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  1. I was told by the person who owns a nearby restaurant that there would be a new pizza place going in what use to be MM. The new pizza place will be owned and operated by a Noda resident of four years and this will be his first restaurant. I was told this person was retiring from one of the banks. Anyway, it should be an interesting venture...I think the lease is something like $9,000-10,000/month...better sell a lot of pizza!
  2. Noda really has come a long. I can't say that I am a huge fan of the Black Crows (they have had some great songs though) but I do think it is really cool that they are coming to Charlotte in November and not playing at the Bobcats arena, not at Verizon, not at Cricket, but at the Neighborhood Theater in Noda. If they keep bands like that coming to Noda it will continue to drive business and customers to the area.
  3. Wow....the megaplex sounds pretty cool! Any idea on when these venues will start opening...or when they will all be open? Also, is all of this going to be placed inside Highland Mills?
  4. I have two questions about Mercury... 1) There are now two trailers (mobile homes) on the Mercury lot...is it common for a project like this to get trailers on the lot before building begins? In other words...is this any sign that they may start building soon? 2) How will they keep investors out of this project...stop the units from being bought up by speculators...or can they stop this?
  5. This may have been covered in here and I just couldn't find it...but what is going on with the big project on Hawthorne between Central and 9th street...It looks like a big office building or condo project. Forgive me if it has been covered already...Im sure it has...
  6. It is too good to be true but not b/c Noah couldn't make it happen. Noah was one of the partners and ran Crobar in Miami a few years ago (I don't believe it is open anymore...it is now Mansion if I'm not mistaken). He has connections with some big club owners in NYC and Miami and definitely has the experience and previous success of running clubs like this. This would definitely put the NC Music factory on the map...as well as Charlotte for that matter. To open a club like this would also entail bringing in some big DJ's...but I will believe it when I see it!
  7. I have heard that Both Starbucks and Harris Teeter have looked at the site but how close they are to doing something on this parcel or another parcel in the area I don't know. Many of the residents in Seaversville, Biddleville are petitioning the Family Dollar project because it could de-rail the original plans for the "west trade corridor". Family Dollar is planning on making this building very nice...like a showcase store for Family dollar. I will say that many of the residents opposed to the new Family Dollar are opposed because they want a higher end store to be built instead...stores that the poorer people would not go to (like starbucks or Harris Teeter). That is gentrification for you....
  8. I agree totally. That is what I thought too...the host of the Today show started off talking about a neighborhood in Charlotte called Biddleville and then "the expert" talked about it like she had never been there and like you said...was reading about it off a sheet of paper. The theme of the piece was "how to spot the hottest neighborhoods" and for some reason the only specific neighborhood they mentioned was Biddleville in Charlotte...everywhere else they just mentioned the city. I know Biddleville is a hot neighborhood but I wonder how they picked it...maybe they talked to some real estate agents and the agents they talked too just happend to favor Biddleville?
  9. I don't know about national investors, but if you talk to local investors everyone who knows the Charlotte market already knew about Biddleville. A good chunk of Biddleville is already owned by a few people (I am not one of them) and for the most part they are not just sitting on the property and waiting for others to clean up the neighborhood...they are pretty involved. As for things not happening too quickly...it is too late. A 50 x 150 lot won't sell for less that 100K and many homes have already sold for 300K with many more being built. If you see what has happend in a short period of time around the Charlotte Ring it is common sense to think that All of these neighborhoods are going to grow together and all will be expensive.
  10. Really...what was in the vid clip that made you uncertain about what the area is now or what it might have in store?
  11. Check out this link to "Good Morning America"...a show from last week where they listed 4 up and coming neighborhoods in the USA that are sure to "Pop" soon. The title of the show was "How to spot the next up and coming neighborhood". One of the 4 neigborhoods they talk about is Biddleville in Charlotte, NC. Check out the link and tell me what you think: http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&...cd-e3c75fc8035f
  12. Dubone, You bring up some good points on the area in North Charlotte...specifically the neighborhoods Greenville, Lockwood, and the neighborhoods behind Lockwood (going away from Uptown- between Graham and Tryon from 24th st. to just past 30th st.) called Tryon Hills and Graham Heights. Just to touch on a few points brought up in this thread, gentrification is already occuring in Lockwood. New or rennovated houses in Lockwood (1500-1700 sf) are already selling for over 200K. A decently built house that needs rennovation won't sell for under 150K. "Pioneers" have been working on impoving the neighborhood for the last 2 years and most of the crime is gone (I would actually feel safer walking down Sylvania/Lockwood than I would walking down parts of Mint st./Wilmore, Summit or Grandin/Westley Heights, Trade St./Biddleville, or The Plaza or Parkwood in Noda/Villa Heights/Belmont. There is a wave of young professionals that have began fixing houses up and moving in. That said, most of the residents of Lockwood are older black people...all very nice...but it is changing. A few investors own around 20 houses in the neighborhood...so it is only a matter of time before they start selling them off. Graham Heights and Tryon Hills basically blend together and are the next neigborhood directly behind Lockwood (going away from town). The wave of gentrificaton has already started hopping over Lockwood and houses in these neigborhoods are in the beginning stages of being fixed up. I can appreciate your hope for the area not to gentrify but you know investors/developers take over where ever they see dollar signs...and there just aren't many areas close to uptown for them to do what they did in Noda, Willmore, Westley Heights, etc. Here is what I think is going to happen in North Charlotte: Investors have already started buying up the houses and in some cases fixing them up to resell. It is one of the only areas near uptown that investors can buy cheap houses, fix them up, and resell for profit at prices under 200K (not in Lockwood anymore). There has to be a huge market for people that want to own a home near uptown but can't afford 200K + homes! Anyway, I think the window will be open for a few more years for this to happen before it is just like Belmont and Villa Heights, or other areas like them.
  13. He might not be interested in selling...but everyone has their price. That is interesting that he says he hasn't had any "face to face" talks...does that mean they have talked through lawyers or on the phone?
  14. Contrary to the last few posts answering your question, I believe they are part right and part wrong. Might businesses (banks, hospitals, etc.) buy a condo or two somewhere for guests or employees...yes it does happen. Will they buy one at One Charlotte at 1.5 Million...or even a half million dollars- no. These business we are talking about are not in the real estate market and they don't buy expensive properties hoping it will appreciate so they can make money off it...that is not their business. If they did buy a condo it would have to be much less expensive and it would simply be bought to satisfy the need of supplying housing...not making money off the property. In most instances they just rent apartments (like Grand over) as there is no risk involved.
  15. I konw you are high on this idea Dubone but I don't agree with some of your points. First, I don't think this park does that much to appreciate these condos that already cost 1.5 to 10 million dollars. And if these already expensive condos appreciate from this park then so would all the other condos. We are growing fast but we are not New York City nor will a large number of people pay NYC prices to live uptown. Yes, there maybe some new people moving here with the new banks, but that doesn't mean they will want to buy milllion dollar condos. I also don't think the cash buyers are going to be handing out checks to have a park built near a condo they just paid over a million dollars for. Lastly, in regards to Trump feeling proud to have helped make a park like this...he is proud of money and that is about it...oh yeah- and Ivanka. I agree that a park here would be cool...but I don't think the money is going to come like you think it will.
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