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  1. Savannah Developments

    http://travel.msn.com//Guides/MSNTravelSli...mp;imageindex=6 Savannah is the sixth "coolest" city in North America, according to this poll.
  2. SC Roads

    It's a shame for people who travel to Hilton head/Beaufort by way of Savannah for their first impressions of SC to be shaped by a horrendously bumpy & pot-holed US 17. At least one of the old strip clubs is being demolished. I'm still in some awe as to why I-16 isn't brought over the Talmadge Bridge into SC, and then terminates on I-95 near exit 8. Talk about a great way to expedite traffic between Savannah & Jasper/Beaufort Cos.
  3. SC Roads

    I'll see your I-77 in NC & raise you an I-95 in SC. Talk about a road that's in dire shape! Also, I question anyone who thinks GA roads are worse than SC's. All one needs to do is drive US 17, SC 170, US 17-A, SC 642 & SC 14. THEN tell me GA roads are worse.... The worst roads I've ever encountered are in Louisiana & Illinois. The best I've experienced are in Georgia, Florida & Virginia.
  4. Savannah Developments

    Savannah Mega Site out of the running for VW plant
  5. Savannah Developments

    When the day comes that Jasper & Beaufort Cos can be added to the MSA, look out! Hopefully that day isn't too far away.
  6. Georgia Population Figures

    I always found it odd that Columbus was kept in the 706 area code, even though it is not contiguous with the rest of that area code. It would have made much more sense to have included Columbus as a part of the 229 area code.
  7. Savannah Developments

    Long Beach & Napa, CA, as well as the Woodlands, TX, and Savannah for "Avia". Very nice company to keep, indeed! This is a sexy-"butt" hotel! I'm loving the prospects of this!
  8. Georgia Population Figures

    Just out of sheer curiosity, I wonder how Augusta & Columbus would stack up against Macon & Savannah if you measured their populations within their pre-consolidation boundaries......
  9. 3rd year in a row, ATL is the busiest airport in the world!
  10. South Carolina College Sports

    I predict the 2008-09 season will be Spurrier's last. Something better will open up for him (FSU? Miami? LSU?) He's only coaching at USC for the membership at Augusta National, no other reason.
  11. South Carolina's population growth

    Please cite your source!
  12. Georgia Population Figures

    Uhh...You're from New Orleans? Wanna talk about a place that's dirty & unlivable? If you're going to make comments like this, be careful....
  13. Savannah Developments

    I haven't, but I'm hoping it would be something sorta upscale, like a "W" hotel. As far as restaurants, I'm hoping they will be local/regional types, focusing on Savannah flavors (seafood & Southern).
  14. Georgia Population Figures

    FT. Stewart to add 3900 more soldiers
  15. Georgia Population Figures

    As the ports in Savannah are the economic engine that drives the rest of the state's economy, I'd love to see the proof that backs up your assertion....... I agree. It's funny how there's plenty of interconnection between the areas now, but just not enough to seal the deal. It's also odd how one can be driving on US 17 in Jasper County, look ahead out over the marsh, and see Savannah laid out before you...yet you're not in the metro!