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  1. Thats funny I noticed one here in Providence, RI ( Downtown )
  2. It better be livable becasue its where I live
  3. If you guys look in todays paper ( projo , oct 27th ) under Life Beat ( section G ) you can read a writeup on a movie I have been working for for two years.
  4. Alot of the lofts downtown are one bedroom-ish. Depends what you want to spend. I would say finding a one bedroom in providence is somewhat easy.
  5. Problem with the east-side is that many apts are just for rent and aren't all the great due to the amount of college student cash.
  6. Picture I took today from my providence window Large: http://xmitmedia.com/pics/tree.jpg
  7. I also hear Bilodeau Property Management can be hit or miss.
  8. I agree about the Radisson..... its in one odd ball spot.
  9. Nice restaurant review Garris. (How about that smoking ban eh? Even places like Tazza are much nicer than before. )
  10. One bd ( alone ), Expect to pay $800-$900 ( walking distance from brown, East Side )
  11. I have used the Pentax Optio a fair amount. Its VERY small and takes nice pictures at 5mp. It can be found online for $300. Otherwise it depends what features you want it to have. http://reviews.cnet.com/Pentax_Optio_S5i/4...ml?tag=pdtl-img
  12. I shoot with Nikon D-100 50mm, 28mm and 80-200mm 1:2.8 lenses. Over the years I have developed various color mixes in post. I forgot this one taken on Benefit St.
  13. It was taken from my aprment window matter of fact. I shoot with a Nikon D-100 ( Digital SLR ) Here are few other around providence.
  14. Side track; this is not a photo from Garris but one which I have taken.
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