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  1. zimbu1228

    Bradley International Airport

    Hopefully JetBlue within 2 years will be the largest carrier at Bradley as they are about to become in Boston, as this will result in atleast a total 25% passnger increase for the airport imho
  2. zimbu1228

    XL Center Renovation/Replacement Plans

    Mikel I don't always or maybe often agree with you, but even if the NHL never returns you are right a new building is necessary to keep what he have, womens big east, shot at mens ncaa regionals, etc
  3. this lowering I-91 stuff is 20 years down the road considering the re-building of the I-84 viaduct is 15 years out. I just want McFaddens Pub, Jerry Remy's sports bar and Legal Seafood in the next 30% leasing of front street, then maybe howl at the moon, coyote ugly, and couple of local places to round out phase one and then the residential tower and cool use of times buildingh for phase 2
  4. zimbu1228

    HFD/Conn Economic development

    I knew when i saw the headline Laurence Cohen would be there, and i was kinda disapointed he was rather restrained with his so so so tired anti-hartford rant. Guess he's running outta ideas. Maybe the Courant should give him a 6 month to 6 year leave of absence, not sure i would notice. And yeah those were loaded comments guaranteed to get all the super negative reader replys
  5. zimbu1228

    Hartford Restaurant/Retail

    http://savinrockroastingstratford.com/Savin_Rock_Roasting_Company/Locations.html comming soon 960 main st, hartford
  6. zimbu1228

    Hartford Restaurant/Retail

    most of the concerts in the meadows would skip here altogether if it didn't exist, because they want to do summer outdoor shows.
  7. zimbu1228

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Carolina !!
  8. zimbu1228

    Hartford Restaurant/Retail

    Was in the Black Bear Wednesday, awesome Buffalo Burger, plan to go back soon, try some more of the menu.
  9. Another advantage to Front Street for arena, current XL center can be open for construction of new arena, as opposed to leaving us without any arena downtown for 3-5 years.
  10. zimbu1228

    XL Center Renovation/Replacement Plans

    Allyn street would be good just parking and low rise night clubs and restaurants, Metro center is perfect site for the tallest building in city(new england) imho.
  11. zimbu1228

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    Don't need inside information to see that no retail stores have opened 1 year later, and that is certainly disapointing.