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  1. This project will be done in a year, which is pretty impressive! I hope this will cause a chain reaction of development downtown. It seem like things are easily getting accomplished nowadays.
  2. The developer said he will aim to have the 8 story hotel up by next Masters! That is what I call meaning business. The Jame Brown BLVD. is going to be turning into a nice strip in the next 3 years. Dont forget the palmetto parkway and TEE center will both be complete 2010.
  3. I was talking about the whole downtown redevelopment movement. Has any ground been broken yet? Watermark condos etc. 2008 is close to the half way mark, all these projects and proposals are suppose to be breaking ground, right?
  4. the commission approved the old police station tear-down! I think this is a turning point for downtown. But what ground has been broken yet?
  5. jungletobacco

    Aiken County

    Developer proposes residences on river. The North Augusta Planning Commission will consider development plans tonight that could bring more than 250 'high-end' apartment units to a site along the Savannah River near the Fifth Street bridge. http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/122007/met_177424.shtml
  6. downtown is on the path of getting bigger. Expanding east to bobby jones, west to Lake olmstead ans south to wrightsboro rd. http://www.wrdw.com/home/headlines/12642211.html
  7. The kroc center will cater to residential development more than some commercial development.
  8. not at all......Not the whole third level but it should have that kind development. Augusta isn't going to land major corporation headquarter downtown, let alone the third level of the canal. So lets make a park along the length of the canal and have very nice neighborhoods. I dont see what you getting at.
  9. $37million could go a long way. That how much the TEE would create for the inner city. I say make the third level a bunch of gate communities that will rival Hammond ferry and West Lake.
  10. It is more where that came from. Betty Beard may have made herself an Augusta legend. By casting her vote for the TEE center, the innercity will get million upfront revitalization. She wasted no time by putting a committee together to lobby for her district development. Now only if every comissioner could get a sweet deal like she did, Augusta would change over night. http://www.metrospirit.com/index.php?cat=1...4&Year=2007
  11. The Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. will develop a townhouse subdivision on 9th street. The name of the development would be the 'Enclave on James Brown'. The first of the townhouses would be redy by April! This is a bold move to put $130,000 homes in the Laney Walker area but you got to have vision. http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/121807/bus_177145.shtml
  12. With all that infrastructure why haven't Macon population out grow the other second rate city? Its all about the population growth at the end of the day. Columbus has way less interstate access than Macon and Augusta but will soon out grow both. Whats the hold Macon....Atlanta? Augusta metro is over half a million but you're saying Macon has the same amount of retail and business? Augusta had two large malls in the 70s and the Regency Mall failed because it never attempted to compete with Augusta Mall. But Augusta will be getting its second mall or open-air-mall come 2009. I do think Macon should get the Airport that would relieve Atlanta in my opinion.
  13. How about the dawgs? They beat Oklahoma State's "high-powered" offense with a super young defense. Matt Stafford is about to let the world know who he is. Georgia should be ranked in the top 7 at least, from what I seen from Texas, Virginia Tech and Michigan.
  14. New call center or back office jobs might be headed to Augusta. It will bring 350 jobs to the CSRA if it chooses Augusta. new jobs
  15. So Columbus and Macon are in the same boat? About to get swallowed by the Atanta metro. Is Columbus getting a passenger rail route like Macon?
  16. Great every city needs a bojangle. YMCA looks great, it will interesting to see the affect on downtown. Is LaGrange part of Columbus?
  17. you still can see the writing but here you go. St. Sebastian Way project
  18. Fort Gordon is starting to get in on the growth/ jobs trend. With a state-of-the-art intelligence center the fort will add 1500 jobs, local and tranfers. What kind of city Augusta will be 2010? growth
  19. jungletobacco

    Aiken County

    Best of Aiken 2006 list is out. Is this list accurate? Best of Aiken
  20. but they are going to have there own building by 2008. Read the article. It going to be 1000 employees over a 5 year period. Plus we havent seen the complete the building, look like it could be about 6 floors.
  21. The Watermark condos are coming to dowtown Augusta. A Savannah developer will sign the check tomorrow. Is it just me or does the hammond/ ferry looks like a neighborhood? lol condos
  22. when and where are they breaking ground for those projects? I dont think it is a money issue because the SPLOST still have alot of unspent money. what should they do with Lake Olmstead Stadium, it only 10 years old?
  23. It seems that first friday is back for now. Did anyone go to the last one? Tell me how it was. first friday
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