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  1. Main Street/CBD Developments

    Is it normal to take that long to close on commercial property?
  2. Should the Carolina Coliseum be razed?

    I still wonder how USC pulled off the demo of the Gibbes machinery buildings. I have a feeling they rushed the job knowing they might have been placed on the Historic register. Jackasses. That Gibbes property was a huge peice of Columbia history.
  3. Should the Carolina Coliseum be razed?

    Great article in Free Times. I loved the construction pictures! I have tons of memories from this building. I sure hope USC uses it instead of tearing it down.
  4. Historic Congaree Vista Developments

    They had to have at least 50% to get financed, I think.
  5. Economic Development in South Carolina

    ^That's pretty much what I was thinking. We need to work on education first. Industry will follow an educated workforce.
  6. Olympia Mill Village Updates

    What? How can you forget Doug's Dogs (worst hotdogs ever) and the abandoned bayliner walkthru? I will concede that it is better than that
  7. Olympia Mill Village Updates

    Yep, scale and proportion. Aspyre just doesn't get it for me. The mills do. The LWH ratio is just not right on Aspyre. yeah, they tried to visually break it up, but it ain't working for me. And Corgimatt, the new SCANA buildings look awesome.
  8. Olympia Mill Village Updates

    That's why I live where I do. I really hate that. Aspyre is just so out of proportion with its surroundings.
  9. Olympia Mill Village Updates

    Oh, students would flock to it is it was fuscia and chartruese. That's why I think it was a good idea not to go condo. Students will rent anything close in. But the thing looks like an oversized khaki mound. Way, way too big. I see what you are saying about the brick making it look like a fortress, but that is mainly due to the size of the structure. What is that that looks like brick? I haven't been by there in a couple weeks and even then didn't get a good look.
  10. Olympia Mill Village Updates

    Not as bad as Canalside, about as bad as Adesso. I like the brick corner. I wish they'd done the whole thing that way.
  11. West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington

    They are all right close to one another, all on the corners.
  12. West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington

    OK, I got you now.
  13. Main Street/CBD Developments

    The city is in charge of looking for a replacement? Oh, no.
  14. West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington

    The one with the tennis courts and log cabin? Dreher Road? No way would I walk on that one.
  15. Economic Development in South Carolina

    A miracle. Generally speaking, there isn't the education level in the rural areas to support the high tech jobs and the people with the education generally don't want to live in the sticks.