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  1. I live just down the street, and I only ever go to Clark's to pick up smokes when I'm walking downtown on my way to the Cottage. I've never bought anything else there. For quick groceries / beer, I'll head the other direction to Cherry Hill Market-it may not be the most beautiful interior, but it's run with a good heart, by a good staff, and they've got a fair selection of beer, wine, and food. At Clark's the produce is all rotten, half the shelves are empty, and the beer selection is horrible for a place that makes most of its profit on that. Honestly, I would take Wealthy Market over Clark's any day.
  2. Found this slideshow on Slate about footbridges. Seems like GR could use an iconic one (I know this has been discussed before). Thought there were some pretty striking examples: The Joy of Footbridges
  3. That looks like the work of some bored high school kids.
  4. You can make out one of the light towers of GRAM from the roof of the Hillmount. Take that, Riverhouse.
  5. * Cheveux: salon * Clothing Matters: moved from eastown... sustainable clothing (?) * David & Bathsheba: no clue * Green Well: gastropub (restaurant / bar) * Lamb: lifestyle boutique, glasses, stationery, bags, jewelry, awesomeness (tagline: life's accoutrements) * PINK BLVD: ladies with style's new store... * Pure Studio: photography studio * Restaurant Bloom: ... * Sweet Connections: sign outside says ice cream / confections / candy or something * The Yoga Studio: ...
  6. I have to say as a graphic designer that, whether or not you like it, that logo may have taken hours and days to come up with. Sometimes the simplest solution is the hardest one to discover. That said, the "G" does look crowded and I think they could've pushed the design a little farther. But it's a helluva lot better than the psychadelic olives that represent our humble downtown.
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