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  1. wow interesting story plasticman!!!
  2. it's always amazing to me how smooth the Mississippi River is!
  3. idlewild

    Museum Plaza

    Great project for Louisville, but to me it looks to boxy as well.
  4. Actually taken from the Rivermark, now RiverTower or something
  5. I hope we lose Northwest they charge far too much as it is. I welcome Southwest or any other carrier to come into our market ASAP.
  6. Shelby County schools are good if you are in one of the suburbs. I would say that Germantown, Collierville, Arlington, Lakeland, and Olive Branch are all safe bets. If you are wanting to live more rural I would look into Piperton or Eads, both of which are in Fayette County. Collierville and Germantown are probably the two nicest areas you can live in and still have the amenities of the city near to you. If you live in Fayette County you are looking at about a fifteen to thirty minute drive just to the closest suburb.
  7. yeah i read this article as well........i think that's great...the most important thing i got out of the article is how the arteries to and from the airport should be strengthened which i couldn't agree more with.
  8. You can't tell from this shot, but we have bluffs on the Memphis side that prevent the city from flooding.
  9. Awesome pics, wish the weather was better, hopefully we will get snow or something tomorrow and you can take pics then too!
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