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  1. The 200 acre site that is mentioned is probably the property that extends from Lanier almost to Akins Blvd. I had heard a few months ago that problems with extending water and sewer to the site had killed the project and that developer optioned or bought the 60+ acre tract on the east side of Hwy 67, south of the Bypass. Someone looked at the Hwy 301 property about two years ago and the concept plan showed a Super Target and other stores. I doubt Target had signed a contract and may not have even known its name was on the plan. At that time the site was double the size of what is shown
  2. The Shellhouse/Cedar River rumor seems to have made the rounds. It appeared on one of the Herald blogs last week. I just heard it is going to be a Millhouse Steak House. I'm not familiar with it, but was told there is one in Brunswick.
  3. andre, I didn't hear the presentation at the Council meeting so I asked a city staffer if there was something in writing that was in the Council packet or handed out at the meeting. There was a long memo that listed a lot of projects, some completed two or three years ago. (I would have thought they would have just done a 2007 recap.) Listed under "Water & Sewer Projects to be started in the near future" is the Lanier and Bypass project with the words "status unknown". I was told a few months ago that the water and sewer would be too costly for that property (I don't know the reason) a
  4. j, once again I agree and feel you made excellent points. andre, I appreciate your support for GSU and wish I felt as strongly about either of the schools I attended. When you finish your degree the administration should hire you.
  5. j, I have to agree. The Sun Belt has made great strides in the past few years and I believe it would be a good match for Southern, especially based on geography and competition level. I'm on the fence on the idea of moving up, but if they do they need to be competitive. There's no use doing it just to take a check and be everybody's punching bag. If things go well there's the possibility of changing conferences sometime in the future.
  6. andre, I think you are right about folks being busy. It's certainly true for me. Last week the city planning commission considered a rezoning request for the 66 acres on the east side of Highway 67, south of the bypass. It will still be a mixture of commercial and multifamily residential. This is just a request to move the commercial and multifamily areas around on the property. The developer who was behind the annexation and rezoning of that property about two years ago backed out of the deal before the annexation was complete, but the property owners moved ahead hoping it would help se
  7. The BB&T branch has been in the works for a while. I heard they have a deal with Hull-Story to vacate the mall branch when the new one is built. It seems odd they would leave what would seem to be a very good location. But when H-S is involved, odd things sometimes happen. The other new bank, I believe it is Citizen's, is expected to begin work soon on its branch at Brannen and the Bypass -- next to Chili's which opened Monday.
  8. When you don't have a Target it's easy to get excited about the prospect of one coming to town. It would be a refreshing change from Wal-Mart. I don't understand the people in town who get excited about the thought of a second Wal-Mart or our first Sam's Club. The downtown is one of the things that drew me here. Most of the buildings look good and most of the storefronts are rented. The city does not currently have downtown design guidelines and needs to put them in place before someone screws up a building. Statesboro has been lucky so far. I'm not aware of a new planner in town
  9. The idea is that as this area develops (about 900 acres of developable land - 2,000 residential units) it would keep some traffic off portions of Cawana, Brannen and Burkhalter. It's a long term idea, although people already complain about the amount of traffic on Cawana and backups that occur on Brannen at Cawana. I've never seen many cars when I have been out there. In ten years it will probably make a lot of sense. I have to give a pat on the back to whoever is thinking ahead for a change.
  10. It was an interesting public hearing today (Aug 7) at the City Council meeting. The conditions were changed for the development across Cawana Road from Bradford Place to increase the number of houses from 45 to 63 and remove the brick exterior requirement. The changes were approved on a 3 to 2 vote. The mayor was very unhappy about it. Most people in the room, staff and visitors, were surprised by the outcome. There were no comments on the watered-down parking ordinance and it passed first reading. I guess the second reading will be in two weeks. Link to Statesboro Herald article:
  11. andre, it's good to see you back on the boards. I agree with you on Bradford Place. I don't understand the people who move to a subdivision surrounded by undeveloped land and think no one else will want to develop. If their development is successful, more will come. It's a no-brainer. The parking issue is a tough one. It points to the bigger issue of people who don't take care of their property. There is some rental property close to my house. Some is well cared for. The house that is not is a thorn in my side since it has some effect on the enjoyment of my property now and on m
  12. There's a public hearing scheduled for August 7 for a zoning change request for the borrow pit property on Cawana Road across from Bradford Place. The same guy is back asking for almost the same thing he wanted when he asked for the property to be annexed. Back then, after the uproar from the neighbors he agreed to the conditions the city council wanted. The city's staff report for this latest request says nothing has changed to justify the rezoning. Maybe the guy just likes upsetting the Bradford Place people. The revised front yard parking ordinance is on the council agenda for the s
  13. The Zetterower Road property was divided into seven lots about two years ago, I think. Last year Tim Durden (the owner) and Andy Aldred asked to rezone it to allow 12 to 16 units aimed at senior citizens. They were designed as duplex or triplex structures, but the individual units would have been sold as condos. The neighbors fought it and the city council turned down the rezoning. I'm surprised Tim didn't go ahead with the seven houses. The property on 24 East is supposed to be a condo project. It will be two-story buildings with around 8 units in each. I haven't seen architectural
  14. It's not a "good ole boy" system, but it does seem that projects that involve local people have an easier time than those that don't. Despite what they may say, their actions seem to discourage development, or at least quality development. What they do encourage through zoning changes and variances is not always of the quality it should be. Statesboro has been lucky to get some development that was built to a higher quality than the city requires (primarily better landscaping and building exteriors). However we still have things like the golf cart and trailer sales business across from the
  15. There is another lot beside the Advance site zoned for commercial development. I believe it is about the same size. I haven't heard of any prospects.
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