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  1. I will probably talk with him this week. I'll see what I can get out of him. I know they are still moving forward with the project though. It will just take longer to get going because of the economy.
  2. I will have to check on exactly where they plan on doing that. He didn't mention which side. I can definitely find out though from Hathaway or Ben Carter Properties.
  3. Awesome news! I talked with a friend of mine at Hathaway Development here in Atlanta. The land that Woodruff is rezoning in CPC is for an apartment complex. It will have 220 units in the first phase and 140 I believe in the 2nd phase. This will be a large apartment development. Hathaway is building it possibly.
  4. Allen Development (think that is the name) has a sign on the piece at the corner of Veternans and Old Moon Road. He just developed that office building that sits back down the hill in the trees.
  5. There is quite a bit of land on the parcel. Any word on what else might go there? Also, the land across the road has been cleared and has a sign up for a new retail center. Any word on when it might break ground?
  6. Good news. Perfect location too. A broker friend of mine in Atlanta is scouting a few other locations for a Walgreens.
  7. I thought they were going to be redeveloping the side where Office Depot is and Ben's Chop House.
  8. That's good news. Any word on what they will be doing across the road and what flag will go on the Sheraton Hotel?
  9. Any word on when they will start clearing the land?
  10. Welcome to the forum! Good to have another Columbus supporter. Excellent news about the new Target Supercenter. Midland is about to take off it looks like. Swift redevelopment is next....just curious to see what goes there.
  11. There is a nice apartment project going up off of Chamblee Tucker Road in the Embry Hills shopping center called Montage Embry Hills. It will be a 4 story deal with 225 units and a parking deck. You can see it off of I-285.
  12. Duh, I totally read over "western". That is good news. I hope something good will go there.
  13. Are you referring to the Swift site behind the Midland Wal-Mart Supercenter?
  14. That's a cool photo. Now if we could get a few more towers scattered in there!
  15. They must have changed the design. The cost went way down as well which is good. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  16. Columbus has 2nd fastest wage growth in U.S. New data from the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Muscogee County has the second-fastest wage growth in the country. The report compares the 329 largest U.S. counties, as of the third quarter of last year. The average weekly wage of Muscogee County businesses between July and September was $696. That's up 12.1% from the third quarter of 2006.
  17. I still believe it is from the troop deployments. A lot of families move back home when their husbands and wives go off to war for a year or more. Also, a lot of people have moved across the river to Lee County. At this time, Lee County isn't part of Columbus' MSA. Also, there are many smaller units at Fort Benning that are deployed as well which could push that number up to 5000+. Columbus is doing well, it just looks bad because of the deployments and migration to Lee County because it is affordable. The 2010 census will probably knock everyone's socks off because the troops will be back and BRAC will be kicking in. Also, Lee County might become part of the MSA at that time.
  18. There is an article in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer that confirms that the population loss is due to troop deployments because the troops are counted in the census while they are here. So that's really good news!
  19. We have to remember that Ft. Benning is home to the 3rd ID and the Rangers, so obviously that is thousands upon thousands of people. It would be interesting to see how many total troops are deployed right now. Is the city of Columbus down or is it Chattahoochee County that is down? If it is Chattahoochee County, that is 100% due to the troops because that is where Ft. Benning is located.
  20. A lot of Columbus's population growth is in Lee County and Harris County. Columbus is still doing well because there are a lot of apartment developments being constructed as well as new subdivision developments. Houses are still be built in a market where the housing industry is at all time low. Atlanta developers are gobling up land all over the city. The Grove development in Harris County is a massive development, but it will not cater to Kia workers. Kia will still have an effect on Columbus. There are a lot of new jobs being created. Most are under the radar though. The Selig Center at UGA predicted that Columbus will add more jobs than any other city in GA (except Atlanta) in the next few years. Columbus is in a transition period right now that is poised for exceptional growth. It will be interesting to see if Lee County is finally added to Columbus's MSA. If that happens, that will add 130,000 people to the Columbus MSA. Too bad Auburn/Opelika is on the other side of Lee County!!
  21. Columbus's growth is not only due to Fort Bennings growth but also corporate expansions as well. The 2010 census will show a notable increase in population once BRAC starts, more troops are back, Kia opens, Aflac's expansion is finished, etc.
  22. I agree, I can't wait until BRAC kicks in! That's an additional 30,000-45,000 people to the Columbus area!!
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