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  1. When I was at Raleigh Wide Open tonight, J Davis (The architects for Edison) had a booth. I went to talk to the people there, and first off they were surprised that someone was actually talking to them, but moreover they seemed REALLY confident that this project would ACTUALLY get built as rendered. I almost bust out laughing, because that is SO naive.

    Personally, here's what I think is happening. J Davis wanted the property really badly, so they made up some really glitzy, super-chic rendering to convince people they were "serious" about the project, and so that city council would approve it and so that progress energy would sell them the land. Then, once they have all of the land, they'll sit on it, while it remains an almost entirely empty dead block in the heart of downtown, and keep delaying things (a la reynolds) until eventually they can scrap together some majorly reduced version of the project.

    In short, I think that the renderings they've put out are complete crap, just a sham to get the property and approval.

  2. Okay, two things

    First off, I agree, this is never going to get built in a million years, it's just too beautiful and perfect and gorgeous and stuff. It'll turn into another reynolds all over again, and therell be delay after delay after delay while the lot sits as an empty dirt pile.

    Secondly, Are they planning to put a movie theater in it?because if you look at the first rendering, there is definitely a kung-fu panda poster on the bottom of the building.

  3. To me, the best part about the multimodal center actually geting built would be that the space that the bus station currently takes up by moore square could be used for some really neat development, maybe even a cool sculpture garden or something, I dunno. But it is right by where edison will be, so it would be appropriate to have some density there in the future...

  4. So I think that maybe they might be starting to do something at site one.

    I was walking past there the other day and there were a bunch of workers, and in the big pit where site one is going to be, there was a crane, and a couple bulldozers and such, so maybe theyre preparing to do something... I dunno...

  5. Yeah, as a teenager, I am bored. Everything is the same. I don't enjoy going to the mall anymore. I just do. Malls suck.

    Raleigh needs to start having some balls and offering incentives for people ot open up new stores, Maybe make a whole street downtown a chain-free zone. Just to let you guys know, up by crossroads, where holly springs rd. turns into walnut, they are building a new shopping center. That intersection had a CVS, and will soon have a walgreens, harris teeter, and Eckerd. I'm starting to hate the triangle.

    Austin TX has it right. I went there two summers ago and was actually a little discomforted by the fact that there were virtually NO chain stores in existence. I love that city, raleigh needs to be more like them.

    Austin actually started a "keep austin weird" campaign, they made shirts, bumper stickers, the works, and under the slogan it said support local businesses. Everyone in austin has one of those and everybody who has been to austin has one too. Lets be copy-cats (except raleigh never had enough independent businesses to classify as weird in the first place, maybe "make raleigh weird" campaign)

  6. Yeah, seriously. I went to Trader Joe's the other night, it was about 8 o'clock, and that place was packed. Half of the shelves were empty. They must be making more in that location than they ever have before because its INSANE. Capital City Grocery needs to figure out what Trader Joe's is doing and copy it. Two things I can think of:

    1) You can see the sign for trader joe's from major streets

    2) They have a free sample counter with amazingly good stuff (when i went they were sampling sparkling grape juice,and sparkling cranberry juice, with gourmet cookies and tiramasu)

    I think things are looking up for CCG, I took some of my friends there the other day ( i go to RCHS) and they were like "THIS PLACE IS SO CUTE BLAH BLAH BLAH"

    Maybe it'll survive.


  7. To me, since I drive through there on my way to and from school, people detach it from its roots when they consider it from an economic perspective. Since i drive there everyday i see little kids playing around where people who are obviously hookers walk by, and i see the swat team raid someones house while their elderly neighbors watch in horror. It is not just a problem for downtown, it is not just a problem of economics, and it has NOTHING TO DO with race. Yes south park is a historically black neighborhood, but you can still find trailor parks all around wake county! South park is just an example of how cities and governments completely ignore PEOPLE but spend 300million dollars on a convention center to attract some business. What a shame. South park, and all poor people deserve better.

    And on the topic of the words "hood" "######" and "black" they are only deragatory because you use them that way or they were perverted from their original meaning. I think that if you are truly colorblind you dont say "african-american" because the fact that someone's skin is black is just that, a FACT. Its not a means to judge or a reflection of character, its a fact. Just like the fact that someone's hair is brown or their eyes are blue.

    I wonder if actually typing out the n word will get this post deleted...

    WEIRD! If you type ###### it turns into number signs!

  8. Thats sad, I REALLY hope that this doesn't discourage other business people/grocery store owners from opening downtown, because they did do MANY MANY MANY things wrong. It is a sinking ship, but its very hard for it not to when there are holes in the bottom such as no advertising, lack of space, and no major road sign. Another thing that is hindering it is that seaboard station isnt finished yet! They still have a LOT of buildings to renovate which would mean more customers going there. AND ANOTHER THING, half of the new downtown projects haven't even built yet, so the customer base isnt maximized.

    It seems like there is nothing they did right here. What a shame. I hope other store owners realize that.

  9. Just a little story. My friends and I went bowling at western lanes (because we love how ghetto it is) and i wanted some dinner. My one friend said "no, hillsborough street is sketchy" and i was like "NAHH!!!!" so me and my other friend went out. We just WALK OUT OF THE DOOR, when a guy comes up to us telling us he hasnt eaten in two days and hes throwing up blood. I would have been fine with it, but it was at night and the WHOLE BLOCK was deserted. It was scary. The thing that hillsborough street lacks is PEOPLE and businesses to draw them. We need to figure out what chapel hill did to spice up franklin street and copy them.

  10. The quote I like the best in this article is when he says:

    "It's always risky, but this location will be fantastic," Bold said. "We have 27,000 homes within a two-mile radius, and with the new growth downtown, there's no telling where it's going."

    It is great that store owners are thinking like that!

    Imagine how downtown will look in ten years with that attitude!

  11. Do you think that Raleigh would benefit if they started banning development indefinitly on some key historic sites, streets, areas, blocks, buildings etc? Is there already a program like this in place? Where would you ban further development and why? We should make a big list and send it to the Capital Preservation Society and Developers. So what do you think?

  12. Right after (im wanting to say Lenoir st.) There are a few REALLY fun down blocks that shwa could turn into some wonderful classrooms and dorms and such. They should definitly expand to that area, it would make the drive into DT from person a lot cooler looking to.

  13. (2) We also need to preserve our historic structures so we don't lose our heritage (like Charlotte). Those buildings are in short supply, so it's critical that during this phase of development pressure, that we make this a priority.

    I propose we do this by (once all the sites at the south end are done) banning development on fayetteville st. ot so much because eveyr building is historic, but because the air of the street needs to stay historic, and historical buildings sandwiched between 500-foot buildings doesnt count as a historical street. I think Raleigh needs a list of "forever-unteardown-able" buildings, but not just buildings, streets, and blocks, and portions of stuff. We should grow to places with margnially run-down shops and storefronts, such as peace street, salisbury, and wilmington. Anyone else agree?

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