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  1. CRIME I lived in Shreveport from 1984-1989. I lived from Youree to Mansfield to Burt Kouns to 70th areas. I continue to keep tabs on the city from time to time, and I still have a couple friends down there. However, during that time there were shootings in the malls, around schools and shopping centers. West coast gangs were rapidly spreading eastward towards Ft. Worth, Port Arthur, Little Rock, Shreveport et al. The crime rates in many South cities shot up- especially N.O., BatonR., and Shreveport. Similar trends occured accross the U.S., but in comparison to pop.density, Shreveport has remained in the top ten since I left. Top ten out of some 300 plus metro areas. Its not just minor crime. Its the per-capita murder rate. If Shreveport has 100 murders for every 200k, and NYC has 500 for every 7million than that is obviously a high murder rate. I am not saying that all homicides commited in Shreveport are done by Shreveport citizens. Cincinnati has experienced a rise in murder rate last year with 79, their highest in 30 years, and with only a population of over 300k that is pretty high. Although the Cincy metro area is over 1 million, very few happend outside the city limits. The infamous crime-ridden Over-the-Rhine neighborhood had almost 20. Its just one neighborhood right? There are plenty of nice and clean, rich and wealthy, small and towering gated communities in Cincy, but --just like in Shreveport-- that is why they are gated, suburbanized, and separated from the have-not hoods. We moved to the Toledo-metro-region.... bye bye dirty south, hello filthy north. LOL, IT'S AMERICA.
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