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  1. Has Denelle Campbell authored a book or other publication? If so, what is the name of it and where can I get a copy? I'm interested to learn more about Fayetteville's history and this sounds like a great source.
  2. There's a local guy with a hot dog cart in Fayetteville during warm months. He has been at the liquor store on the SE corner of Crossover and Mission for the past couple of summers. I've only seen him on Saturdays but I don't frequent that area M-F business hours so I don't know if he's around more than one day a week. (A few years ago he used to be in front of the north Lowe's in Fayetteville.) It's a pretty decent hot dog. It's the closest thing I've had to a Chicago dog in a lonnnnngggg time. I hope he returns this year.
  3. This first phase is the east side of the acreage from Mission south to the Park Place border. Drive up the existing drive to the crest and then look east of that driveway. Commercial space in phase one is the work/live units that will frame the front center green space. The first phase will be work/live units, attached townhomes, single family detached, a bungalow court with 6 bungalows and a couple of carriage houses. There were lots of folks at the groundbreaking yesterday. It
  4. Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2007 URL: http://www.nwanews.com/nwat/News/55070/ Ruskin Heights and LEEDs
  5. The Mexican restaurant in the 700 block of College Ave (north of the Lucuna furniture store) that had the fire last year now has a "for sale" sign in front of it. I guess the insurance got worked out. I'm surprised it went on the market and the guys purchasing other land in that stretch of College didn't purchase it.
  6. Clabber Creek Trail Grand Opening Ceremony May 16th 2007
  7. At one time there was discussion about a pizza place opening on 6th Street in Fayetteville that was owned by the people that used to own King Pizza. I think the owners are from Joplin. Any updates? Did it open? What's the name of the Fayetteville location?
  8. I'm afraid that the new, taller power lines will be the future of Gregg Ave, crossing Dickson, Lafayette, and Maple. I really wish there was some kind of leverage that the city or property owners could use to implement an alternate solution. I would really like to hear someone from SWEPCO other than Deweese address this issue with interested parties in Fayetteville. His style of "communication" on this issue is not informative. I've heard him speak at three different meetings and each time has he has failed to answered specific questions with specific answers. About three months ago I contacted him via phone to see if I could cut through the rhetoric and understand the issue better... to get some facts... to get an informed SWEPCO perspective... but I ended the conversation in less than five minutes due to the evasiveness and ambiguity. It sure gives the impression that SWEPCO is in fact manipulating this process to avoid an open assessment of the alternatives. Deweese's latest comments (last week) included "you wouldn't want to put the lines underground anyway because the structures at either end of the buried lines are very large and would be close to Dickson Street." But he would not define "large structures", he could not offer photos, sketches, or suggested locations of these large structures. He is concerned that the request for burying the lines would not meet public expectations anyway. I also think it's terrible that the hearing is in LR for a Fayetteville issue and that to "intervene" in this process the property owner has to pretty much hire a lawyer to address the commission. So basically to address this issue with the commission someone has to have the resources of time, travel, and an attorney. And it appears that intervention is only available to property owners with the easements. All other interested parties can only make public statements. This is a tough issue and there may not be a "best" solution. But if the gigantic powerlines have to be the solution it would make more sense for the affected property owners, the city of Fayetteville, and other interested citizens of Fayetteville to have enough info to come to the same conclusion that SWEPCO has. My experience with this issue has been frustrating. I'm sure if I had $5m in my pocket to pay to bury the lines I (or others in the meetings I
  9. The train station is on the National Register of Historic Places. The owner should have (but didn't) at the very least consulted the state preservation association for recommendations on new but compatible materials for their rehab. The roof and the windows are the deal breaker. If the depot was reassessed, this property would likely be delisted in its current state. Rehab is good; adaptive reuse is good. It would have been nice if the developers had learned about better options for the windows and roof before they make their decision. (This is the rare instance where AR is fortunate that preservation resources are so slim; it
  10. Last week Alexander said the Renaissance is moving forward. In addition to the mgmt/admin work, some tangible work is being done to the foundations. That is not as obvious as building up... which is what we are all waiting for.
  11. I think this area is one of the projects that was on the bond vote in 2006. www.accessfayetteville.com has been rearranged and I can't find the list of road projects. I was in a Ward 2 meeting a couple of weeks ago and the area around Mr. Burger, Harps, and Lucky's BBQ/Tony C's was being discussed by the aldermen and citizens when I walked in. I missed most of the discussion but know that there are changes being planned for that intersection both east and west. The city coordinates sidewalks with street improvements in addition to the annual plan for new and repaired sidewalks. And yes cocotheif is correct that the city will listen to citizen input as they consider prioritization of sidewalks. When you send your message to your aldermen cc: Kyle Cook and Terry Gulley.
  12. I've been to the Cheesecake Factory in both Frisco, TX and a St Louis, MO. Both were indoors in very nice malls. Is the Cheesecake Factory "upscale?" Price doesn't necessarily make something upscale. It's not bad food but it seems like more classic corporate/franchise food rather than upscale.
  13. Hopefully KHOG will continue to cover news out of Fayetteville "the home of the Hogs" with the same diligence that they currently do, regardless of the actual studio location. I am disappointed to learn that KHOG would move one of their primary
  14. The Brooks-Hummel 14 acres are a subject for some other forum. Yes, the homes around Lake Lucille are old-school (70-90s) elite. For years I've wanted to walk the area north of Lake Lucille/east of Evelyn Hills but always thought I would be trespassing. If this area was incorporated into Fayetteville's trail/green space inventory... it would NOT be an error. I hope the issue finds a successful, public solution. Good infill is expected; conservation of special places is Fayetteville. URL: http://www.nwanews.com/nwat/News/47317/
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