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  1. Great news. In Germantown, TN, Apple fought with the town for a very long time over their facade and sign. The town does not allow corporate logos in signs. Finally they compromised and Apple just put their logo next to the door. There is no other sign signifying that it is an Apple store. Yet, I've heard it is one of top performers in the country.
  2. I don't think I could live in that building. You'd have to drag me out of Earnestine & Hazel's every night. That would be the end of me.
  3. It is going to be on the site of the current MMHI (the big gray ugly building on Poplar). I think the long side of the building will face Poplar.
  4. That article makes it sound like somebody forgot to pay somebody their kickback fee.
  5. Microtel still hasn't began construction. The Nettleton started a while ago, I think. I really don't care for the Microtel. It looks like a interstate project crammed into an urban environment. Sure this area is depressed, but in a decade it won't be, and we'll be regretting allowing this type of project to be developed there.
  6. I bought a mac there last week, and the sales rep told me the store has been very successful. On the tax holiday, there were hundreds of people in line in the parking lot.
  7. I've flow NWA hundreds of times, and I rarely have a problem. Their commuter division is a different story, although they are getting better. I have flow SWA a few times and my flight has always been late. I hate the cattle call. I got to the gate an hour early to get my spot in line one time. Then they decided to switch gates on us. A 150 people were running as fast as they could through the airport. You would have thought it was Pamplona. I wouldn't be suprised if little children got trampled. Also, call me elitist, but the customers of SWA generally aren't the most desirable people to sit next to. I think they used to ride the bus before airfare got so cheap.
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