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  1. Anyone know what happen to Gap, Goody's and Friedman's Jewelers in Gaston Mall? In other News..... Bosch Tools and Cochrane Furniture in Lincoln County are closing. Here are a few news articles about the closings. http://lincolntribune.com/modules/news/art...hp?storyid=8147 http://www2.nccommerce.com/eclipsfiles/18583.pdf http://www.lincolntimesnews.com/Default.asp?VA=17245
  2. Chili's...interesting. For those interested in seeing where that news came from, here is a link to the Belmont/Mt Holly Banner News. http://www.mybannernews.com/articles/2008/06/201.html
  3. Major development planned for Cramerton. See news articles here: http://www.charlotte.com/485/story/652780.html http://www.gastongazette.com/news/peoples_..._cramerton.html See the developers website here: http://www.hoppercommunities.com/ The proposed development would double the population of the town. It is a mixed use development covering 143 acres. The developer filed for annexation by Cramerton. The developer is expecting construction to begin in 5-6 months and build out in 5 years. My take on this is wait and see. There has been a similar development in the Town o
  4. I'm assuming you are talking about the outparcel in the north-east corner of the BI-LO Center. Well I did the typical google and webgis digging. The current owner listed on the County GIS system has an address of 319 S Sharon Amity Rd STE 300. I googled that address and came up with Sree Hotels. I google Sree and found their website, here: http://www.sree.com/ This seems like an odd location for a hotel to me. It could be owner listed on the County GIS sold the property to whomever is developing it now. Are their any signs post advertising the construction firm or engineering
  5. I agree with the recent suggestions. Create a subforum like the Coffee House and it would be for communities outside of Charlotte or Meck County (not sure which would be better here). I think doing that would better organize things and help prevent topics from being scattered about in numerous forums and it would make the moderators job easier because you wouldn't have to move individual posts around all the time to get them where they need to be.
  6. Bojangles is coming soon to Stanley, NC see franchise website here... http://www.bojangleskbo.com/locations.htm There are buildings being constructed next to the retaining wall where Max's used to be. McCallister's Deli has a sign up for the site. I like McCallister's alot, had one in Boone I ate at while in college. I haven't heard anything else about the development on New Hope with the high end retail. I did notice a new Food Lion on New Hope.
  7. Have the mods given any more thought about this issue? I was thinking it may be a good idea to move this topic to the Charlotte Forum since those posting for the surrounding areas will be in reading in that forum.
  8. Construction work has begun on the Gaston Mall property. Max's Mexican Eatery has been demolished and a large retaining wall has been constructed along Cox Rd. I'm not sure if somthing is being built in that corner or if it will be parking area. I haven't seen any site plans for this development, if anyone knows where I could view one online I'd appreciate a link. Is there an official name for this development/redevelopment yet?
  9. Does anyone know what is underconstruction in Stanley, NC on north/east side of HWY 27 just past (heading towards Mt. Holly) the new Stanley Market Place (Food Lion)? They are clearing land there and I have heard rumors about various resturants but nothing firm. My google searching did not return anything worthwhile either. I did discover that according to the Gaston County GIS the property is named as part of Stanley Market Place and is owned by Catawba Land & Development, LLC. I didn't find anything about this group. All the information on Stanley Market Place I found only relat
  10. According to a post made by member DigitalSky in the Charlotte Coffee House, Gastonia will be getting some new "high end" retail off New Hope Rd. This project was mentioned above, but lacked details. I did a bit of google searching and came up with websites for the consulting firm and developer involved (see below). The development is proposed by Stanbery Development and Mason Retail Group. On stanbery's website they provide some information and you can download a very cool brochure. This is there website http://www.stanbery.com/index.asp?retail.d...pes-at-gastonia Mason Retail g
  11. Hmmm well I see what happened. Just trying to bring Concord out of the mire of the Charlotte forums. It took me a while to find the topic. When I searched the Charlotte Section for "Concord" I came up empty handed. Then I checked the Coffee House and o look its buried on the 3rd page. I hate having to look for topics for other municipalities in the Charlotte section. I feel it makes the section unorganized and yes I tend to be anal when it comes to organization. I wish the mods come find a solution.
  12. I started a new topic outside of the Charlotte section for Concord/Speedway stuff. I guess we shall see what happens.
  13. When I lived in GA for a year I was active in the Statesboro, GA threads. The statesboro topics were consistently near the top of the activity list in the GA section. There was discussion about starting a Statesboro section. The admins and mods said there that in order to get a new section there needed to be a variety of topics for Statesboro that were consistently seeing activity. We began to expand out topics from one single Statesboro Topic in the GA section to several Statesboro related topics in the GA section. After several months Statesboro recieved its own section. I dont know
  14. This topic is to discuss how to address the posting of topics and threads for issues and projects in municipalities in the Charlotte area. I'm beginning this topic based on recommendations made in the Gastonia Topic by the admins and moderators. The issue here is the Charlotte Section is primarily directed toward "Charlotte Skyscrapers, Mass Transit Plans, Highways, Construction Projects, Rumors." The things discussed here are big city topics. Threads concerning projects in the smaller surrounding muncipalities tend to get lost in the intensity of the Charlotte Section. Some exa
  15. Oh great now this thread is burried under all the threads that are directly related to Charlotte. I hope this thread doesn't die like the other Gastonia threads in the Charlotte section.
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