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  1. jwazzz

    Predictions for the coming year

    Younker's closes its Rivertown store.
  2. My sentiments exactly. Both of these properties have been slumping for years now - shame on the owners who have allowed this to happen and shame on city authorities for not taking action on this earlier. And I too have often wondered about the boarded-up building next to Richmond Stamping - prime location and yet it seems to be stuck in some kind of weird, late 1970's time warp.
  3. jwazzz

    McKay Tower Renovations

    Ridiculous - that's the nicest word I could think of regarding the decision by the zoning board. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2013/12/mckay_tower_dome_lights_in_dow.html#incart_river_default#incart_m-rpt-2 Who sits on this board and how do you go about getting them replaced?
  4. Couldn't agree more - if they do have to expand, east over Monroe would be the direction to go. It could be a win, win, win situation - we get a more competitive convention center, we get rid of that horrible Federal building and maybe in the process, lose that field stone wall on the west side of City Hall that blocks easy access to Calder Plaza from the DeVos Center. (If you dig deep enough, GRDad, you might remember a plan you came up with to do just that soon after the convention center opened.) And, we would get a new Federal building that might add something architecturally to the city rather than something that has made me cringe every time I've gone by it for the last 40 (?) years. (There's that big empty space fronting Ionia and Division just north of Lyon - prime location.) Maybe something like this - http://www.heery.com/portfolio/oklahoma-federal-building-campus.aspx
  5. jwazzz

    THE Downtown Market updates

    Stopped in for my first visit last Friday afternoon and I'll echo the above statements about the building; it's beautiful - everything I was hoping for and more! I'll be willing to bet the 2nd floor "event" spaces will be the go to spot for gatherings for the foreseeable future. My only complaint was I left with a severe case of "sticker shock" - while the vendors chosen certainly have an outstanding supply of goods, it's not a place where I could shop except for special occasions and even then, I would have a hard time paying the prices they're asking. $32.00/lb for scallops at the fish place; $52.00/lb for one particular cut of beef at the butcher's. (It probably melts in your mouth but for that kind of money, I could go to The Chop House or Ruth's Chris and not have to worry about doing the dishes.) The selection offered at the deli section of the fresh pasta shop was nothing you couldn't find at D&W and when I asked the person working if the pasta salad I was paying $7.00/lb for was fresh, she said no and went on to say that it wasn't even made on site. I was a regular at Making Thyme when they were on Cherry - their prices have also gone up in the new location. The chocolatier and ice cream shops - great stuff but a limited selection, at best. Almost $4.00 for a croissant? Once again, tried one, it was delicious but I doubt if I'd be stopping by to pick up a couple dozen for an office meeting. And finally, Sweetielicious - I bought one of her pies; a cherry, peach, blueberry combo that was wonderful but it also set me back $25.00! Don't get me wrong - I've been anxiously waiting for the market since it was first announced and I will go back because I want to see this succeed - I just wish there had been some thought given to those of us whose pockets aren't quite so deep. (I think one of the vendors who got it right are the people from Art of the Table with their wine bar and cheese shop - great selection and price points that didn't make me do a double take.) And, I realize some of the examples I cited were at the very high end of the vendors offerings but those are the numbers many will carry away with them and talk about to their friends and families after they've visited the market. I don't know what the numbers were at todays Grand Opening festivities - I hope it was a resounding success but I'm afraid that for many, their first visit might also be their last for no other reason than they simply can't afford to shop there.
  6. jwazzz


    Awesome news - http://www.grbj.com/articles/77664-monroe-center-is-nearly-rebuilt
  7. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    Once again - where are the police?
  8. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    I agree - much of the blame needs to fall on the shoulders of the GRPD. Get them out of their cruisers and start walking a beat! Perhaps if someone were to open a donut shop at Division/Cherry, we'd see more of a police presence. (Tongue-in-cheek.....but just a little.)
  9. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    I cannot believe the GRPD hasn't the resources to put a couple cops walking a beat from Fulton to Wealthy. They don't have to clear the sidewalks, arrest people or turn into an occupying force - just BE there - engage with people. We've welcomed reps from Dégagé and Guiding Light into this discussion and I think they've provided us with some valuable information - there must be someone from City Hall checking this site out on occasion who could also join in. How about DDA? It looks as though the only realistic solution is going to be "peaceful coexistence" but if there are no efforts being made by our city government/law enforcement, then that stretch of Division will never see it's full potential.
  10. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    Very much so - thank you. I still would like to hear from one of the people in charge of Dégagé - added security will help and I would like to see a more personal, walking the beat or even bicycle type presence from GRPD - two regularly assigned officers on each shift would make a world of difference. Once again, thank you for the "insider" input.
  11. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    It's just a little before 1:00pm and there are currently 18 people reading this topic (1 member, 15 guests and 2 on Facebook) - I can't remember if I've ever seen that many on a topic at the same time. Perhaps this will actually start an even bigger dialogue...
  12. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    Comparing Mayor Heartwell to Hitler - you take great pictures, John and I recently posted a thank you for your efforts but with that last statement, you've lost all credibility on any topic, at least as far as I'm concerned. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  13. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    Please do - you are in a position to shed some much needed light on this topic. I would hope someone from Dégagé would join the discussion as well.
  14. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    Mayor George Heartwell tyrannical? He may be a lot of different things to different people but I doubt you'd find many in GR who would refer to him as a tyrant. This isn't Chicago and we're not talking about Richard Daley - the City Manager wields more actual power than the mayor here. Please give us just one example of Rev. Heartwell acting in a "tyrannical" manner. And "...slicker than Rudy." - really!?! Have you ever met the man, John? Just like "tyrannical", "slick" would be one of the last words I would use to describe him. (A little off topic but I couldn't let that one slide.)
  15. jwazzz

    Shelters in Heartside

    The people will go where the services are located - that's a given. As for the cost of relocation, once again, the churches that sponsor these organizations all have very deep pockets - I'm sure they could pick up the tab. You know, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless - what they're supposed to be doing. And I beg to differ with your "...commercial lust for a half mile of Division..." statement. That "half mile" has acted as a buffer to development elsewhere downtown - State Street and Fulton east of Division are two that come readily to mind to say nothing of what Division between Fulton and Wealthy could become. Your suggestions of people who should be involved in this discussion (Dwelling Place, ICCF, etc) were most welcome though. I look forward to hearing their input.