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  1. Columbus Park Crossing

    Columbus Park Major Expansion: 65-acre apartment, retail development would connect to botanical garden
  2. Columbus Projects & Developments

    Has site work started?
  3. Columbus Projects & Developments

    I will probably talk with him this week. I'll see what I can get out of him. I know they are still moving forward with the project though. It will just take longer to get going because of the economy.
  4. Phenix City Projects and Developments

    Phenix City Interchange Now Open The project known as the Riverchase Drive interchange has a total of four on and off ramps. It connects Riverchase Drive to the JR Allen Parkway. Several companies have expressed interest in locating near the new interchange. The project cost $10 million.
  5. Columbus Projects & Developments

    I will have to check on exactly where they plan on doing that. He didn't mention which side. I can definitely find out though from Hathaway or Ben Carter Properties.
  6. Columbus Projects & Developments

    Awesome news! I talked with a friend of mine at Hathaway Development here in Atlanta. The land that Woodruff is rezoning in CPC is for an apartment complex. It will have 220 units in the first phase and 140 I believe in the 2nd phase. This will be a large apartment development. Hathaway is building it possibly.
  7. Columbus Projects & Developments

    Allen Development (think that is the name) has a sign on the piece at the corner of Veternans and Old Moon Road. He just developed that office building that sits back down the hill in the trees.
  8. Columbus Projects & Developments

    There is quite a bit of land on the parcel. Any word on what else might go there? Also, the land across the road has been cleared and has a sign up for a new retail center. Any word on when it might break ground?
  9. Columbus Projects & Developments

    Good news. Perfect location too. A broker friend of mine in Atlanta is scouting a few other locations for a Walgreens.
  10. Columbus Projects & Developments

    I thought they were going to be redeveloping the side where Office Depot is and Ben's Chop House.
  11. Columbus Projects & Developments

    That's good news. Any word on what they will be doing across the road and what flag will go on the Sheraton Hotel?
  12. Macon Mall

    That sucks. Do you think the mall will close down? That will be a huge blow to the economy.
  13. Columbus Park Crossing

    The new Sonic is coming up fast. Also, any word on the new retail buildings that are going in front of the Walmart Supercenter? They are also clearing a lot of land down by the new El Carrizo restaurant. Any idea what is going there?
  14. Columbus Park Crossing

    Not sure what is going in the strip center, but I have heard a hotel and an apartment complex are planned for that area. Rezoning signs are have been put up in that area.