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  1. There's been a ton of tree cutting just east of where the trail and College meet on the south side of town. Anyone know why? Not quite clear cutting but still dramatic. Since this thread was last updated, the Kessler extension has been open for awhile and they've done some intersection improvements on the south end of the trail.
  2. Re sidewalks, is there some valid reason why there's not one at the intersection of the main trail and Duncan? I hate it as both a driver and walker. Also doesn't help that students park right at the stop sign there.
  3. The Van Asche trail spur is being worked on, going to be connected where it goes under I49.
  4. What's going in just north of the Harps on Garland? More apartments or retail?
  5. That bridge has gone in since my last update. Trail is open till you get to I49 where it turns to gravel. Looks like many sections were finished quite a long time ago.
  6. What's going in just to the west of the Fairfield? The trampoline park or something else?
  7. The connector trail to the regional park only goes a couple hundred yards, tried it out the other day. Ends at a stream where a bridge will need to go in. Also went on the Clabber Creek extension recently. Don't like the raised sections, they're pretty rough on a bike though they do seem sturdy. The rest is concrete that's the same as other trail sections. Definitely better than what they used on Van Asche, which is what this will connect to eventually.
  8. Noticed recently near Greathouse park that concrete has been laid for a southward extenion. Not sure how far it goes as finishing work still needs to be done. They also put in a water fountain there. Guessing this is the route for going to the regional park.
  9. Yeah I agree. Don't care about height but was hoping it would be more integrated and less obvious. Maybe it'll look better once finished...maybe.
  10. Re the cell tower going in near Washington Regional, I though that had been denied due to height. Was their a compromise? Did one side give in?
  11. Checked out the Rupple extension and trail a couple days ago on my bike. Had to turn around maybe halfway to MLK due to ongoing construction. The path itself in nice, better than the one on Vas Asche. It's smoother, a bit wider I think, and is striped. There's also ongoing work on Rupple towards Wedington.
  12. Being honest I thought that theater project would never go through. Still skeptical but if it happens it'll be a great addition to the street.
  13. I used the road on some of the slower and downhill sections, but mostly had to use sidewalks. Too much traffic going too fast for my taste. Saw that the Rupple extension officially opens today, has anyone seen or used it? Any work been done north of there? Closest I ever get is Rupple & Mt Comfort. Thanks for the pics of the Clabber trail. Looks like a lot has been done since I was last out there.
  14. Went up to Benton county, couple detours in place. One near exit 78, short detour along the frontage road there. No problems, concrete barriers line it along the street. The one that starts at Pleasant Grove is absolutely terrible, very nearly everyone will have to use the sidewalk and there are many intersections and crossings that cause delays. It's so bad and unusable I've been trying to come up with why it was even marked. Didn't want the negative PR due to closing the trail? Loss of funding would happen with a trail closure? Plain incompetence? Budget an extra 30 minutes or so if you have to use that "detour".
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