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  1. ^AMEN TO THAT! Downtown is a very central point for me and my friends, its about 20 mins away from all of us. I think that a movie theater would work great, especially because I do think once fayetteville st, is finished it will have a nice atmosphere. Just a little bit more upscale than north hills (if thats possible), I would be fine with a four screen theater that played conventional movies. I just dont want an artsy indy film place, because none of my friends are sophisticated enough for that.
  2. If they build a Movie theater in site 1 I will literally die of happiness. I have been going to school downtown for middle school and high school (exploris middle, and raleigh charter - the two best schools in the county) and there has never been enough reason to stay downtown after school and do stuff, except resturants. AND NOW ME AND MY FRIENDS COULD GO TO MOVIES!!!! EXCITING A LOT!!!! but with the city council the way they are, theyll probably think its too expressive and disturbs the peace of fayetteville street.
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