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  1. I have to agree too. Although I do not usually add comments to this forum, I usually do read it at least once a week. I'm always surprised at how many people attack the developers for not being able to make something happen. Remember most of us are just setting on the sidelines and really don't have a dog in the fight--other than pride in our city. It is extremely easy to be critical from behind a computer. We are not investing tons of money into these projects, nor do we have to negotiate with banks on financing projects. Likewise, none of us has to worry about risking our careers or rep
  2. Born in East Tennessee, but have lived an even amount of years in East Tennessee and the Nashville Area. I voted that I was from East Tennessee, since my family is there. However, I consider myself a Nashvillean, even though I currently live in Baton Rouge, LA.
  3. An inverted 600 foot towers would have beautiful views.
  4. Samsonh, I just want to start out by saying you make a good point: "A huge difference between roads and rail is that the roads are being paid for by those who use them. The rail is being paid for by everyone for only a select few." It pains me to agree with this, but the rail was costly and only benefits a few people (at least at this moment). Also, you are you bring up a good point about the subsidized gas that helps keep people in their cars. Unfortunately, the low rider turnout and the bad press it gets may end the project and hurt future projects geared towards public transportation i
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