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  1. I jog down there a lot...ive NEVER seen a family come up, dock their boat and then walk up to the park or anything. I see some people fishing down there from time to time but thats it.
  2. I dont know. I mean, its not exactly a "pier"...its more of a boat dock
  3. Ah yes, another weird attempt to lure people to the shreveport riverfront by building a makeshift peer. What was the point of this thing anyways? If it was intended to have people dock their boats....then why would people do that when theres not much businesses on the shreveport parkway? (other than the casinos). This would be better suited for the Boardwalk behind the Bass Pro shop and let people dock their boat and go get whatever fishing stuff they need and then go back to fishing. Youd have thought they would have done this by now.
  4. its all cool. Ive already said what I wanted to say and theyve alread said what they want to say. No need to get the board nazi in here and deleting stuff. Surely nobody on here takes typed text on a message board seriously...do they?
  5. oh give me a break already. You guys have some real issues you know that? Heaven forbid that someone talk about a project that you are sooooo in love with. You act as if I just walked into your home and slapped your mother. well thats god to hear that your not going to play Mr Rogers in this thread anymore. Maybe now we can move on
  6. Taking something out of context? How so. You think the film center is going to do wonders for downtown Shreveport if not the greater Shreveport area. I think thats ridiculous and think that its destined to fail. Stop getting all worked up just because someone doesn’t share the same vision as you do. I know a great deal about urban issues. I used to live in New Orleans. That city has the biggest hard on for clutching onto old architecture than any other city in the country. Looks where that narrow minded train of thought got them.. NOWHERE. Its a dead city and was long before Katrina hit it. All because they wanted to stay in their myopia vision of the glory days while failing to look to the future. Hey..you know what New Orleans needs!...a film center! Thats sure to get them back on track! you mean "why dont you go with the crowd and live in a pipe dream?"...no thanks. Im a realist. Maybe the film center will be successful.....Im betting it wont. So stop crying just because I dont share your vision.
  7. excuse me? So because I dont think a film center is going to be successful on friggin texas st that somehow im anti-city? wow....just wow. Is that the reason why there are only a few posters who contribute on this board?
  8. I guess we'll see Actually, I can think of a thousand things that Shreveport does that keeps it from progressing. I seriously doubt that my belief that the film center is not going to be successful is whats holding us back. you mean like the yearly news stories about how the Strand is begging for money due to lack of attendance?
  9. murals on walls and painted buses are evidence of an artistic city? I think you forgot to include those god awful metal sculpitures on the riverfront as well as proof that we are a creative mecca!
  10. There are many successful models for theaters downtown? Ah well Im gonna sit here and wait for you to post some sources and PLEASE dont include a theatre within a city with a popualtion larger than Shreveport. I hate to break the news to you...but producers arent coming to Shreveport because of the "artsy" reputation of the ark-la-tex. They are here for one reason and ONE reason only. Thats because of the tax credits offered by the state. If Little Rock Arkansas were to develop better tax breaks then all the business here would IMMEDIATLY pack up and move. They did that in the mid 90's when they were in Carolina and then went to Canada and they went from New Orleans to Shreveport. Its all about money and dont fool yourself into thinking otherwise.
  11. ah, well, there you have it. Undeniable PROOF that this is going to be a success! Yes, film festivals. We're gonna be the next Sundance...right? HA! hey, theres nothing wrong with being a dreamer...dream all you want. Meanwhile...im still going to preach about security and parking and housing. And when I say housing I dont mean revamping some ghetto old buildings and turning them into "affordable" housing. I mean actual NEW buildings. People in Shreveport have this ridiculous notion that just because a building is old that its somehow relevant in todays world. Hey, take it seriously as you want. Im not going to stop you. But if you think people other than a bunch of "emo" kids are going to visit this place then you're saldy mistaken. This isnt going to be a "tourist" draw nor is this going to be a "commerical" attraction for your typical money-spending Joe Schmo. Why? I already listed the reasons. A) nobody lives in that area. B) parking sucks C) the people with money in this city arent going to want to venture down there at night. This is targeted to a very narrow group of west edge dreamers and your ocassional film fest. But hey, like I said, go ahead and dream...as long as you dont use tax money for this then knock yourselves out.
  12. cause they are being realistic..I mean....who the hell is going to go to see a movie downtown? Whens the last time you saw a cop downtown during the day....OR at night? Lets also think about parking. Not to mention places nearby to eat. Thats what this theatre will be lacking. Security/parking/nearby food eateries. Its just another failed attempt to try to bring life into that part of downtown. If business isnt taking off closest to the casinos along the riverfront then it SURE as heck isnt going to take off the further you get away from them. I wish they would build some condos or apartments close to the riverfront, because people WANT to live near water, thats just a fact. but hey...whatever. what do I know? Heres what, I wont live in a re-made ghetto apartment complex down town and im not going to go see a movie downtown without lighted parking.
  13. hooray...another ugly and tacky strip mall
  14. I havent seen the area, but I have noticed the last time I was at BPCC was that there wasnt a baseball field. Could that be what they are building? I also think it would be a great place for a city park that could host the BPCC baseball field and a city park thats fair to people in north bossier and south bossier as far as being in the middle. then again I havent seen the area.
  15. leave it up to the bone heads in this area to screw up a good thing. Developers and planners here should be forced to live outside of Louisiana for a month to see how a REAL city plans. Before you know it there will be a pawnshop and a thrifty-liquor next to the campus.
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