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  1. The "News" Page shows a house on the water and it sounds like some of the courses are being used for competition: May 2009 - Our home is almost complete. Landscaping is being planted and the irrigation system is being installed. I am almost done with the drainage system - very important on a lakefront home. Next, I am completing the audio systems. Lots to do. The new jump ramp surface has been installed. We are letting it settle in before waxing the surface and installing the flotation, irrigation, and lighting systems (yes, solar LED lights along the edge). Bay 3 slalom course has been exposed and the GVSU Ski Team has been on it frequently. The West Michigan Water Ski Association - the Grand City Show Ski Team - has been on Lake 2 while the Grand River subsides. As soon as the Parade of Homes starts, Bay 1 slalom course will be exposed. Bay 2's sub-buoys need to be completed and that should be done by the end of May. June 26 and 27 is the Global Invitational (www.globalinvitational.com). Tickets are available at Action Watersports (616-896-3100). Sponsorship information is available by e-mailing [email protected] We expect a big crowd for one of the very few pro tournaments this year. The competition should be fierce - and you can be close enough to feel the mist from the passing skier.
  2. I'm wrong. This pic on their web site shows a non-traditional skywalk. Must be part of that.
  3. I wasn't able to get a pic, but it looks like the first section of the HDCH spire / needle sculpture is on site. Anyone know when it's going to be installed?
  4. The big difference between the domestic auto industry and foreign companies or transplants is not the fuel economy of their cars. GM makes as many if not more 30+ MPG cars than Honda or Toyota. The big difference is their labor costs. How can any company stay competitive when their labor costs are nearly double their competition? This bailout for the automotive is also a bailout for the UAW and it's members. If any of the "Big 3" goes into chapter 11 then their labor contracts are voided, and there go all the high paying UAW jobs.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I was afraid that was a former landfill. Nice piece of property - other than the neighbors across the river.
  6. Thanks for the great shots. What's the large open area north of the river and south of Wealthy? Ariel shot of the area here: http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&...1&encType=1
  7. The city leaders in Wyoming have a tough job. They have to make rules that encourage development in the some sections of the city and restrict in the other sections. Overall I think they do a decent job, but things like Gezon Parkway east of 56th St concern me (Mobil, Wendy's, oil change/car wash - after Metro Village was already announced). I would be very disappointed if they allow a variance for a drive through in those areas, especially the 56th site, as it's on the border of residential area and directly across from a school driveway. Stranger things have happened though. You would think will all this new tax revenue the city would be able to re-open the Gezon fire station. If I was Metro, I would have made that a condition of moving into that area. A city Wyoming's size shouldn't have just one fire station.
  8. Bob VanDerWeide is a DeVos in law and president of the Orlando Magic.
  9. Snob. REGIS is great, and has a ton of information, but it's slow for quickie look-ups, at least for novices like me.
  10. I'm sure most of you have used this, but maps.google.com is great for looking at overhead shots of these monsters. I didn't know, for example, about those two biggies off Burton east of Kraft. Easy to spot the orange roof, though! http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&...mp;t=h&om=1
  11. Wow, what a huge improvement over the original design. Glad to see that they removedthe upside down pyramid in the original design and opened up the street level. Hopefully the planning commission asked for that. The building itself is not spectacular, but, as a hospital, I would hope they would spend the most time and money on the inside of the building and on healing the kids that will be going there.
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