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  1. The road will be upgraded to a freeway from springfield to Rogersville in a few years with a cost of $75-$100 million for interchange upgrades and outer roads. Edit: Its Rogersville, not Republic. http://www.sbj.net/article.asp?aID=1520290...&aID2=79608
  2. I know I'm responding to a post that is just over a year old but I have to correct you, Hammons is not that rich compared to others on the National Scale, He is probably not even close to being in the top 1,000 which takes about a $BILLION DOLLAR net worth. http://www.forbes-global.com/lists/2006/10...uri_Rank_1.html And looking at the richest private companies in Missouri, I dont see Hammons Hotels but Bass Pro is on the list ranked 186 Nationally with just under $2 Billion in revenue last year which I'm guessing is $50+ million in profit http://www.forbes.com/lists/2006/21/biz_06...s-MO_3Rank.html
  3. Diamond intersections are lame and back up traffic becuase of all the stoplights, 44/Glenstone should be a single point intersection on the bridge like sunshine/65 is under the bridges.
  4. North-south: Kansas Expressway will be 3 lanes in each direction soon as you can see the extra lanes are there in the new interchanges at battlefield and sunshine but there needs to be some major upgrades around the I-44 intersection to make to make the route a quick trip accross the city with not all that many waits at stoplights East-west: chesnut would be easy to upgrade through the middle of the city as there are no driveways on it but the road. I think it would have to be re-routed as it approches US-65 becuase of all the buisnesses dirrectly on the road.