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  1. We've considered both. Both demo and gut to structure.
  2. This shot RDF posted is taken from McDowell and looks westward into our newly constructed "Second Street". While "newly constructed", all we've done here is place Second Street as it was configured in the 1920's (and as it remained until the '60's when demoed). Today's sweeping curve in MLK Blvd (previously named Second Street) near the NASCAR HOF is a by-product of urban renewal. It is one of the horizontal planning moves that led to the superblock that supports the Ed center and Marshall Park. Our Second Street placement runs directly into the back of the First Baptist. Prior to urban renewal, Second Street continued on a path that would split today's church in half. First Street was also eliminated. Standing on McDowell at MLK Blvd and looking uptown, the First Street intersection was about 75 feet to the left (south). Running through the Aquatic Center parking lot, then closely flanking the Second Ward HS Gymnasium, it ran into uptown parallel to the original Second Street, behind the clock tower hotels, through NASCAR HOF and the Convention Center. Myer's Street is reflected in our Myers Passage (in red on our plan). The gymnasium was pocketed into that hard corner...1st and Myers. You can walk Myers in your mind's eye and perhaps should in the real world. It's ghosts are everywhere. I will post on its importance separately when I am able.
  3. Where Conformity Corp is concerned, Prodev is incorrect in every instance. Anyone following our work for an extended period of time knows this.
  4. Where Conformity Corp is concerned, Prodev is incorrect in every instance. Anyone following our work for an extended period of time knows this.
  5. When the backhoe bucket was sinking into the alter of one 13 churches, most built by the African Americans who attended them, what version of urban planning was that? Sure hindsight is 20/20, but planning or no planning, these were bad choices. One of the many challenges today is how do we "solve" for that history.
  6. Above is an assembly of Sanborn maps reflecting all 5 phases of the Urban Renewal project in Brooklyn. Over 220 acres.
  7. The scope of the Brooklyn taking: ..........Or so I thought. Working to get images to "take".
  8. And Elizabeth behind Jack's. There is one CMU building back there that would not to come down, bu then it fits.
  9. I am admittedly late on this. With partners, I only the only piece of land not controlled by Charlotte Pipe as you move toward 77 on Morehead. The Dowd Family has owned and operated a melting smelting and casting complex on the back side of 277 (as viewed from Morehead) for over one hundred years. I don't recall anyone working to force them or the 500 so jobs off that land. I can tell that from my perspective the issue is one of planning. In the late 90's and early 2000 the West Morehead Plan was just coming to fruition. I speculated millions there and so have others based on the promise of that plan. Nearly every adjacent property had been converted to MUDD zoning. Investment was happening. The streetscape was completed west of I-77 and more investment came. Now everyone has money in it...public money. Crescent then Frank Martin and George Shield then Beazer Then I think Lane and others got cozy with it for a while, but ultimately CP&F bought it. My investment will ultimately be surrounded by ductile iron pipe storage....so I speculated...and things didn't go my way. I don't fault the Dowd Family for doing what is right for them. I fault the City for caving on this crucial piece of frontage. From the Stadium to 77, the South Side of Morehead will never be developed. Once again the City, while at once claiming to value the intriguing areas that make up that first ring (West Morehead, Dilworth, Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood, Central, etc), makes decisions that shut off any prospects for pedestrian activity along the key connectors leading from uptown to Charlotte's bastions of the real.
  10. Over the Holidays and through February 1st the Old Midwood Alternative High School at 1817 Central Avenue will reopen as the "Midwood International and Cultural Center". The 42,000 SF historic school has attracted many tenants including: International House The English Language Academy The Ethiopian Community The Bosnian Herzegovinian Cultural Organization GRAMEEN BANK The Japanese Association The Asian/East Indian Coalition The League of Women Voters and several others.... Additionally, the original gymnasium has been re-purposed as a venue, with new bathrooms and supports 200 plus seated and 300 or so standing. The stage is nicely elevated and its original hardwoods are intact. 90 plus parking spaces will be available after hours. The school is directly across from the new Teeter, and the parking should have a meaningful impact for at least the businesses on the Plaza and hopefully Thomas and Pecan as well. International House, working with Conformity Corp, was awarded the Master lease in July of 2011. We've since raised over $250,000 to improve the school and grounds and today the building is 85% leased with lease up expected in 3-4 months. Watch for happenings there and swing by. Naturally, the neighborhood has been phenomenally supportive, both businesses and residents and I can't think of a better place to be with this concept.
  11. Just a little.... I understand how it is likely to behave. Just getting it out there for discussion. In the spirit of full disclosure, I own with partners the piece at Elliot and Morehead which is entirely surrounded by the parcels we are discussing.
  12. Agreed that it may make good sense for CP&F as a business owner. I don't fault them for doing it and congratulations on having the financial prowess. What's shocking is the $21.6M buy BEFORE the rezoning is in hand. How does a Buyer conclude that they can safely spend more than $21M on land that must be rezoned from a district which supports all suggested future land uses in every current plan (MUDD) to I-1 and 1-2, industrial districts abandoned over 10 years ago when planning efforts for the area first launched in earnest.
  13. Non-illogical, the sidewalk improvements only occur if a building permit is sought at some point. CP&F seeks the "Optional" MUDD district in an effort to avoid the cost of sidewalks, etc today. Only at such time as a permit is pulled for construction on the MUDD-O parcels will the sidewalks be required. I'd suggest a permit will not be pulled there during my lifetime. The approval of this petition would reflect a conscious decision by City Council to ignore EVERY plan affecting the area and to orphan the balance of West Morehead and the public money well spent there over the past several years. If this property is rezoned as outlined, 20 years from now you will still be able to count on one hand the number of pedestrians that make the trip from Cedar Street/Third Ward to West Morehead (as you can today).
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