still like the martini glass ticket hall, but I think the painted white concrete should be covered with something more modern. The airport really needs some landscaping, and that is their next project. I've heard they are going to spend millions on landscaping when they finish the reconfiguration of the roadways.