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  1. I have been there two times. I thought it was pretty good. The beer selection on tap is excellent! I was told the chef used to be a private chef for Bill Gates.
  2. Nice shot! What floor was this taken from?
  3. That is an orange balloon... It has been up during numerous home games this year.
  4. Ken Lewis stated that he always says "NC" after "Charlotte".... hmmm
  5. We can only hope for Twelve to hurry up and cover the ugliest part!
  6. When I stopped by, they told me that Picasso's was moving to the parking deck.
  7. Lol... I noticed that too. There are no expansion joints in those areas.
  8. There are news crews on site...... They have a drilling rig working also...
  9. The tower crane is now going up....
  10. Looks like a tower crane is going up on the Trade St. side. It can be seen from the Epicenter web cam.
  11. uptowner

    The Vue

    The preconstruction process of this project seems wasteful to me.... It also bothers me that this place has highest price point with the lowest ceiling height.
  12. uptowner

    The Vue

    65k doesn't seem like much, considering how much they've spent on advertising. I'd like to know that figure...... Anyone care to guess?
  13. The story with video: http://www.wbtv.com/
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