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  1. IMO there is zero chance a tower is built here unless they get the casino is a component or in 20 years when rail is extended. The casino would be an almost impossible political battle, but it shows that Tepper is thinking big. To better familiarize you with the site here is a quick map I made. If I owned land across the interstate between the Panthers and the golf course I would be stoked!
  2. i don't know, materials are really going to matter on this one. Here's hoping for quality finishes.
  3. Good. We need to keep as much of the existing stock as possible.
  4. That is not getting built, was an earlier proposal, but yes... expect a deck.
  5. I can smell the Furman on this.
  6. Why not 100 stories? If you never intend to build it go big!
  7. Getting back to the subject at hand, I'm skeptical of this not due to any recession, but because of how long such private/public projects take. Gateway, Brooklyn, Hal Marshal, Spirit Square-Library no shovels in the ground or indications that anything is imminent.
  8. Question for soccer fans: why are so many teams named "Real" and "United"? Does that mean anything specific?
  9. How great would it be if all these towns were connected by rail? I remember taking the train from Harrisburg to Philadelphia and going through these really neat towns between them.
  10. Open air market! On a more serious note, does anyone know the history of the shotgun house on that lot? It looks pretty old.
  11. It was in response to a post above that suggested the bakery complex needs to go.
  12. I could not disagree with you more. What Charlotte needs more of is human scaled buildings that promote street level interactions. Most of that stock was destroyed downtown, and it suffers for it. DFA is a gorgeous building, but I view it as a net loss because of what it replaced. South End has the potential to be a true urban core, but if we level it and replace it with block after block of podium parking it will become sterile and unwelcoming, regardless of how well it looks from afar.
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